Never Miss the Trash Can Again

An innovative new gizmo promises to catch every thing you throw at. It’s a trash can equipped with a small motor, wheels and motion sensor. Throw crumbled paper in its path, and it will catch it, even if your aim is as bad as mine.

The so-called “Smart Trashbox” isn’t a commercially available product; it’s more of a hack project created by an electronic whiz. The small trash can sits atop a set of wheels that are controlled via remote control or motion sensors. It utilizes a Kinect (Xbox 360 accessory) for motion detection purposes.

hacked motorized trash can

You can see the trash-catching garbage can in action by checking out a video posted by minokur over at YouTube (see it below). The video is in Japanese, but it’s definitely worth watching whether you can read the captions or not.

The Smart Trashbox video has taken the social media world by storm over the past few days with over 1 million views and counting.

According to, similar videos in the past have turned out to be fakes. It points to one example involving a toy featuring levitating vehicles that followed a track, much like an old school Hot Wheels track but without the wheels. Even if this hacked trash can turns out to be a fake, the video is still cool and it seems like the technology behind it is viable enough. It’s amazing the things you can do with some spare electronic parts, wheels, trash can and a Kinect motion detector.

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