Hometown Verified Reviews

Slow response time...
Kansas City, MO

It took them too long to come and get the dumpster off my property. I was told I could have it for a week. I called on the sixth day to have them come and get it. It took them another week and a half to remove it. I kept calling and the only real answer I got was they weren't doing any pickups in my area.

I'll use their services again, but wish their communication was a little better
Anthony J.
Kansas City, KS

I found out after I had moved into my house that the basement had not been insulated. I tore all the drywall out and fixed the problem. I had all the drywall tore out and ready to load into the dumpster. I made it clear to U-Load-It that I needed a quick turnaround on the dumpster and they assured me it would be no problem.

They delivered the dumpster on Monday and I called them the next day, and they said they would be right out to get it. Wednesday came and I called them back and explained I was having a party over the weekend and needed the dumpster space for parking. Again, I was told it would be picked up by Friday. Unfortunately, it wasn't pick up until Monday.

When I called the final time they told me they were short drivers and would get it as soon as they could. It was just a minor inconvenience. I would still use them again. Just would have appreciated more communication on their part.