Comments from Service Providers

Hometown Dumpster Rental generates leads and new customers for many of the best dumpster services and junk removal services across America. We're good at it! But don't take our word for it... hear directly from some of the trash hauling companies on this site.

We like everything about Hometown

We like everything about Hometown! We have similar marketing services with other companies, but it's not as complete. I think you have thought of everything.
Steve Wright
Eastside Hauling & Container Services
Bellevue, WA

Good solid leads come directly to me

I like the fact that good solid leads come directly to me, instead of going to the lead company and then sent out to several junk removal companies at the same time. I can verify all the leads in the Lead Tracking Center. In addition, Hometown has great customer service.
Lu Annatone
The Junk Removers
Dedham, MA

I have booked more dumpsters in 2 weeks...

I have booked more dumpsters with Hometown in 2 weeks than I did in 4 months with Service Magic. I am very happy with Hometown.
Jim Patterson
PJ Easy Waste
San Antonio, TX

Lead quality is excellent

We really like the quality of leads!
Nour Elbekri
NOVA Junk Removal
Alexandria, VA

Hometown doubled our business

We like how much work we get from our Hometown advertising and also the team at Hometown is always very helpful. We found Hometown dumpster in fall of 2009 when the economy was doing very poorly and at that time Hometown doubled our business. We were so happy that we found them and still are.
Melina Walker
Walkers Container Service
Eastampton, NJ

The best marketing we have used!

Hometown Dumpster Rental is by far the best marketing we have used!
Martin Salvatierra
Express Home Works
Alpharetta, GA

Lead quality is great

My favorite thing about Hometown is the quality of the leads.
Jeremy Takas
Apache Junction, AZ

Great marketing service

My business has doubled since I teamed up with hometown.
Daniel Aunchman
Bay Area Debris Box
Burlingame, CA

More work, good service

I have more work, and the service has been really good.
Pedro Olvera
PomJod Cleaning
Mira Loma, CA

Real leads only

I like that you pay for real leads only.
David Wangerien
Remove It
Manasquan, NJ

Blessed right and left with leads

We've been so busy; we are being blessed right and left with demolition leads and dumpster rental leads. My guys are exhausted working 12-14 hour days as a result. The leads keeps getting better and better, and thanks so much for the additional work. Have ANYONE give us a call to discuss your great lead generation service.
Chris Polley
Chesapeake Recycling and Disposal
Sparrows Point, MD

For us, Hometown is the marketing answer

The site looks great and Cynthia is getting calls and booking jobs. Great job again guys on getting us work. Hometown is a huge part of our business. We are getting rid of the DEX One and yellow pages ads, what a joke. I cant take the overpriced auto renew, no results books any longer. Once they are gone it will open our budget further for these other ideas we have with hometown. For us, Hometown is the marketing answer. The traditional methods like DEX just don't work anymore. They are trying with online products but even those get so few results for the price. When was the last time you looked in the Yellow pages? I cant even remember. You guys deserve all the success in the world. You get us the calls and Susana and Cynthia take it from there. Hometown is helping us put food on everyone's table out here.
Matthew Howard
Team Clean & Haul Corporation
Phoenix, AZ

You have delivered big time

If you ever need a testimonial, let me know. I was quite skeptical at first, but you have delivered big time (and you can quote me). If you're like me, you and your team need an occasional 'attaboy'. This is mine for you and Hometown.
Mike Stroud
Junk King of Kansas City
Lenexa, KS

Your leads and service are much better than Service Magic

After reviewing the first months results, I must say I am very pleased with your marketing service. Feel free to use me as a reference to call for potential clients. Your leads and service are much better than Service Magic thus far, so I'm very happy. Anyway just wanted to let ya know I appreciate it.
Steve Heimsath
Trash Can Willys
Hudson, NH

Increased our number of jobs tremendously

The lead service that Hometown provides has been outstanding! We've increased our number of jobs tremendously. I highly recommend Hometown Internet Marketing.
Aaron Stienstra
Greenwood, MO

3 dumpster rental leads booked the first day

We booked three dumpster rental leads the first day we started working with Hometown Internet Marketing and our phone hasn't stopped ringing since. This has been the best advertising we have ever done by a mile.
Tom LaBotz
Grand Rapids Dumpster Rental
East Grand Rapids, MI

I love the calls

Thanks for all your help this year. I love the calls I am getting from your marketing service!
Geraldine Palmer
Palmer Cleanouts & Disposal
Fremont, NH

An immediate and dramatic increase in business

Filco Carting has been in business for nearly 100 years and we have never before seen such an immediate result and dramatic increase in business, from any type of advertising we've done in the past, as we have seen since using Hometown Dumpster Rental. In just our first month with Hometown, the phone calls came flooding in and has continued to increase steadily ever since, at a staggering pace. With the help and guidance of Scott and his years of experience in sales and the tools provided by the Hometown Internet Marking Tracking Center, we were able to increase our closing ratio to just under 50% of all calls coming in, by just our second month. Due to a direct result of using Hometown, we were able to increase our work force, providing more jobs, to handle the incoming business. Thanks to Hometown, they have helped catapult us to the next level. Business is booming!!!
Rich Portante
Filco Carting
Brooklyn, NY

An obvious rise in revenue

Hometown Internet Marketing as well as its staff have made a wonderful contribution to our company. It's given us great placement on the internet which has allowed us to cut back tremendously on other advertising costs. Hometown's call tracking center is a great organizational tool that provides us with the ability to monitor and track each and every lead. Aside from an obvious rise in revenue, they have given an enormous encouragement boost to our sales team. We are very appreciative and enjoy doing business with Hometown.

Nicole De Frenza & Brittney Richardson
RDS, Inc.
Edmond, OK