Sorting and Recycling Facilities

Transfer stations capable of sorting out mixed loads of construction and demolition debris and even the general waste stream are urgenty needed to reduce landfill waste. Currently, these facilities exist in a relatively small number of environmentally progressive cities and states.  How can you help? Call your local city government, local U.S. congress member, and your state government offices and encourage legislation and funding for sorting and recycling facilities capable of handling mixed loads of construction and demolition debris and general bulk trash.

Hometown supports and advocates for environmentally responsible disposal of bulk trash and debris. We encourage our partner dumpster services and junk removal services to utilize "clean load" recycling centers and high technology general waste sorting and recycling facilities, if available in their area.

Unfortunately, high tech sorting and recycling facilities for construction and demolition debris and mixed bulk trash like the one to the right are not yet available in many communities throughout the United States.

Can My Bulk Trash Be Recycled After Pickup From a Dumpster Service or Junk Service?

Clean Loads - A "clean load" greatly increases the likelihood that your debris can be recycled. A "clean load" means you have a lot of one type of debris that you need hauled away (as opposed to a lot different types of waste mixed together). A clean load is recyclable in most communities, as long as the debris itself is a recyclable material. Bulk trash loads of items such as asphalt, brick, concrete, wood, metal, cardboard, shingles, paper, and some plastics are all typically recyclable, if the load is clean and not mixed with other debris.

Mixed Loads - Large loads of mixed construction and demolition debris or mixed general waste can be sorted and recycled if there is a transfer station or recycling center in your community with the capability of sorting, separating, and picking out the recyclable items. These type of facilities are not yet available in most communities... though there are many cities and states with these more advanced capabilities. Check with your local government or waste hauler to see if these type of facilities are available in your area.

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