Nike Concept Store Built from 100% Trash (Photos)

recycled trash at Nike Concept Store

What’s a $10 billion Fortune 500 company doing digging in the dumpster? Gathering building materials to construct its one-of-a-kind showroom made from discarded and recycled debris, of course. The eco-friendly design was actually dreamed up and built in the summer of 2013 by Miniwiz Sustainable Energy Development Ltd. based in Taiwan, which partnered with Nike, based in Portland, OR, to create the so-called NIKE X158 Hyper Nature concept store.

This unique concept store, located in Shanghai, is made from 100% recycled or reused products. This includes more than 5,000 aluminum cans, 2,000 recycled water bottles and 50,000 recycled DVDs and CDs used to construct its roofing panels. No glue or other toxic chemicals are used in the construction of the store, and that’s because the entire building is designed to be recycled again in the future.

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This isn’t the first time Nike and Miniwiz have teamed up. The pair earned a Gold at the 2013 IDEA design awards for the Feather Pavilion, part of the Nike Flynit Collective project. The pavilion, like the concept store, was built from 100% recycled trash, including recycling TPU plastics and rice husks. Have a look at the images below to see the magnificent creation…

Nike Flynit Pavilion

Images via: Inhabitat Nike started ramping up its green initiatives back in the ‘90s when it started recycling old shoes and donating scrap materials that would otherwise end up in the trashcan. It’s new X158 Hyper Nature concept store is probably its greenest creation to date. Here’s some eye candy for all the eco-design lovers out there…

Nike X158 Concept Store in Shanghai, China

Images via: Miniwiz | Story via: TakePart