What's included in the dumpster rental cost?

how much does dumpster rental cost

When quoted a price on a dumpster rental, what’s actually included in that price? We’ll answer this question and give some quick tips to ensure a smooth, seamless, and cost-efficient dumpster rental experience.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the quick answer to the question of what’s included in the price when you rent a dumpster?

The majority of dumpster rental companies quote an all-inclusive price that includes delivery, pick-up, disposal (landfill fees), fuel charges, and taxes. In other words, they quote you the out-the-door price. Be sure you’re getting the all-inclusive price when getting a quote to avoid hidden fees or surprises on your final bill.


There are additional charges that may apply in certain situations, so it’s important to be aware of these additional charges to ensure you pay only the out-the-door price quoted over the phone.

Potential additional fees:

  • Overweight charges: $50 - $100 per ton over the weight allowance
  • Daily late fees: $10 - $20 per day fee for keeping the dumpster longer than the rental period
  • Penalty for loading prohibited items: (e.g., hazardous materials) This fee varies. Learn more here and here.
  • Fee for long distance hauls: There are instances where you will be responsible for paying fuel charges or a similar fee if your location falls outside the dumpster provider’s service area.
  • Dumpster permit: This is only applicable if the dumpster is to be placed in the public right-of-way. Learn more here.

With the right planning, you can avoid all of the above additional fees. By doing so, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

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Dumpster rental average cost

Prices vary quite significantly depending on your location. For instance, the cost of renting a dumpster in New York City can cost several hundred dollars more than the same size dumpster rental in Cleveland, OH.

Keeping the above information in mind, have a look at this table detailing the national average cost to rent a dumpster in 2018.

Dumpster Size

Avg. Cost

10 yd. dumpster


20 yd. dumpster


30 yd. dumpster


40 yd. dumpster


Costs based on data collected by HometownDumpsterRental.com.

The averages above are all-in costs. Some dumpster rental companies offer different pricing structures. For example, some companies charge a fee by weight, such as $100 per ton. Others charge by how much space your debris takes up in the dumpster or trailer.

While some dumpster companies charge an all-inclusive price, others charge per-ton or by how much space your debris takes up in the dumpster or trailer.

These pricing structures can be a great thing because ultimately you only pay for the amount of waste or debris disposed of – in other words, you don’t pay for the whole dumpster unless it’s filled to its full capacity.

But again, be aware of potential additional fees to avoid being surprised by an inflated bill when all is said and done.

Get it all in writing

Dumpster rental agreementAs is the case with any type of major transaction, get the details in writing. Dumpster rental companies are oftentimes willing to negotiate on price or duration of the rental period. But if you don’t get these terms in writing, there’s no proof that any agreement was ever made.

Reputable dumpster rental providers will do a great job of providing an invoice upfront. You can have the rental agreement emailed to you, faxed, or dropped off by the roll-off truck driver.

Be sure the rental provider abides by the terms of the rental agreement. Say you negotiated a 20 yard dumpster rental down to $350 from $395. Make sure this is put in writing, and remind the service provider of this change prior to completing the transaction.

TIP: Details can be missed or overlooked, especially if you’re dealing with several employees at a larger dumpster rental operation. They may not know the terms you’ve negotiated, so keep it fresh in their memory when you call to book the dumpster, as well as when you call for pick-up (if applicable).

Get the best dumpster rental price

Pay for dumpsterGetting the best deal requires that you call 2 - 3 (or more) local rental providers to ask for quotes, container availability, types of debris allowed, and rental period duration. With that information, compare the dumpster rental companies to find the one that suits your needs the best.

At times, rental rates for the same size dumpster can range 15% higher or lower from one dumpster rental company to the next, so be sure to call several companies before booking one.

Furthermore, there are situations where you may need to book a dumpster for a day and would rather not have it sitting on your property for 7+ days. Some dumpster rental providers will gladly accommodate a single-day dumpster rental, while others may not. If that’s a factor for you, be sure to ask about it when first calling to get a quote.

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In conclusion, it’s important to follow the simple steps below to ensure your dumpster rental experience is a smooth one:

  1. Choose a reputable rental provider and not just the cheapest dumpster you find online.
  2. Get the rental terms, including price, rental period, types of debris allowed, etc. in writing. Save your emails!
  3. Double and triple check with the rental provider to make sure any negotiated terms are followed.
  4. Pay attention to the invoice and question anything that looks out of place.

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