Hometown offers verified disposal service reviews from real customers

Disposal service reviews

You're probably not too shocked to learn that many online reviews of dumpster rental and junk removal companies are... phony. 

"A whopping 20% Of Yelp reviews are fake" Business Insider, 9/25/13

"Up to 30 percent of reviews can be fake" Bloomberg Business Week, 9/29/11

"Researchers estimate that up to one-third of online reviews are phony" The Boston Globe, 9/25/13

We've had enough of manipulated reviews for disposal services and we're doing something about it!

At Hometown, every review on a dumpster rental company or junk removal service is real and comes from a verified customer of that company. One can't just create a fake identity and get a review published on themselves, a relative, or a competing trash hauler.

We human-verify that every review comes from an actual customer. Here's how:

  1. A customer hires a dumpster rental or junk removal company they found on Hometown 
  2. We follow up directly with the customer (typically via phone) to verify that the job was completed and to collect a review of the company’s performance
  3. Unsolicited reviews (that come in directly from the Hometown website) are not published unless the authenticity of the customer and the completed job can be verified with a follow-up phone call
  4. All reviews that can be verified to come from a real customer, positive or negative, are published

Disposal service review fakers... We know who you are

Less-than-authentic reviews on other sites are 99% of the time submitted incognito by someone with an agenda. We know who these folks are and what they typically write in their reviews.

  • Companies writing reviews on themselves:
    "Totally awesome service! I'm the best dumpster rental service ever."
  • Companies writing reviews on competitors:
    "Terrible service. The most horrifyingly bad company I've ever known."
  • Moms of service providers:
    "5 star junk removal company!  From what my boy tells me, he's really good."
  • Ex-spouses of disposal service owners:
    "The service nearly ruined my life! I will never forgive this company.  Never!"
  • A trash hauler’s own employees:
    "5 stars!  Great service... and the regular paychecks are right ontime."
  • Overseas review writers for hire: (yes, this happens)
    "Tank you dumper gentlemans for beautiful service!"

A Hometown review is a real review from a real customer

Sorry, junk guy’s mom.  Sorry, overseas review writer.  You won't have any luck with HometownDumpsterRental.com.  Hometown only publishes reviews we can verify came from a real customer.