Garbage Truck Wedding – A Trashy Affair

Wedding and garbage truck

Is there a better place to renew your wedding vows than right alongside a Heil Environmental 7000 automated side-loading garbage truck? According to Ronnie Keshishian, nope! He recently surprised his wife of 16 years with the unique wedding-vow-renewal ceremony in front of about 200 people.

Ronnie’s wife, Rhea, has been aware of Ronnie’s obsession with anything garbage since their first date where he took her back to his place to…look at his toy garbage trucks.

Obviously, it didn’t scare her off back then, and she seems to have accepted her husband’s enthusiasm for trash. What a woman!

Ronnie and Rhea were first married at a Solid Waste Association event back in 1996. I wonder where they plan to spend their 20th wedding anniversary…picnic atop the rolling hills of their local landfill?...touring a waste-to-energy plant?...or maybe cruising up and down the strip in a vintage garbage truck? The possibilities are endless.

Keshishian has been interested in the waste industry ever since he can remember. For the past 19 years he’s worked as a crew leader at a Glendale, AZ waste facility. Before that he held positions at BFI Waste Systems in Massachusetts and Waste Management.

It’s great to have a passion for something in life, even if it’s trash! Here at the Hometown Dumpster blog we love it.

Congratulations to Ronnie and Rhea and may you spend many more “trashy” years together.

Via: Waste and Recycling News