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A1 Hauling & Rolloffs is proud to be a family owned and operated trash hauling service. Since 1999, we've provided outstanding customer service in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to thousands of satisfied customers... and we'll work hard to exceed your expectations for timely, affordable service.

We offer two different services: dumpster rental and junk removal.  We have 10, 15, 20, and 30 yard dumpsters for rent, which you load yourself at your own pace. Alternatively, you can save time and effort by hiring us for junk removal. Just point out your junk and our professional staff will load and remove your debris right on the spot.

Payment Terms:

Dumpster Rental Services: 
10 yard dumpsters: 13ft L X 8ft W X 3ft H
15 yard dumpsters: 14ft L X 8ft W X 4ft H
20 yard dumpsters: 16ft L X 8ft W X 5ft H
30 yard dumpsters: 16ft L X 8ft W X 7ft H
Junk Removal Services: 
  • We remove, load, and haul away your junk
  • Construction debris, yard waste, household junk, old appliances, furniture
  • $150 minimum for junk removal service
A1 Hauling & Rolloffs
Reviews for A-1 Hauling & Rolloffs
David J.
Hastings, MN

Company was very easy to work with

I was working on a renovation project and needed a 15 yard dumpster. A1 Hauling & Rolloffs took care of my request and delivered the dumpster that I needed. I had no problems at all working with them. The dumpster came on time and pick-up was on time, too. Overall, I am very happy with their services.
Kimberly F.
Burnsville, MN

Exceptional, friendly, and professional service from A1 Hauling

I contacted A-1 from Texas and arranged a dumpster for Burnsville with Blake. He was professional and helpful. I needed a 30 yard dumpster and was accommodated for it. I contacted Blake on the morning of delivery to confirm all was in order. He let me know that we were all set. The dumpster was dropped off 30 minutes outside of the delivery window - nothing worth freaking out about. The deliveryman was helpful and put it exactly where we requested. We called at 1:00 on a Friday and asked that the dumpster be emptied and returned that day. They arrived at 4:00 and had it back empty by 5:30. We were s5o grateful! I read another review and noticed a complaint of a higher charge. Blake was very clear about the tonage allowed at the rental price and then the additional price per ton. There is also a charge for couches and mattresses imposed by the dump. My guess is the higher price was because of one of the above... I highly recommend this company. They have made an overwhelming project much easier.
Dirk J.
Roseville, MN

Unacceptable and costly dumpster rental service

I ordered the dumpster for a Monday and when it did not arrive (without any notice) I had to call and it was then delivered on Tuesday. I filled it and sent a message through their web site the following Monday morning that it was ready to be picked up. I asked that they email me or call me that they got the message. No reply. I called Monday afternoon and was told it was on the pick up list. Wednesday it was still in my driveway. Thursday, still a dumpster. I leave a message. Friday I call again and am asked if I want to speak to a driver. It has now been a week since the rental was supposed to be over and I still have a dumpster blocking my driveway. Because of this I have had to work around it. So we are now beyond a few days window for pickup mentioned on their FAQ. I wasn’t sure if they were ever going to pick it up. I then noticed that my credit card has been charged $530 for a $349 rental on their web site. Apparently extra service and tax are 50% of the quoted price. I would never rent from this company again.
Sergey K.
New Hope, MN

Satisfying dumpster rental service

I needed a 30 yard dumpster for the construction project I was working on. I got in contact with A-1 Hauling & Rolloffs via a listing website then I received an email saying that A-1 would call me to further finalize my request. However, that call never came so I had to do the follow up myself. After I called them, they did deliver the dumpster I needed with no delays. All is well despite the initial hiccup with the request, and I am satisfied with their service.
Young K.
Plymouth, MN

Personable dumpster rental service

I needed a 20 yard dumpster for some household debris. I received great service from A-1 Hauling and Rolloffs. They provided me with the right sized dumpster on time and the entire interaction went smoothly.
Jennifer S.
Golden Valley, MN

Can't complain about good dumpster services

I needed a 15 yard dumpster for some household debris, and I got in contact with A1 Hauling & Rolloffs. They provided me the dumpster as requested. It was delivered on time and was picked up on schedule as well. I have no complaints at all with their services.
Lyla D.
Mahtomedi, MN

Everything was fine except for a late delivery

We rented a 15 yard dumpster with A1 Hauling & Rolloffs. They did a great job and were very accommodating. Although the delivery of the dumpster was a little late, everything else was OK.
Joshua K.
Cottage Grove, MN

Delivery and pick-up were late and they charged extra

I needed a 10 yard dumpster for a house clean-up in preparation for my wife's graduation. I was planning on removing a bunch of old items that we no longer needed in the house. I called and set up an appointment with A1 Hauling. I have a bunch of issues with them. First, I wanted the dumpster on a specific date, but they brought it a day late, which delayed my preparations. Second, when we were done with it, they came and picked it up late. Third, they didn't charge us what they quoted us. I had to pay an extra $100 for an item that we placed in the bin. I checked their disclaimer, and it's not even there. I tried talking to the manager about it, but no resolution was made. I wasn't happy with their service. I won't be recommending them to anyone.
Jean B.
Plymouth, MN

Very impressed with hardworking and efficient crew

I needed several household items removed, including some old logs, iron posts, a swing set, and a couple of tables. I used A1 Hauling & Rolloffs for the job, and I'm very impressed with the work that they did. It was a pretty hot and humid the day they did the removal, but the guy they sent never stopped until he was done. We highly recommend them to others!
Kathleen L.
Eagan, MN

Delivery and pick-up were timely and as promised

I was cleaning out the house and needed a 15 yard dumpster to collect a bunch of old furniture and trash. A1 Hauling provided me with the one I needed, and they delivered it when they said they would. I have nothing to complain about. I had it for 7 days and didn't have any issues with it. They picked it up in a timely fashion when I was done with it. They did great, and I would use them again.


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