Hometown Success: Chesapeake Recycling & Disposal - Sparrows Point, MD


Updated December 21, 2021

Company: Chesapeake Recycling & Disposal

Owner: Chris & Jolynn Polley

Location: Sparrows Point, MD

In Business Since: 2011

Hometown Pro Since: 2017

Chesapeake Recycling and Disposal has been providing comprehensive waste hauling and recycling services to Sparrows Point, Maryland since 2011. Since signing up for leads with Hometown in 2017, they have really been putting their 24-hour, 7-days-a-week dumpster rental services to the test.

We've been so busy; we are being blessed right and left with demolition leads and dumpster rental leads. My guys are exhausted working 12-14 hour days as a result. The leads keep getting better and better, and thanks so much for the additional work. Have ANYONE give us a call to discuss your great lead generation service.

- Chris Polley, Chesapeake Recycling and Disposal