Is 'One Bin For All' the Solution to Increase recycling rates?

One Bin For All in Houston, TX

UPDATE (8/22/17): The One Bin initiative in Houston is now a defunct program, and the city is currently facing a lawsuit from EcoHub for issues relating to the original bidding process in obtaining the recycling contract, according to The Texas Monitor. More details to this story here. Below, read about the original plan to implement One Bin For All in the City of Houston.

Recycling rates are pretty poor on average in the U.S. -- about 30% nationwide. The recycling rate in Houston, TX is less than half the national average!

On the bright side, the city of Houston is planning to integrate a new plan designed to increase recycling rates to an impressive 75%.

It's called "One Bin For All" and it's a way for residents to dump all of their trash, recyclables and other waste into one curbside trash bin. The city sorts through the junk and extracts recyclables, compostable items and trash. What do you think of this plan? Should it be nationwide?

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