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A-1 Dumpster Rentals is a leading roll off container rental provider. We take great pride in our dedication to reliability, customer service, prompt response time and delivery/pick up. Whether you need a dumpster dropped off short term or long term,  A-1 has you covered.

We have multiple locations to best serve you. We look forward to earning your business!


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Verified Reviews

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Review by Rebecca G. in Lexington, SC

I highly recommend A-1 Clean Up & Movers. Jeff was so professional and had a dumpster to me within an hour. I will use them again and refer all my clients to them as well.

Review by Palmer H. in Mooresville, NC

We needed a dumpster for a garage and spare room junk cleanout. We used every bit of the 12-ft. dumpster we rented from A-1. On-time delivery and pick-up. Highly recommend them. Roxie rocks!

Review by Bob H. in Charlotte, NC

A-1 Clean Up & Movers brought us a 15 yard dumpster for a concrete removal project and told us to only fill it halfway. When they showed up to pick up the dumpster, the truck didn t have the strength to pick it up. It took 4 days to get the dumpster picked up. On top of that, they didn t put a cover over the load.

Review by David C. in Concord, NC

I had to remove pressure treated decking from around six mobile classrooms in order to make room for our new wing. When I needed a 30 yard dumpster fast, I called A-1 and spoke with Roxy. I explained my dilemma, and she said she could get me one in a couple of days. After we hung up, maybe 5 minutes passed and she called me back saying she could get me one that day in just a few hours. I ordered it and sure enough, it was delivered in under two hours! Chris, the driver, was extremely polite and put the dumpster where I wanted it. I had it picked up once and brought back to be filled again. GREAT customer service! I would highly recommend them for your projects.

Review by Bill A. in Huntersville, NC

I was working on a renovation in my bedroom and bathroom and needed a 12 yard dumpster. I contacted A-1 Clean Up & Movers and they were excellent to work with. They delivered my dumpster on time and picked it up right when I requested. I d happily recommend their professional services to anyone.

Review by Name Withheld in Mooresville, NC

I was looking for a 12 yard dumpster so I could proceed with clearing a lot of junk from my property. I got my dumpster from A-1 Clean Up & Movers. They provided me with the dumpster as requested, and they were on point with the delivery and pick up. As far I can remember I had no problems working with them!

Review by Danny S. in Indian Land, SC

I m working on a project in my home and I needed a 20 yard dumpster to pile up the debris. A-1 Clean Up & Movers was very on point with their services. From the time that I got in to contact up until the pick up, I had no problems at all working with them. They were very easy to deal with and professional.

Review by Allen G. in Lincolnton, NC

We experienced prompt and efficient delivery and removal of the dumpster. The people we dealt with were extremely friendly and courteous. We would highly recommend their services to our family and friends.

Review by Wale D. in Maiden, NC

I needed various items removed from my house. I worked with A-1 Clean Up & Movers, and I have no complaints at all. They did a decent job.

Review by Graham K. in Morrisville, NC

I needed to get rid of a big, flat screen TV, a sofa, bed frame, some electronics, and other miscellaneous items. I used A-1, and although they got lost at first when trying to find my property, they were still able to get the job done in a timely manner.

Review by Lloyd P. in Waxhaw, NC

I needed a 20 yard dumpster for a house cleaning project I did to remove old furniture, junk, and trash that I no longer needed in the house. A-1 Clean Up provided me with the service. They were on time for the appointment and got me the dumpster I needed. They did a fine job, and I would recommend them to others.

Review by Larry E. in Clover, SC

I needed an estate property cleaned out of all trash and junk, which included the trailer, the workshop, the yard, and items, like tires, bikes, scrap metals, cans, and other junk. I called and sent pictures to A-1 Clean Up. They came just as they said they would. There was a bit of a misunderstanding on both sides. I should have asked them to do a walk through with me before I hired them. The pictures didn t tell the whole story of the volume of the junk that needed to be removed, so they had to give me a much higher price because of this. I wasn t too happy about it, but they did a pretty good job. The place was very clean. I would still consider hiring them again.

Review by Debbie T. in Charlotte, NC

We re in the process of moving out and needed a 12 yard dumpster to haul away the junk and trash that we no longer wanted around the house, especially the attic. A1 Clean Up & Movers brought the dumpster out quickly, and I didn’t have a single issue while I had it. They did a wonderful job, and I’d use them again.

Review by Roland M. in Salisbury, NC

I remodeled a house and needed to remove the debris, such as cut-up wood, sheet rock and other materials. A-1 Clean Up cleaned up everything without any problems. I would use them again on future projects.

Review by Tina M. in Kannapolis, NC

I cleaned out the house in preparation of a house renovation and needed a 30 yard dumpster for the debris. I called A1 Clean Up and they provided me with the dumpster rental. They were a day late but explained to me that it was due to traffic incidents along the way. Their customer service agent who answered the phone was very nice and very helpful. The driver was very nice and helpful, as well. Overall, their service was very good and I do recommend them.

