Eco-Friendly Beanbag Chair Says Goodbye to Snow

Beanbag chair filling

Beanbag chair explosion gif

Remember those old beanbag chairs you could just plop down on in front of the TV and watch a movie or play video games with your friends? Some of you may actually still have a few of these lying around the basement!

Our parents had enough of them after the first “beanbag blowout” when weeks of cannonballs onto these things finally took its toll and caused a polystyrene blizzard in the basement.

A Hong Kong based company called KaCaMa Design Lab is looking to put a green spin on beanbag chairs by using recycled plastic bottle caps as filling in replace of the traditional polystyrene “beans” used in the past.

If you live in one of the 10+ states in the U.S. that have bottle deposits, you probably know that many recyclers request you remove the plastic bottle caps before you put the bottle into the machine.

What happens to these bottle caps? Not sure, but I’d bet that most end up in the trashcan bound for the landfill.

This new use for a previously un-recyclable waste product is a great idea. KaCaMa takes shredded plastic bottle caps pieces and stuffs the recycled filling into a fabric body, which by the way, is made from recycled polyester materials.

KaCaMa beanbag chairs

Each of the eco-friendly beanbag chairs, the company calls PP Capsules, contains up to 4,000 recycled plastic bottle caps.

The PP Capsules appear pretty sturdy, and they come in a range of colors. They don’t quite have the melting effect the old school beanbag chairs offer when you lounge in them, but the PP Capsules are a more sophisticated choice that puts fashion over function.

These new “greenbags” look like they’d be perfect fit for schools or libraries. Anytime you can expose children to green innovations, I think it’s a good thing.

recycled PP capsules beanbag chair process

Via: DesignBoom