What can I expect to pay for dumpster service cost?

Dumpster service costs

Average nationwide cost to rent a roll-off dumpster

Dumpster pricing varies based on location. For example, a 10 yard dumpster in New York City may run $600 for a seven-day rental, while the same size dumpster in Topeka, KS could run half that amount. Various factors, especially location and the rental company, play a role in dumpster service costs.

The average cost to rent a 20 yard dumpster is $380. The average cost to rent a 30 yard dumpster is $440. Dumpsters may cost less where you live if it’s a low cost of living area, and they may cost more if you live in an area with a high cost of living.

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Due diligence goes a long way in getting the best value for your buck. We’ll discuss costs and provide resources on how to get the best deal possible.

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Average nationwide cost for commercial dumpster service

Trash and recycling services for your business can range in price from $60 per month to $200+ per month for one container. The exact cost depends on the waste hauler’s pricing, container size, your location, and the type of debris. Recycling containers generally cost less than trash dumpsters.

Dumpster service costs for trash dumpsters can average $60 to $100 for 2 yard commercial dumpsters, and up to $200 or more for 8 yard commercial dumpsters.

Dumpster service cost factors

What determines the dumpster rental or commercial dumpster service cost? Let’s break it down.

  • Waste hauler pricing – Simply put, each waste hauling company is free to set their pricing to whatever they’d like. As a customer, this makes it critical to check with multiple companies before choosing a provider. Each company can vary based on the duration of rental, weight included, overage fees, pick-up schedule, operating hours, and many more factors.
  • Location – Waste haulers generally charge more if they are required to travel long distances to drop off or pick up. Fuel costs and wear-and-tear on trucks are a substantial overhead cost for a waste hauling company. If possible, go with a company located nearby.
  • Dumpster size – Smaller dumpsters cost less than larger dumpsters. This is true for roll-off container rental and commercial dumpster service. However, sometimes larger dumpsters provide a better overall value. Read more about that.
  • Type of waste – Recycle dumpsters generally cost less than general waste dumpsters because tipping fees are less at the landfill/processing facility. Other wastes have special considerations that may influence pricing, such as concrete, roofing debris, construction debris, tires, yard waste, and hazardous wastes.

How to save on dumpster rental costs

Dumpster rental costs are not set in stone, especially when working with smaller, local waste haulers. Inquiring about special deals, volume discounts, or discounts for seniors/military/etc. are great ways to reduce rental costs.

Other cost-saving strategies:

  • Rent during the offseason (winter months). Rental providers in the North, especially, are eager for business during the winter months.
  • Opt for a shorter rental period and see if that can net you a small discount.
  • Share the costs with a neighbor if they have bulk wastes to dispose of as well.
  • Follow the dumpster rental provider’s rules to avoid additional fees (e.g., overage fees, charges for hazardous wastes (paint, tires, etc.), and loading the dumpster too high)

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Learn more by checking some of the resources below, reading more of our latest blog posts, or going to the Hometown Dumpster Rental homepage and searching for rental providers or commercial waste management companies in your area.

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