Cardboard is kicking your glass

Cardboard wine bottle - Paper Boy

What’s that classy wine your Mom used to drink when you were a kid? Boxed wine, of course! What’s better than 5 full liters of cardboard-contained White Zin?

Well, this article has almost nothing to do with boxed wine, but it’s a smooth segue into introducing a brand new eco-friendly wine bottle design from winemakers Truett-Hurst Inc. called the Paper Boy. It’s another type of cardboard-contained wine, but this one is a little greener.Box of wine gif

The Paper Boy is made from 100% recycled cardboard. The cardboard doesn’t actually contain the wine; that’s handled by an inert plastic liner. Aside from being cool-looking and different than the traditional glass wine bottle, it offers quite a bit of eco-friendliness.

The packaging is, of course, almost completely recyclable. As of right now, the plastic liner isn’t recyclable, but the company hopes to change this in the future. The recyclability of Paper Boy isn’t much different compared to glass wine bottles, but there is a major difference in comparing the weight of both bottles.

Paper Boy cardboard wine bottles

Cutting weight reduces shipping costs and greenhouse gas emissions

The makers of Paper Boy wine say each bottle is up to 85% lighter than a traditional glass bottle. Why is this considered green? Well, you have to look at the big picture: Shipping.

Wine is big business around the globe. About 17.5 billion bottles are consumed worldwide each year. By significantly reducing the weight of the product, a lot of fuel is saved.

According to Truett-Hurst, a truckload of Paper Boy wine weighs 7 tons (14,000 lbs.) lighter than a truckload of glass bottle wine. A case of Paper Boy wine is 23.6 lbs. vs. 36 lbs. for a case of glass bottle wines. It’s lighter footprint helps improve fuel economy and reduces carbon emissions during the shipping process.

At just 1.9 lbs. per bottle, it’s also much easier to carry a Paper Boy bottle to a party or even on a camping trip. Plus, you’ll get some major “green points” from your eco-conscious friends when you show up with a bottle of wine made from recycled cardboard.

The back of the bottle gives easy directions for recycling. You simply rip the empty bottle in half, recycle the aluminum cap and cardboard shell, pull out the plastic liner and trash it.

Cardboard wine bottle design - Paper Boy

Having an eco-friendly design is cool and everything, but what about taste!?

Wine Spectator seemed to like the Chardonnay and the red wine blend. The Paper Boy Facebook page gained over 1,000 likes in its first year and also has positive feedback from those who’ve tried the wines. Truett-Hurst is an established name in the winery business, so this isn’t just a gimmicky product that can’t deliver in terms of taste and quality.

Best of all, you can get a cardboard bottle of this stuff for less than $15. Availability is pretty limited right now, but you can find it at any Safeway store.

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