Batman Helping to Save the Planet One Circuit Board at a Time

Artist Muharrem Batman creates sculptures constructed from trash and junk

What to do with all that e-waste? It's a bigger issue than you may think. The EPA stated 2.37 million tons of e-waste was disposed of in 2009, and this figure has no doubt grown in subsequent years.

One artist has a creative solution to repurpose old computers, mobile devices, and other hardware. Muharrem Batman is transforming e-waste into creepy, yet eccentrically beautiful, head busts.

Batman (not to be confused with the 'Dark Night') is an electronics repairman by trade who constructed his first e-waste sculpture of a head about 10 years ago. He uses whatever scrap electronics pieces he has laying around to construct the sculptures.

Muharrem Batman may not be a superhero, but as far as we're concerned, anyone helping to chip away at the e-waste problem in America is a hero to us. Well done!

Muharrem Batman - the artist - creates sculputure from junk
Image Source: Sean Gallup/Getty Images via MNN