Hometown Success: Grand Rapids Dumpster Rental - Grandville, MI


Updated December 21, 2021

Company: Grand Rapids Dumpster Rental

Owner: Tom LaBotz

Location: Grandville, MI

In Business Since: 2009

Hometown Pro Since: 2009

Grand Rapids Dumpster Rental is a family owned and owner operated waste removal and hauling business. Their goal is to ensure customers have a positive and pleasant dumpster rental experience. That experience starts from the first moment of contact, and Hometown has been helping them get in contact with customers for nearly 10 years. They have received more than 3,000 leads from Hometown since joining, with more coming in every day.

We booked three dumpster rental leads the first day we started working with Hometown and our phone hasn't stopped ringing since. This has been the best advertising we have ever done by a mile.

- Tom LaBotz, Grand Rapids Dumpster Rental