“Unsustainable Creatures” LED-lit Sculptures from Trash on Display at LAX

Unsustainable Creatures art exhibit by Cynthia Minet

(7/1013) If you’ve flown into or out of the Los Angeles airport recently, you may have noticed some illuminated life-size sculptures of animals on display while walking through the Tom Bradley Terminal.

At first glance the sculptures are unique and cool looking, but look closer and the awesomeness level goes up when you see the sculptures are actually constructed of discarded trash.

Unsustainable Creatures on display at LAX(Source: Panic Studio, Los Angeles / April 19, 2013)

The artist is Cynthia Minet who created “Unsustainable Creatures” several years ago and most recently took it on the road to be displayed to travelers at LAX.

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The full-time art professor at Moorpark College has exhibited her work around the world and is currently working on a similar animal-made-from-trash sculpture for a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition (see image).

Cynthia Minet artist at workCynthia Minet working on a sled dog sculpture made from discarded plastics to be displayed at an upcoming Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition. (source: Carren Jao via: L.A. Times)

The purpose of making the large animals from PVC pipe and discarded trash is to raise awareness about how people affect the environment and how wasteful we can actually be.

She told the LA Times, “I hope that people will be touched by the representation of these animals, and that they will be more aware of the consequences before they put something into the trash.”

She constructs each sculpture by first making a PVC pipe “bone structure,” and then digging through garbage bins to find the rest of the materials – vacuum hoses, old buckets, plastic bins, stroller parts and whatever else she gets her hands on.

Once the sculpture is created, strategically placed LED lighting is added to really make the assemblage pop.

The “Unsustainable Creatures” exhibit will be on display at LAX through September 2013. Check out some images of these amazing sculptures on display several months ago at the University of California, Riverside’s Culver Center for the Arts.