15+ Beautiful and “Trashy” Structures Made from Garbage

Pyramids People by HA Schultz in Giza
 "Pyramids People" by HA Schult. Giza, Egypt, 2002.

Recycling and reusing junk for alternative purposes, called upcycling, is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s probably the most creative way to reduce your impact on the environment. Upcycling not only keeps trash out of landfills, but it also yields beautiful art. Here are 14 examples of amazing structures made from trash, junk, garbage, waste, rubbish…whatever you want to call it.

Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty artstatue of liberty art-2

Via: Izismile.com

World’s largest scrap metal structure

Dr. Evermor’s sculpture park located in Wisconsin is home to Forevertron, billed as the “world’s largest scrap metal sculpture.” Forevertron stands 50 feet tall, 120 feet wide and 60 feet long.

worlds largest scrap metal sculpture

Photo: madolan_ Via: Neatorama

Temple of Treasure

The Temple of Treasure, built using recycled plastic bottles, stands 21 feet tall, 75 feet long and 30 feet wide. 100 tons of bottles were used to construct the structure!

temple of treasure trash

Via: Inhabitat

Bike Arch

“Bike Arch” was exhibited at the 2007 Burning Man Festival.

bike arch

Via: UrbanSimplicity

Waste Man

Standing 82 feet high and made from 30 tons of trash, Waste Man was quite a sight to behold. The artist, Antony Gormley, created Waste Man as a representation of the “everyday person.” The structure was burned to the ground to represent the Biblical story of Moses receiving a message from God. See the video below.

waste man

Whirlwind of garbage

This amazing tower structure called Thrown to the Wind stands 36 feet tall. It’s constructed of various types of plastic waste.

whirlwind of trash tower

Via: MyModernMET

Recycled door façade

1,000 recycled doors were used to create the façade of this building in South Korea.

recycled door facade

Via: RecycleArt

Trash house

Bogdan Litniansky, originally from the Ukraine, arrived in France in the 1930s without a place to stay. He purchased a rundown house and began “filling in the holes” with random junk. The rest is history...

trash house

Via: Oddity Central

Cathedral of Junk

Located in Austin, Texas, the Cathedral of Junk resides in someone’s backyard. Apparently, it’s such a popular destination that tourists and even film crews frequent the three-story cathedral structure.

cathedral of junk

Hotel de Rubbish

The 'Save the Beach Hotel' was a temporary structure constructed in Rome. Its purpose was to raise awareness about beach pollution and littering. The entire structure, inside and out, was composed of trash picked up from area beaches. Supermodel Helena Christenson even stayed there to help raise awareness about beach littering.

save the beach hotel

Via: MyDaily

Scrap Castle

This castle, designed by Victor Moore, is constructed entirely of salvaged scrap materials from a local junkyard. The entire structure cost him just $500 to build!

castle made from junk


The Solomon Castle

Artist Howard Solomon constructed his home/studio almost entirely of salvaged materials and junk. Solomon’s Castle is located in Central Florida, and you can stop in for a tour when you’re in the area.

solomons castle

Via: Solomon's Castle

S.S. Scrappy

This boat, made from trash and other recyclables, is quite an amazing structure...Doesn’t look very seaworthy though!

boat made from junk

Via: elmsyrup

Amazing tower made from books

This spectacular structure is an 82-foot-tall tower made from 30,000 books. It’s called the Tower of Babel and was created by Marta Minujin.

tower of babel

Via: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

If you'd rather dispose of your junk than create with it, renting a dumpster is a viable option.

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