HometownRep Frequently Asked Questions

HometownRep - reputation management for trash haulers

HometownRep Frequently Asked Questions 

Q) What is HometownRep? 

HometownRep makes it simple for all Hometown clients to establish and improve their online reputations. Our "Reputation Agents" contact your customers via phone or email to collect honest feedback in the form of reviews. 

Q) Why should I worry about my online reputation? 

A good online reputation is good for your bottom line! A positive online reputation has been shown to help convert up to 3 times more prospects into customers. 

According to Nielsen, 81% of customers now read reviews before making buying decisions. The absence of negative reviews is not good enough anymore for home service companies. Today's customers are actively seeking out those companies that have a positive reputation. No online reputation or a negative reputation means lost sales. 

Q) How does "HometownRep" help me manage my online reputation? 

Many home service companies have not established a positive online reputation. Often, companies have no reputation, which results in little or no confidence on the part of the potential customer. Even worse, many home service companies have an online reputation defined solely by one or two negative reviews from a dissatisfied customer, disgruntled former employee, or sneaky competitor. 

With HometownRep, every review we publish comes from an actual customer. Giving voice to your satisfied customers means that your online reputation can't be solely defined by one dissatisfied customer or by a competitor leaving a fake review. 

Q) Do you contact all of my customers? 

No. We are proactively contacting the customers who found you through Hometown's lead generation service. But if you’d like to provide us with the names of customers for additional legitimate reviews, we’ll be glad to contact them as well. Just call Client Care and we’ll give you the details.

Q) What should I do to start HometownRep? 

Nothing. All clients are automatically enrolled in HometownRep. 

Q) How much does HometownRep cost?

HometownRep is free. We put our Reputation Agents to work as a value added service. We think HometownRep is a win/win/win: 

It's a win for you. Hometown's Reputation Agents do the time consuming work of collecting reviews on your behalf. You get a hassle-free way to start generating a positive online reputation and grow your business by converting more prospects into new customers. 

It's a win for customers. Customers searching online for a home service company get the type of relevant and useful information they're looking for to make an informed decision. 

It's a win for Hometown. With our performance based advertising model, we can only do well when our clients are doing well. Cultivating strong online reputations for our clients helps them do well. 

Q) Do you publish all reviews… even negative reviews? 

In order to be good stewards of the public's trust, we'll publish all trusted reviews that we believe are from a real customer, whether the review is positive or negative. 

Our Reputation Agents have collected thousands of reviews. The average review score is 4.6 out of 5 stars, so the great majority of reviews are positive. 

We do reserve the right to refrain from publishing reviews (or client responses) that have offensive or inappropriate language or tone. 

Q) What happens if I get a negative review? 

Many home service companies are afraid of reviews because they worry about getting the occasional negative review. Companies that strive to serve their customers well have nothing to fear… even the best companies’ get negative reviews once in a while. 

In fact, a negative review is a great opportunity to show the online community how you handle a dissatisfied customer. With HometownRep, you'll have the opportunity to respond. You can provide a calm, reasoned public response to the negative review. This shows that your company has handled the situation professionally and has done your best to satisfy the customer. 

Q) Can you guarantee that I'll have a positive online reputation? 

No. But we will make it easier for you to get a fair shake at one. Being reliable, friendly, and doing quality work at a fair price is the starting point for a good online reputation. We're just the gatherers...and the messengers. 

Q) What makes the reviews published on Hometown sites different from other online reviews? 

Hometown is only publishing "Trusted Reviews" that we can verify came from a real customer. 100% real reviews. Other online review sites suffer from a high degree of fake reviews. Companies, employees, friends, and even hired review writers… writing positive reviews that are fake. There are also plenty of negative reviews on these sites that are faked by disgruntled former employees, ex-spouses, competitors, and the like. 

"HometownRep" doesn't allow any gaming of the system. We contact your customers directly and only publish reviews that we have a high confidence level come from a real customer.