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Serving Lorain, OH

Haul Away Container Service is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the community with affordable roll off containers since 2001. Haul Away provides professional and prompt dumpster rental service to Northeast Ohio.

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Recycling Info for Residents and Businesses in Lorain

Lorain County has a convenient drop-off center for HHW

The Lorain County Collection Center at 540 S. Abbe Rd. in Elyria accepts a wide range of household hazardous wastes (HHW) for safe and proper disposal. Residents and businesses can drop off here during the facility’s normal operating hours: Monday – Wednesday, 12pm – 6pm; Saturday, 9am – 6pm.

This is the proper place to dispose of:

  • E-waste
  • CFL bulbs
  • Scrap tires
  • HHW (e.g., cleaners, pesticides, and solvents)

What is Lorain doing to promote recycling now and in the future?

Lorain County is committed to increasing recycling rates, limiting landfilling and properly disposing of toxic wastes. The best source of information in this regard is the Lorain County Solid Waste Management Plan. It describes important statistics, legislation and tips all related to waste disposal and recycling.

For the latest news related to what’s going on in the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District, check out its homepage, or stay up to date via its Facebook page.

More tips for renting a dumpster in Lorain, OH

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

Factors that influence roll-off container rental rates include your location, dumpster size, weight of the load, type of debris, and duration of the rental. So, your rates may vary significantly over the pricing listed below.

To get a ballpark figure, here are some national averages for a standard 7-day rental:

  • 10 yard roll-off container: $250+
  • 20 yard roll-off container: $350+
  • 30 yard roll-off container: $400+
  • 40 yard roll-off container: $450+

You can get the best rates by getting quotes from at least two local dumpster rental companies. Often times you can use one quote as leverage to get a better deal at that company’s competitor.

Common wastes not allowed in dumpsters

Dumpster rental companies abide by local, state and federal regulations regarding the types of waste it dumps at local landfills and recycling facilities. It’s an environmental issue that is rooted in maintaining public health and keeping the environment clean.

Here are some -- not all -- of the items commonly not allowed in roll-off containers:

  • Flammable liquids of any kind
  • Automobile fluids – motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant, etc.
  • Car batteries
  • Automobile tires (some companies allow if the tire is shredded first)
  • Asbestos debris
  • Appliances that contain Freon or other toxic chemicals – refrigerators, air conditioners, thermostats, etc.
  • Household hazardous wastes, or HHW – cleaners, aerosols, paint, oils/stains, etc.

Be sure to ask your dumpster rental provider about its policies regarding prohibited wastes. You can learn more here.

Most popular roll-off container sizes

The most commonly available dumpster sizes are:

  • 10 cubic yard dumpsters – 12 ft. x 8 ft. x 4 ft. -- Residential cleanouts, small cleanups, etc.
  • 20 cubic yard bins – 22 ft. x 8 ft. x 4.5 ft. – Most versatile container size
  • 30 cubic yard containers – 22 ft. x 8 ft. x 6 ft. – Whole house cleanouts, shed demolition, roofing
  • 40 cubic yard roll-offs – 22 ft. x 8 ft. x 8 ft. – Total demolition jobs, construction projects, large re-roofs

Sizes and dimensions vary by company. For reference, 1 cubic yard is equivalent to a 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. object, such as a standard kitchen stove.