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It’s Prom Season -- Time to Dress Trashy

It’s Prom Season -- Time to Dress Trashy

Prom Dresses Made from Trash

What better way to make lasting memories at this year’s prom than wearing a trashy tuxedo or dress made from garbage? Sounds weird, but some creative individuals are actually doing just that. Even more surprising is that some of the clothes are actually pretty stylish. Whether or not the garbage garments actually smell like something other than trash is yet to be determined.

Missouri high school student Maura Pozek is an expert when it comes to “trash-ware.” She plans to sport a cardboard-clad dress at this year’s prom, but that’s not the only time she’s used her creative juices to turn trash into fashion. She has also created a spectacular pink dress made by intertwining soda pop tops together with fabric, and my personal favorite, an awesome skirt made out of Doritos bags. You gotta appreciate someone who cares enough about the environment to wear trash instead of throwing the junk away.

(via: The Huffington Post)

A teenager in Colorado also chose soda tabs as her medium of choice when designing her prom dress for this year. Regan Kerr spent two years collecting soda tabs and putting them together to form her prom dress. In the end, she used an incredible 5,114 tabs making the gown.

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Let’s not forget about the guys. Check out this coat from Julien David Co., Ltd. The Andrea Crews Remake Jacket features approximately 900 computer keyboard keys attached to it. It’s the perfect choice for computer geeks or those who want to make absolutely sure no one else where’s the same jacket as them.

(Via: Julien David)

An enterprising young man named Jackson, of the website Seven Awesome Kids, showcased his version of a trash bag tuxedo via YouTube. The result is a pretty slick white coat/black pant combination with some duct tape accents. He'll show you how to make it in the video:

Trash-ware has also hit the high fashion scene. The ensembles below were spotted at a San Francisco museum that was featuring trash-art. The dresses are made out of beer bottle caps, woven caution tape and computer wires.

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Several top designers teamed up to feature several one-of-a-kind dresses ideal for this year’s prom queen, including one made from pop cans and candy wrappers, old blue jeans sewn together and woven newspapers. The dresses were featured at Recycle Now Week a few years ago.

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