Cars and Trucks Made from Trash and Recyclables

Volkswagon Beetle made from junk

Although most of these cars and trucks don’t actually run like a normal vehicle, you have to admit that an automobile made exclusively from trash is the at least the coolest thing you’ll see online today. Whether the maker’s purpose be to raise awareness of environmental issues, recycling or just for plain old fashioned fun, these innovative works of art show how trash can be turned into some pretty incredible structures.

Red Bull Race Car

This full-size replica of an F1 race car is made from 2,615 Red Bull bottles. The car celebrated Sebastian Vettel’s (obviously sponsored by Red Bull) Formula One championship from 2010. The car was put on display at a shopping center in Bangkok, Thailand.

Red Bull Race Car made from Bottles

Via: AutoMotto

Coca-Cola Truck

This isn’t your average Coke delivery truck. This one is composed entirely of empty Coke cans – thousands of them! The truck is life-sized and quite detailed.

Via: CokeReuses

Giant Cardboard Monster Truck Hearse

This 12-foot beauty is made entirely from cardboard. The creator of pink monster truck hearse is the New-York based graphic design firm of Paul Sahre. The design was commission by The Might Be Giants (TMBG), an alternative rock band who was looking for a unique album cover. I’d say a 12-foot pink monster truck hearse made out of cardboard certainly qualifies as unique!

Via: DesignBoom

Dumpster Car

This is one of my favorites because it’s actually operational and made from a trash dumpster. It’s a stock car built for drag racing, and the entire cockpit is a dumpster. The custom dumpster-ride is nicknamed “Trashanova”.

Via: Auto Mobile Updates

Garbage-Clad Volkswagon Beetle

Haribaabu Naatesan, an Indian artist who focuses on turning trash into art, took 2,805 scrap pieces of metal and turned them into a masterpiece. The car consists of 200 bottle caps, 800 spark plugs, 60 computer motherboards, keyboards and other items taken from the trash. He calls it the “Think Blue Beetle”. He hopes this project will help raise awareness about eco-friendly living and responsible waste removal. It certainly caught my eye!

Via: DesignBoom

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