For Sale - Charming 3 Bedroom Bungalow Full of Junk

Messy bungalow home

While “location, location, location” is the undisputed number one rule in real estate, this rule can get thrown out the door if the perfectly located home is filled to the brim with junk. Decluttering a home not only significantly increases its value but also improves the odds it even sells in the first place.

There are several useful ways to clear out and clean up a home before putting it up for sale. A few of the most effective strategies include donating unused items, recycling junk, renting a dumpster or hiring a junk removal service. The key is going about it the right way to help eliminate unnecessary expenses and speed up the process of decluttering the home. Here are some tips…

Rent a Dumpster

Renting a roll off dumpster is the perfect way to offload building materials, scrap and other junk. The process is easy. Simply call the dumpster rental company, and they drop off the dumpster at your home. When you're finished decluttering your home, the dumpster rental company comes and picks up the container.

Renting a dumpster offers the convenience of letting you get rid of junk at your own pace. The standard length of time most dumpster rental companies leave the roll-off container at your place is seven days, but they'll work with you if you need it for a longer or shorter period of time.

Declutter by Donating

Donating unused household items will not only benefit those less fortunate, but it also offers a tax benefit. Save your receipts when donating items to charitable organizations like Goodwill or The Salvation Army. Simply add the value of the past year’s receipts to the charitable donations portion of your income tax return and reap the tax benefit!

Use The Salvation Army’s Valuation Guide to determine the approximate value of your charitable donations. Donate home and office building materials and furniture to places like Habitat for Humanity. Located across the U.S. and Canada, Habitat for Humanity ReStores sell low-cost building materials to the public. These donations are tax deductible as well.

Relax and Sip Your Favorite Drink While Someone Else Does the Junk Removal for You

A junk removal service provides one of the fastest and easiest ways to declutter a messy home. Junk removal companies do all the work for you, including dumpster delivery, loading it up and taking it away. They take care of the material – no matter what it may be – from start to finish without you lifting a finger. Find a reputable junk removal service near you by visiting the Hometown Junk Removal page.

Sell it or Scrap it

You can make money off your junk. It’s now easier than ever to unload unused household items thanks to the Internet. If you have larger items with any kind of value, try posting them online at Craigslist, local Facebook groups, or eBay. If the Internet isn't your thing, have a garage sale.

If it's waste material beyond that of household goods cluttering up your space, such as construction materials, selling the material to a scrap yard can earn you a few bucks and clean up the home at the same time. Local scrap yards will buy most types of metal, including old appliances and cars running or not. Online scrap trading sites, such as, allow you to find buyers of scrap online who are looking for rubber, plastic, paper, and metal scrap materials.

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