Review by Evelyn I. in Wesley Chapel, NC

I had 700 lbs. of concrete to dispose of, I hired A-1 Clean Up to do the job. They were on time and went right to work. They broke the fountain down in to manageable pieces and hauled it out to their truck. They did a great job and I was very satisfied with it.

Review by Name Withheld in Waxhaw, NC

I called and had A1 remove some household stuff for me, such as desks, chairs, two bookcases and more. They came the following day and got right on it. The crew came to the property and took all the junk from the back patio. Before they left, they made sure that everything was in order and clean. I had no issues with the service I got from them. They did a great job.

Review by Name Withheld in Salisbury, NC

A-1 Cleanup picked up a bunch of bags of junk for me. They got there on time and everything went as planned.

Review by Danny L. in Concord, NC

I was cleaning out my garage to make more available space and needed to remove some old copier and atm parts, some supplies and obsolete equipment that I no longer needed. I ve already use A1 Hauling twice. They re always on time and have never had any issues with them. They seem to always do a good job.

Review by Gary S. in Concord, NC

A-a Cleanup were very accommodating. We needed a dumpster last minute and they delivered it right away. Their price was more than reasonable. They did a really good job.

Review by Charles H. in Huntersville, NC

Our cleanout and remodeling project required a 10 - 12 yard dumpster. A1 Clean Up delivered us a 12 yard container and we used it for 10 days.

Review by Name Withheld in Rock Hill, SC

I needed a 12 yard to remove building materials such as drywall, wood and other debris from a house renovation. A1 provided us a dumpster for 3 days They did a great job.

Review by Brian L in Mooresville, NC

I needed a 20 yard dumpster for a project I was working on. I got one from A-1 and I was happy with them.

Review by Name Withheld in Greenville, SC

I needed a 15 yard bin to remove old roofing materials. I ll use A-1 again if I need another dumpster.

Review by Dan M. in Gaston, SC

We needed a 20 yard at my father-in-law s for a chair, old wood, and a mix of household junk, yard waste, and construction material. A-1 delivered on time and picked up after a week.

Review by Rick L. in Matthews, NC

We needed to get rid of debris from a kitchen remodeling job. A-1 Clean Up & Movers sent over a 15 yard, which we kept for a month. They were great. They came right on time and there were no problems.

Review by Norris M. in Salisbury, NC

We re remodeling and needed a dumpster for a few days. I told A-1 to deliver the 15 yard anytime after noon. They said they d be a bit late, but it was no big concern for me. They put the dumpster right in front of the house and it all went well.

Review by Miriam H. in Monroe, NC

We were replacing the deck and needed a 20 yard for wood and nails. I called A-1 at the last minute and they were very accommodating. They were a little behind in delivery and pick up, but it wasn t that much of a problem since my lumber was not delivered on time either, so everything was backed up. The rental was for a week. The guys were super nice and friendly and everything worked out.

Review by Ted D in Charlotte, NC

I have a grill, dishwasher, microwave, 6 garbage bags of construction debris, mostly roofing shingles. A-1 Clean Up came out and quickly removed all of the items. I give them a five star rating.

Review by Name Withheld in Gastonia, NC

I had a large trash pick up job for A-1 Clean Up. It was a previous hoarding situation. The house was already cleaned out but still had a ton of trash that needed to be hauled away. It was 2 dumpsters full of trash. I would recommend A-1. They did a quick job.

Review by Rudy P. in Statesville, NC

We were getting ready to move and had some items we wanted to dispose of. There was a mattress, box spring, a 52-inch projection TV, and some other smaller items. The A-1 guys did a good job and even had to go up some stairs to get some of the items.

Review by Joyce H. in Huntersville, NC

We were moving and had around 10-12 contractor bags full of miscellaneous household junk that we needed to discard. We needed this done immediately, and A-1 was able to provide this service. They came right on time and did a great job.

Review by Tonya W. in Fort Mill, SC

Bunch of junk: a playground set, an old refrigerator, and some other items in my garage that I wanted to dispose of. I didn t have to pick up a single thing, and A-1 left the place clean. They were fantastic.

Review by Gary S. in Belmont, NC

The resident of the house was moving to a senior retirement community, so we needed to empty the place and dispose of most everything. There was a lot of furniture, some clothes, and miscellaneous household junk. The guys at A-1 came promptly. They had a big mess to deal with, but they did a good job. They filled an entire dumpster with junk, plus a truck full of recyclables. They also left the site clean.

