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Solid Waste and Recycling in the State of Maryland

Composting in Maryland

The Maryland Department of the Environment encourages composting throughout the state. Backyard composting is not regulated in most counties, but there are some rules to follow for larger composting operations.

You can read about the rules and regulations pertaining to larger composting operations by checking out this report by the MDE.

Where to bring construction and demolition (C&D) debris in Maryland

Construction and demolition debris includes materials like wood, roofing, concrete, asphalt, rubble, metal, gypsum and brick.

Much of this material is recyclable, and many municipal landfills do not accept it for landfilling. You can find a list of C&D landfills in Maryland here.

Alternatively, you can contact a local C&D recovery company to have the debris properly recycled. View a database of companies here.

A 55% state recycling goal by 2020

The Maryland Recycling Act (MRA) mandated a minimum recycling rate of 15% for populations under 150,000 and 20% for cities with larger populations. Many areas have greatly surpassed this mandate, such as Charles County which has a 49% recycling and 53% waste diversion rate.

A 2011 survey found the state recycling rate to be 45.2%, which is far above the State’s mandated figures.

The state has a goal of achieving a 55% recycling rate by 2020. It has implemented many recycling programs statewide to help push ahead toward this goal.

Where to recycle or properly dispose of “______” in Maryland