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Dumpster Rental Services in Lubbock, TX

Compare reviews, container sizes, and prices among the top dumpster rental companies in Lubbock, TX.  Rent a dumpster for construction debris, roof replacement projects, household junk, or any larger cleanup project where a temporary dumpster is the best solution for your debris.

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Temporary trash container rentals
1812 County Road 60, Lubbock TX 79403

Need to rent a dumpster in the Lubbock, Texas area? You've come to the right place. Waste Connections Dumpsters has over 25 years of experience renting roll off dumpsters to area residents, contractors and businesses.

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4206 50th St, Lubbock TX 79413

Happy Trash Roll Off Services provides fast and convenient 30 yard dumpster rental. We use the hook-lift system and are able to place your dumpster into tight locations. We offer after hours pick up with great discounts for volume users.

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Serving Lubbock, TX

West Texas Dumpsters is a locally owned and operated company that offers friendly, affordable, and reliable service. We provide 10 yard to 50 yard dumpsters for any type of debris removal. Our staff will customize a dumpster size to fit your individual needs. Give us a call today!

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Serving Lubbock, TX

At Caprock Waste our ownership and crew have broad experience in waste management. We are a locally operated waste company offering side-load, front-load, and roll-off dumpsters in several sizes. Our service is efficient and our dumpsters easy to load.

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Lubbock City of
1625 13th St, Lubbock, TX 79401
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Lubbock City of
208 Municipal Dr, Lubbock, TX 79403
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1812 Keuka St, Lubbock, TX 79403
(806) 763-8124

Lubbock Residents may not put C&D Debris in their Regular Trashcan

I am remodeling my home in Lubbock, Texas and need  to dispose of construction and demolition materials. Will the city pick up this debris as part of my regular garbage collection?

In the City of Lubbock, construction and demolition waste must be disposed of at the owners expense and is not part of regular city garbage collection. This material can be hauled to the City of Lubbock Landfill or you can call any local waste and garbage hauler to rent you a dumpster and they will haul it to the landfill for you. The same rules apply for roofing debris and materials.

The following items are prohibited from being disposed of either in your residential garbage collection or a rented dumpster. Citizen Convenience Stations will take these items but you must be a resident hauling from their own single family residential home.

  • Used motor oil, paints, hazardous household materials, cooking grease
  • Tires
  • batteries -automobile, lead acid
  • Freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners (any item containing CFC's (freon))

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What type of waste is not allowed in a dumpster?

Certain wastes are banned from dumpsters for environmental reasons. Local, state and federal laws govern what’s allowed to be dumped at landfills and disposal services must stick to these guidelines. These are the most common prohibited items:

  • Household hazardous wastes (HHW), such as cleaners, bleach, paint and other chemicals
  • Automobile fluids, such as motor oil, antifreeze and brake fluid
  • Explosives, such as fireworks
  • Any flammable liquid
  • Sealed 55-gallon barrels
  • Scrap tires
  • Lead-acid batteries (e.g., car batteries)
  • Debris containing asbestos
  • Certain appliances that contain toxic chemicals, such as refrigerators containing Freon

Keep in mind that this list is not exclusive. Talk to your dumpster rental provider about its policies on prohibited dumpster wastes, as well as where the proper place to dispose of these items is located.

5 common types of dumpsters and how they are priced

Commercial dumpsters – Used for weekly/monthly trash hauling services at businesses, like restaurants and gas stations. These "front load" containers are generally not for temporary use and are priced by the number of pickups during the week or month.

Roll-off dumpsters – "Open top" containers you rent for temporary use at home, construction sites or commercial cleanups.  Pricing method varies by company, but generally involves a flat fee with a set amount of weight included in the price.  Additional weight costs more.

Dump trailers – An alternative to roll-off dumpsters used by some rental providers. It offers the advantage of being on wheels, which decreases the risk of damage to your driveway.  Priced similar to roll off dumpsters.

Dumpster bags – Large 3 cubic yard bags are delivered or purchased locally and picked up by the provider when complete.  For small amounts of debris.  Purchase the bag (generally $30 - $40) and pay the hauler for the pickup (frequently in the $149 to $199 range).

Lowboys – Dumpsters with very low sides, ideal for loading heavy materials such as dirt, concrete or masonry.  These are often required to be "clean" loads in order to get the best pricing.  By clean, we mean only one type of debris.  For example, a load of clean concrete can be taken to the concrete recycler rather than the landfill for a much lower disposal fee.  Concrete recycling facilities do not accept "dirty" loads of mixed debris.

What are the most common roll-off dumpster sizes?

The most commonly available roll-off container sizes include:

  • 10 cubic yard bins – Ideal for residential cleanouts
  • 20 cubic yard containers – Versatile container can be used for a variety of cleanups
  • 30 cubic yard dumpsters – Good size for handling foreclosure cleanouts or shed/garage demolitions
  • 40 cubic yard dumpsters – Optimal container for new construction and demolition

1 cubic yard is equal to the volume of a 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. object. A standard kitchen stove is approximately 1 cubic yard in size. Learn more about roll-off dumpster sizes.