Review by Mia B. in Gastonia, NC

Boxes of pharmaceutical products piled up in the garage. We decided to just have a junk removal company haul it all away for us. It amounted to about 4 pick-up truck loads. We hired A-1 Clean-Up & Movers to do it, and they came out fast and hauled away the boxes in a very timely manner. They took care of the job properly and I was very satisfied. I definitely recommend the company for their great service.

Review by J. D. in Morrisville, NC

I needed to clean out a 10 ft by 15 ft storage unit. Haul away cubicle panel walls and office stuff. Probably one pick-up truck load. A-1 Clean Up & Movers came out to clean out the locker and everything went well. I am absolutely satisfied and I would recommend the company.

Review by Allen B. in Monroe, NC

We needed to dispose of a full pickup truck load of metal and fencing. A-1 Clean Up & Movers did a fantastic job of removing it. They did great and didn t go beyond the initial quote that they provided.

Review by Sam B. in Gastonia, NC

Moving to a new house and need some boxes hauled. Filled up a medium sized truck that was larger than a pickup truck, smaller than a standard big truck. A-1 Cleanup & Movers were good overall. They were very professional to deal with. The service was excellent. I highly recommend them.

Review by Ganesh in Fort Mill, SC

I needed to have a 3-seater couch hauled away. My apartment was on the second floor, so they needed to move the couch down some stairs. A-1 Clean Up & Movers came on time, and did the job pretty quickly; they arrived, took the couch out, gave me the receipt for my payment, and left. They were very good to work with.

Review by Ed M. in Indian Trail, NC

I needed to get rid of a TV and some tree branches. A-1 Clean Up & Movers did a good job. They came, picked the items up, everything went well. I was satisfied with their service.

Review by Brandon P. in Concord, NC

I needed a 10 x 30 ft storage unit, a couple of desks, filing cabinets, a computer monitor, and some miscellaneous items hauled out of here. A-1 Clean Up & Movers came the next day and everything went well. They were reasonably priced, so I would use them again and would recommend them as well.

Review by Chris T. in Dallas, NC

I needed two bedrooms to be cleared out. The guys from A-1 were very quick and professional. They did an excellent job.

Review by Christopher S. in Charlotte, NC

We cleaned out our garage and needed to get rid of some cardboard boxes and wood. A-1 Clean Up & Movers were great. They showed up right on schedule, did the job, and cleaned up afterwards.

Review by Tanisha J. in Charlotte, NC

I needed some boxes and an old counter disposed of. We called the guys from A-1 and they came the very next day. They were prompt, polite, and they removed and did everything we asked them to. Their services are reasonably priced and I would recommend them to others.

Review by Sara F. in Charlotte, NC

I needed a mattress and some boxes removed from my home. The A-1 guys did the job they were asked to without any problems.

Review by Sherry M. in Matthews, NC

I moved back into my house after being away for 4 and a half years because of a divorce proceeding with my husband. He left a lot of junk in the basement and didn t have the manpower to haul it off, so I hired A-1 Clean Up & Movers to help me. On the day of the clean out, they were on time and very polite. They took all the things I wanted them to take. I was satisfied with what they have done so I paid them $125 and that was it.

Review by Chris T. in Charlotte, NC

I had misc household items to be hauled off from the garage. We had used A-1 Clean Up and Movers before and decided to hire them again because they were awesome and very detail orientated. They were here as scheduled and picked up everything, leaving the site nice and clean. I am very impressed with those guys over A-1. Two thumbs up for A-1.

Review by Name withheld in Charlotte, NC

We did some remodeling in our living room and I had an old couch and some trash to be removed. A-1 Clean Up guys were very friendly and fast. They explained what they will do and gave a reasonable price for the removal. They were just late a few minutes but they did a great job.

Review by Paul W. in Charlotte, NC

I was finally getting around to cleaning up the clutter around my apartment and have some pretty serious disability issues that prevent me from doing it on my own. So, I hired A-1 Clean Up & Movers, Inc company to come in and assist me. They had three guys come and it took them about half a day. It was such a relieve to have it done. They were such a friendly group of guys. I would definitely say to use them for your clean up.

Review by Name Withheld in Charlotte, NC

I hired A-1 to remove a king sized bed and 2 box springs. I was able to get a scheduled pick-up right-away. A-1 Movers showed up on time and picked up the junk. They were really fast and very friendly.

Review by Maureen in Davidson, NC

I moved out and had some boxes that needed to be removed. A-1 was professional and showed up promptly. They were very careful on my stuff, and service was good. I would highly recommend A-1 Clean Up and Movers.

Review by Blu B. in Charlotte, NC

I had some scrap wood that needed to be removed from my warehouse. A-1 showed up on schedule and picked up the debris, and they even took some other leftover stuff for me. They did a great job.

Review by Walter H. in Dallas, NC

I needed a dumpster to get rid of a carport full of furniture. I was very pleased with everything, the delivery and pickup was on time and the staff was great.

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