5-Year-Old Launches His Own Trash Business [Video]

Garbage Man Joe - Joe Jarvis

Joe Jarvis isn’t your average 5-year-old. Sure he enjoys playing with Legos and visiting his Grandma’s house on the weekend, but the fact that he has already started his own trash business is a bit extraordinary.

Garbage Man Joe’ as he calls himself charges his customers $0.25 to bring their trash container down to the curb every Sunday evening for pick-up the following morning.

It started when he created a flyer and distributed it throughout the neighborhood. His neighbors love the service and the entrepreneurial drive the 5-year-old is displaying.

Joe saves up his earnings to purchase things like toys and pocket watches, and judging from the video below, his revenue stream is thriving!

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He’s even planning on expanding his trash business by hiring his younger sister and brother once they get a little older.

Joe says his brother – who just recently learned to walk – likes to toddle around with the trash containers already (with the help of Mom, of course).

When a local news reporter asked Joe whether he pays his little bro for helping out, he said, “No, he’ll just swallow the money”. Maybe next year little guy!

Via: Huffington Post