Dumpster Rental Marketing Made Simple

Gain New Customers

Hometown generates more customers for dumpster rental services than any other source.  About 1 million customers visit Hometown Dumpster Rental every year to rent a dumpster from a quality a hauler. Get found here and grow your business! When homeowners and business owners find your company profile, they call you directly to book the dumpster.

 We understand the dumpster business and we specialize in generating new customers in a hauler-friendly way that removes the risk to get started.

If you have the expertise and equipment to haul away junk and debris, HometownLocal (the company behind this website) knows how to generate new customers for you. We offer:

  • More dumpster rental leads than any other marketing service
  • Better dumpster rental jobs for bid within your service area
  • More new customers  

Get Risk-free Marketing

Dumpster rental companies get stuck in expensive, long-term commitments for marketing all the time. Not here. We keep it simple and business-friendly, introducing you to new customers on a pay per lead basis.

  • Free advertising with high visibility (company profile, listings, etc...)
  • Free review collection
  • NO setup fees
  • NO automatic monthly marketing fees
  • NO lock-in contract that requires a long-term marketing commitment
  • Cancel anytime for any reason
  • Pay a small fee when a new customer calls you

Simplify Your Life

Dumpster marketing should be simple, cost-effective, and risk-free. At Hometown, we get that. We’ll do the behind the scenes work to help you grow your business without the hassle.

Simplified Content Creation

After asking you a handful of questions, we build out all of your content. You're not expected to write your own listings or your own profile content.

We take care of that for you at no cost. All you have to do is review the content once it’s up and let us know if you want any changes.

Simplified Online Reputation Management

Most local dumpster services don't have time to cultivate a good online reputation by following up with their customers and asking for online reviews. Yet, today's customers expect to be able to research companies through reviews... the experiences of customers that have come before them.  

Because more than 80% of customers consult reviews before making a hiring decision, having zero reputation (or a negative online reputation) keeps many companies from landing as many new customers as they should.

With a good online reputation, you can begin to convert more prospects into new customers—up to 3x as many!  We think this is pretty important, so we decided to do the heavy lifting for you. Here's how it works, and it's simple (there's no work required on your part):

1) We contact the customers who found you through Hometown 2) We collect their honest feedback and publish it to your profile 3) We notify you of every review so you can respond if you want

Simplified Billing

We invoice you monthly on the 1st day of the month showing you the previous month's leads. We charge your credit card on file 10 days later for the validated leads that you received the previous month. You pay per lead.  So if you received zero leads, that means zero cost for the month. Period.

Simplified Customer Service

Hometown has a dedicated Client Care team that is second to none in simplifying your business. We know how to take care of contractors and we have the highest client satisfaction scores in the industry.

In our latest customer satisfaction survey, over 95% of Hometown clients were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with Hometown's customer service.

Getting started is easy! Just call (877) 994-6645.