20 Yard Dumpster Rental Prices Near Me

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Updated July 18, 2023

The national average cost to rent a 20 yard dumpster is $350-$550.

In terms of cost per yard, a 20 yard dumpster costs $17.50-$27.50 per yard on average.

However, your specific dumpster rental pricing could be more or less depending on a number of factors.

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Here are some real-life examples of what people have paid for 20 yard dumpsters throughout the country.

Examples of 20 Yard Dumpster Costs by City

Location 20 Yard Dumpster Cost
Birmingham, AL $350-$475
Phoenix, AZ $350-$450
Palm Springs, CA $450-$550
Boulder, CO $400-$600
Miami, FL $450-$550
Honolulu, HI $580-$680
Chicago, IL $325-$450
Kansas City, KS $325-$500
Louisville, KY $350-$550
New Orleans, LA $315-$425
Boston, MA $500-$675
Detroit, MI $450-$525
Minneapolis, MN $400-$600
Henderson, NV $400-$500
Cincinnati, OH $475-$700
Tacoma, WA $425-$650
Milwaukee, WI $450-$600


These are average dumpster rental costs for each city based on data collected in 2022. Your exact dumpster rental cost may vary.

Common Factors That Affect 20 Yard Dumpster Pricing

  • Included weight limit
  • Local disposal and permit fees
  • Overage fees or other surcharges
  • Who you rent from

Dumpster overage fees vary from one rental provider to the next but range from $75-$100+ per ton on average depending on where you're located.

To be sure you aren't surprised by any fees, make sure you understand what each dumpster rental quote includes.

Ask each provider you speak to about any potential fees you could incur for things like...

  • Exceeding your included weight limit
  • Keeping your dumpster beyond your included rental period
  • Including a certain type of debris that the company prohibits

Always factor in the estimated weight of the debris you plan to load into the dumpster, and explain your project in detail to the providers you speak to so they can recommend the best dumpster size for your project.

It can get expensive if you go over the weight limit, so choosing the right dumpster size is important.

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