Leads for Dumpster Rental: How It Works [VIDEO]

When it comes to lead generation, Hometown makes it easy.

Our low-risk, high-reward lead generation service is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get phone leads for your dumpster rental business.

There are no contracts, no set-up fees, and no minimum monthly fees.

Instead, we only charge you for the actual leads you get; we call it "Pay for Performance."

How It Works:

When a customer searches Google, Bing, or Yahoo for dumpster services in their hometown, our HometownDumpsterRental.com city page—and your listing—gets found.

After finding your listing, they can learn more about your company, read your customer reviews, see pictures of your dumpsters, find out what dumpster sizes you offer, and more.

Once the customer finds you, they can call the number listed on your company’s profile.

This LIVE phone lead is forwarded directly to you or your staff. You are instantly connected and have the opportunity to tell them why you’re the best local choice for dumpster rental.

All calls on this local tracking phone number are logged and recorded in our Lead Tracking Center, allowing you to keep track of your Hometown sales leads.

You can access all calls and recordings 24/7. 

At Hometown, we only charge for “unique” callers—you aren’t charged for duplicate calls, like if someone calls back for swap-outs, pick-ups, or with additional questions.

Ready to learn more?

Visit HometownLocal.com or call us today at (877) 994-6645.