Meeting Pavilion in Netherlands Built from Dumpsters and Recycled Trash

Dumpsters converted into bars

Environmentally conscious designers Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten recently transformed several roll-off dumpsters into unique meeting places using only recovered materials from the dumpsters themselves. Foundation Projects, the company behind the design, launched the project in April, 2012 in the heart of Ultrecht, Netherlands.

The project, called Straatlokaal, is the latest effort by the team at Foundation Projects aimed at promoting responsible waste removal, recycling and reusing. The team launched similar initiatives back in 2010 and 2011.

Construction of the dumpster structures took about a week. Each building uses an upcycled dumpster as its foundation, and recycled/reused materials form the walls and ceiling. In all, the team constructed three such buildings to form a meeting pavilion right in the heart of Ultrecht’s Neude Center Square.

The three structures may look a little strange, but there’s no denying the fact each is a unique morsel of creativity. It’s also good to know that the concept of sustainable living and responsible waste removal is at the core of this project. Besides, how many people can say they stopped by a dumpster bar constructed of 100-percent recycled materials to have a beer last night?

dumpster bar and coffee shops

Via: Inhabitat

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