What are the Differences Between Commercial Dumpsters, Trash Dumpsters, and Construction Dumpsters?

Trash Dumpsters or "Commercial Dumpsters"

Trash dumpsters are the common name given to commercial dumpsters... the type spotted every day behind gas stations, restaurants, apartment complexes, and other places of business. Commercial dumpsters are permanent trash containers rented by businesses and are picked up on a regular schedule.

Blue Commercial Dumpster
  • Commercial dumpsters are smaller containers holding 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards of trash
  • Trash dumpsters are permanent containers that are picked up on a regular schedule... usually every week to every month
  • Commercial dumpsters are used by businesses for every day debris removal and are often spotted behind gas stations and restaurants
  • These trash containers have a lid to keep out rain and snow. Lids also help keep in the odors from the trash.


Construction Dumpsters or "Roll Off Dumpsters"

Construction dumpsters are the common name often given to roll off dumpsters, even though these open top dumpsters can be used for more than just construction debris removal. Construction dumpster rental is the ideal solution for any clean up job that would be made simpler by having a temporary waste dumpster on site.

Image of roll off dumpster
  • Construction dumpsters are larger, open-top trash containers rented on a temporary basis
  • A construction dumpster typically holds 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards of debris
  • Used for construction debris removal after remodeling a kitchen, bath, or basement
  • Excellent for household junk removal - cleaning out a home, garage, or basement
  • Useful for demolition debris removal
  • Roof tear off and replacement
  • Yard waste removal

Rent a Construction Dumpster or Commercial Dumpster

Hometown sponsors locally owned dumpster rental services across America that rent construction dumpsters to homeowners and contractors on a temporary basis. Many also rent commercial dumpsters to local businesses and pick up on a regular schedule.

To find a dumpster rental service in your hometown, simply click on your city or search for your city to the right.

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