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"Trash Stats" - Waste in America [Infographic]

"Trash Stats" - Waste in America [Infographic]

American's generate about 250 million tons of waste each year. That's an incredibly huge amount of trash, junk, construction debris, e-waste, and so on entering landfills, recycling centers and composting piles each year.

The problem is that a large majority of the stuff we toss in the trashcan and forget about can be recycled, reused, composted or otherwise kept out of landfills. Landfills take up valuable space, create environmental concerns, are expensive to operate and are an eyesore in otherwise beautiful landscapes.

Sometimes it's easier to see what's going on these days with America's municipal waste system by looking at a visual depiction of the types of stuff we throw away, how much of it, and what we're doing to turn that waste into sustainable energy.

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"Trash Stats" is an infographic that aims to do just that...

Trash and waste statistics in America

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