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A1 Hauling & Rolloffs is proud to be a family owned and operated trash hauling service. Since 1999, we've provided outstanding customer service in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to thousands of satisfied customers... and we'll work hard to exceed your expectations for timely, affordable service.

We offer two different services: dumpster rental and junk removal.  We have 10, 15, 20, and 30 yard dumpsters for rent, which you load yourself at your own pace. Alternatively, you can save time and effort by hiring us for junk removal. Just point out your junk and our professional staff will load and remove your debris right on the spot.

Payment Terms:

Dumpster Rental Services: 
10 yard dumpsters: 13ft L X 8ft W X 3ft H
15 yard dumpsters: 14ft L X 8ft W X 4ft H
20 yard dumpsters: 16ft L X 8ft W X 5ft H
30 yard dumpsters: 16ft L X 8ft W X 7ft H
Junk Removal Services: 
  • We remove, load, and haul away your junk
  • Construction debris, yard waste, household junk, old appliances, furniture
  • $150 minimum for junk removal service
A1 Hauling & Rolloffs
Reviews for A-1 Hauling & Rolloffs
Annette P.
Brooklyn Park, MN

A1 was prompt when delivering and picking up


We were remodeling and needed a 20 yard for some siding, windows, and other debris. A1 was prompt when delivering and picking up after 2 weeks. I felt the price was a little high, but it was probably fair. The staff were all very nice.

Rick L.
East Bethel, MN

I asked for a 20 yard but received a 30 yard which made it harder to fill


We were cleaning out my mother's house and had a lot of junk in the basement that we wanted to dispose of. A1 gave me a list of items that were not allowed in the dumpster (appliances, mattresses, etc.) so in the end it was just a whole bunch of paper, magazines, tapes, books, clothes racks, and blocks of wood. They said they were going to call me before they come, which they didn't do. The rental was for 7 days and they came really early for pick up, so I lost a day there. Also, I had asked them for a 20 yard but they sent a 30 yard over, which was 7ft tall instead of just 5ft. This made it harder to get stuff in from the top since we didn't have a step ladder.

Company Response: 
Sorry for any inconvenience this caused you, we do our best to accomodate all of our customers, our drivers always try to call on way when delivering the dumpster, if the size you ordered was not available we would just give a bigger size at no extra charge, I hope you utilized the back door on the dumpster as it opens to allow loading. If you ever need a dumpster again in the future let me know and I would be happy to give you a discount on it. Sincerely, Melissa A-1 Hauling.
Richard O.
White Bear Township, MN

A1 was very professional


We were cleaning out the house of old construction debris and household junk. A1 came on time with a 10 yard dumpster and picked it up after a week. They were very professional.

Don C.
Oakdale, MN

Disposal of construction debris with A-1


We had some outside waste to dispose of like old fences, trim, and some old wood and other construction debris. We got a 10 yard from A1 for 5 days and it was great. No damages, no problems.

John N.
Coon Rapids, MN

A-1 did not pick up on time which was a concern


I asked A-1 for a 10 yard dumpster for some old wood, furniture, and household junk. The driver didn't inform me when he was dropping off and picking up the dumpster. I had just moved out, so I needed to drive by everyday to check, particularly for pick up, since I didn't want anything in there that was maybe put in by the neighbors that I would be charged for. It was a major concern for me, and I had called them a day before my 5-day rental was up, but they didn't come to get it till after another 5 days had passed. I have dealt with dumpsters in the past but have never experienced anything like this.

Company Response: 
Sorry about any inconvenience this might have caused you, it is trade standards that it might take the drivers a few days to pick up the dumpster if they are not in the area, the dumpster was just fine when it was dumped, again I am sorry if it caused any inconvenience, if you ever need another dumpster we would be happy to give you a discount. Thank you for your business
Robert V.
Eagan, MN

I rented a 20 yard dumpster from A1


We were moving and had a lot of stuff to get rid of such as clothes, boxes, and miscellaneous household junk. A1 delivered a 20 yard to me and at that time they gave me a whole list of things I wasn't allowed to put in the dumpster, like mattresses and other stuff. I wasn't happy about that since that is exactly why we rented the dumpster in the first place. I wish they would've been upfront with me about it. Other than that, we had the unit for a week, they came on time, and it was all good.

Company Response: 
Sorry for any confusion you encountered, the items you mentioned are allowed in the dumpster, the dump just charges extra for them, we work very hard to please all of our customers, it is the same with every dumpster company we are all charged for those items, we are the lowest at extra charges so that does help our customers, other than that I am glad you were happy with us. Thanks for your business.
Ann G.
St Paul, MN

Everything went good and smooth


We were doing some renovation and needed a dumpster for sheet rock. We got a 10 yard box from A1. I didn't need it as long as I had scheduled, which was 7 days. We filled it up and called them for pick up the next evening. I have nothing bad to say regarding their service.

Nick B.
Eden Prairie, MN

On time service; had no problems with A1


We tore off a roof and needed a dumpster for shingles. We got a 15 yarder from A1 Hauling and kept it for a week. They came on time and everything was fine.

Brian T.
Hastings, MN

Everything went pretty well with A1


We needed a dumpster to clear our parent's property of household junk. We went with a 30 yd. dumpster from A1 which we kept for 7 days total. They delivered on time and put it in the right spot. They picked it up a day late, though. Apparently, they usually pick up a few days after a contract is up, which I wasn't aware of.

Ronald J.
Nowthen, MN

We should've had the dumpster longer


We went with A1 Hauling because we had a big projection TV and they said they weren't going to charge me for putting that in the dumpster. We got a 10-yard bin. We had to wait till the end of the day for them to deliver the dumpster, and then they came at 6:30 am for the day of the pick-up. We could've used more time, since we were adding things to the dumpster everyday, but we didn't even get to really use it on both the first and last day of our rental.

Company Response: 
Hi there, We do our absolute very best to make each and every customer we have happy. We deliver the dumpster the day customer requests it, it depends on where they are located and what time of day the dumpster is ordered. We also call the day before pick-up to ensure the dumpster is ready. If you would have let us know you needed the dumpster longer we could have even left it for an extra day. You did not call us back and state that. My apologies.


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