Recycle Old Cell phones and Tablets, Earn Cash and Protect Sensitive Data

e-Cycle takes old electronics for cash

One of the biggest cell phone and tablet buyback companies is now accepting devices from consumers. e-Cycle is one of the fastest growing environmental service companies in the U.S., and up until now, they only recycled e-waste from large businesses and corporations. Now they’ve opened the doors for consumers to cash in by sending in old cell phones or tablets for proper recycling.

The rundown, beat-up stack of cellphones in your junk drawer can actually make a few bucks. e-Cycle accepts most late-model smart phones, cell phones and tablets. You can elect to receive a predetermined cash offer for your e-waste, or get a tax-deductible credit if you just want to donate it.

The cool thing about e-Cycle’s e-waste recycling process is that they use one of the industry’s most extensive data security processes to eliminate any and all personal data on your phone, even stuff you thought you deleted but is still stored in “hidden” places inside the device.

e-Cycle takes your discarded smart phone and does one of following:

  1. Fixes it up and resells it at a deep discount to underprivileged countries (not via eBay)
  2. Destroys device and recycles 100% of the waste (It has a zero-landfill policy)

e-Cycle is just one of many companies out there who purchase old or broken electronic devices from consumers. We recently highlighted MaxBack’s partnership with the USPS, which lets you earn some cash for your e-waste and USPS handles all the shipping costs. e-Cycle takes care of your shipping costs as well.

As far as payment goes, e-Cycle claims to be the fastest in the industry. Once it receives your device, e-Cycle says you’ll receive your payment via check or PayPal within 48 hours. Other companies can take weeks to send out your payment.

So if you have the original 16 GB iPad just lying around collecting dust, send it in to e-Cycle and you’ll be a $115 richer (as of 3/13). Your e-junk that is broken due to water damage or simply doesn’t power on may not qualify for payment, but you can still recycle it responsibly via e-Cycle.

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