A Food Waste Processor on Steroids!

Bokashicycle Food Pulverizer

There are food processors…and then there are food pulverizers! A Nevada-based company called Bokashicycle recently introduced its 3 HP Electric High Throughput Food Waste Pulverizer. This thing takes food scraps and shreds, pulverizes, and tears them into smaller pieces ideal for composting. It’s an innovative way to reduce the amount of food waste entering landfills.

The Food Waste Problem

Food waste is the single largest material category reaching landfills and incinerator facilities in America.

According to the EPA, 34 million tons of food waste entered the U.S. municipal waste stream in 2010, or nearly 14-percent of the total municipal waste stream. Less than 3-percent of this waste is recovered or recycled

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Food scraps generate a significant amount of methane when dumped in landfills. Methane is a greenhouse gas with 21 x the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide. Food waste also attracts rats and other pests when left to rot in landfills.

Problem Solver: The Pulverizer

The Bokashicycle Food Waste Pulverizer is a 500-lb, 3 HP monster that gobbles up food scraps like Cookie Monster does cookies. It features a 26-inch-wide hopper, making it a breeze to empty a trashcan full of food scraps into the machine with ease. It can process 1 ton of food waste per hour.

food scraps

The Pulverizer empties the food scraps into standard 55-gallon barrels, each of which can hold up to 500 lbs of food waste. The chopped-up food scraps are transformed into a bio pulp material within just 10 days, according to the makers of the machine.

Compare this to traditional composting, which can take 2 to 6 months to produce organic material ready for lawn and gardens. Since the pulverized food waste is ready for lawn and garden applications within just 10 days, it helps reduce problems with pests, insects, and nasty odors.

This mammoth food processor isn’t designed for residential use, unless of course, your household generates hundreds of pounds of food waste each week. Oh, and if you can afford the $4,495 price tag...

The Bokashicycle Food Pulverizer is designed for restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and other businesses that generate a significant amount of food waste. Food waste disposal costs these types of businesses a substantial amount of money each month. So, a machine like the Pulverizer makes sense in many cases.

From an environmental standpoint, the Pulverizer, or machines like it, could greatly reduce the amount of food waste entering landfills. It makes it easier to process and compost food scraps on-site rather than having to collect the food scraps and then pay to have them hauled away to a recycling/composting facility. See this thing in action—it’s a bit of a stress reliever!

Via: GizMag

Feed junk to a dumpster like you'd feed scraps to the Pulverizer.