Slash Dumpster Rental Costs with This Quick Tip

Reduce dumpster rental costs by half

Dumpster rental rates can run $400 to $600 depending on the size of the bin and the location of the rental. When you’re strapped for cash during a home renovation or remodeling project, these dumpster rental fees have the potential to put a strain on the budget. We’ve got a quick tip that can help cut your dumpster rental costs significantly.

*Be sure to heed the warnings and considerations pointed out throughout this article.

It’s the neighborly thing to do.

If you have neighbors, this tip can be utilized to cut dumpster costs by up to 50%. It’s pretty simple, actually:

Split the cost of the dumpster with a neighbor.

This is an excellent way for you and your neighbor(s) to save on disposal costs during renovation projects, spring cleaning, yard debris disposal, storm damage cleanups, and more. Best of all, you both benefit from the cost savings and use of the dumpster.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Share dumpster rental costs with a neighborSay you have 10 cubic yards of debris generated from a kitchen renovation. Generally, you’d want to rent a 15 yard bin to ensure you have the loading capacity to finish the job. Dumpster rental rates for 15 yard dumpsters average about $375 nationally.

Instead of getting the 15 yarder, rent a 30 or 40 yarder and share the costs with a neighbor who is currently undertaking a home renovation, spring cleaning, junk cleanout, or other project.

The cost of a 30 yard dumpster averages $450. That cost split in half is $225. So you could essentially get the same 15 cubic yards of loading capacity for $225 rather than $375 simply by sharing the costs with a neighbor. That’s a 40% savings!

Important considerations

This strategy requires a bit more planning compared to renting a dumpster for yourself. You must be clear on the type of debris—and how much of it—your neighbor plans to dispose of. This will help ensure you get the right dumpster size.

Here are some other very important things to consider:

  • Work out a payment plan ahead of time so there’s no awkward “I thought you were gonna pay…” type of conversations when it’s time to pay for the rental.
  • Decide on a safe location to place the dumpster that provides convenient loading of debris for both parties.
  • Make sure both parties understand overweight fees. Know the weight allowance of the container you choose and abide by it. This cost-cutting strategy may not be ideal if your neighbor is loading very heavy debris while you’re loading relatively lightweight items, such as furniture.
  • Be upfront with the dumpster rental company regarding the types of waste or debris being loaded in the container. *Be aware that some types of debris cannot be mixed with other types. This can vary, but common examples of debris that is not permitted mixed with other wastes include concrete, roofing shingles, and dirt.

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

Dumpster prices vary by location, container size, type of debris, and availability. For complete details, visit our roll off container prices page.

Here’s a brief look at dumpster prices based on national averages:

Average Cost to Rent a Dumpster

Container Size

Average Cost

10 yard dumpster


20 yard dumpster


30 yard dumpster


40 yard dumpster


Potential savings

The savings can be substantial, especially on bigger projects. This was illustrated in the example above. The cost savings will vary, but by sharing costs of the dumpster, it’s likely you’ll save between 25% and 50% off the total cost of disposal.

Learn about other ways to save on dumpster rental rates:

Choosing the correct dumpster size is key

Roll off container sizes

Be conservative in estimating the amount of debris generated during your project as well as your neighbor’s. The worst case scenario is renting a dumpster that’s too small. Having to rent a second dumpster to finish the job is going to offset any dumpster cost savings you were expecting, so think BIG!

If you estimate you and your neighbor have 20 yards of debris to dispose of, go with a 30 yard dumpster to be safe. It’s better to pay an extra $50 for a larger dumpster rather than have to spend hundreds to rent an additional dumpster to complete the cleanup.

Get started by finding and calling two or more dumpster rental companies to check on dumpster size availability and pricing. Click the link below to start your search!

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