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A1 Hauling & Rolloffs is proud to be a family owned and operated trash hauling service. Since 1999, we've provided outstanding customer service in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to thousands of satisfied customers... and we'll work hard to exceed your expectations for timely, affordable service.

We offer two different services: dumpster rental and junk removal.  We have 10, 15, 20, and 30 yard dumpsters for rent, which you load yourself at your own pace. Alternatively, you can save

A1 Hauling & Rolloffs is proud to be a family owned and operated trash hauling service. Since 1999, we've provided outstanding customer service in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to thousands of satisfied customers... and we'll work hard to exceed your expectations for timely, affordable service.

We offer two different services: dumpster rental and junk removal.  We have 10, 15, 20, and 30 yard dumpsters for rent, which you load yourself at your own pace. Alternatively, you can save time and effort by hiring us for junk removal. Just point out your junk and our professional staff will load and remove your debris right on the spot.

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  • Dumpster Rental
  • Junk Removal
  • 10 Yard Dumpster
  • 15 Yard Dumpster
  • 20 Yard Dumpster
  • 30 Yard Dumpster
  • 40 Yard Dumpster
  • Appliance Removal
  • Basement Cleanout
  • Carpet Removal
  • Commercial Cleanout
  • Concrete Recycling
  • Construction Debris
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Estate Cleanout
  • Furniture Removal
  • Garage Cleanout
  • Hoarding Cleanout
  • Household Junk
  • Light Demolition
  • Mattress Removal
  • Refrigerator Removal
  • Roofing Debris
  • Shingle Recycling
  • Storm Cleanup
  • Temporary Dumpster Rental
  • Trash Removal
  • Yard Waste Removal
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Verified Reviews

A-1 Hauling & RolloffsWrite a Review
Review by Lisa C. in Saint Paul Park, MN

My husband was a hoarder and after he died, I needed to clean out a ton of junk from our home. I rented a 30 yard dumpster from A1 Hauling & Rolloffs for 10 days but they ended up letting me keep it for a month at no extra charge. This was very helpful because I have a disability and move at a slow pace and this allowed me to not have to rush. A1 Hauling & Rolloffs is honest, on time, and have more then fair pricing. I highly recommend using them for any project you need help with removing trash and junk. Thank you A-1 for making my process a simple and pleasurable experience.

Review by Name Withheld in Plymouth, MN

A1 Hauling & Rolloffs offered us a very good price for their dumpsters compared to the other companies I talked to, which is why we went with them. The only issue was that I had a little bit of difficulty communicating with them. Other than that, their service was good.

Review by Name Withheld in Brooklyn Center, MN

I have used A1 Hauling & Rollofs a few times before and have always been satisfied with their services. That s why I decided to use them again and rented out a 10 yard dumpster this time. I have taken out a small fence, a deck, a basketball hoop, a mattress, a television, and some other electronics and all of that went in the dumpster. They delivered it on our agreed day and time and hauled it out when we were done. It was that fast of a transaction. I have no complaints whatsoever. I will definitely use them again when needed.

Review by Name Withheld in Apple Valley, MN

I have never been impressed by any junk haulers until I worked with A1 Hauling. I was in the process of moving out and needed help disposing of 20-25 boxes and some random household stuff. They were unbelievably fast and efficient in clearing all the items that I wanted gone. They do not waste any time in doing their job. I m glad that I stumbled upon them when I checked online. True to their reviews, they are really good at what they do.

Review by Leah L. in Plymouth, MN

I had limited time to empty and prepare my home for sale. I needed a dumpster the next day, and A1 was able to deliver! They brought the dumpster the day of my request. The person I spoke to from the office was helpful, the driver notified me when he was coming, and he used caution when placing the dumpster. It was put exactly where we requested it. When I called to request a few more days, I was met with a great attitude of, Not a problem. We are here to help! I have used this company many times only to have a better experience each time. I will continue to use them and would highly recommend if you are in need.

Review by Joan P. in Andover, MN

A1 Hauling & Rolloffs delivered the 15 yard dumpster we wanted at about 6:15 pm. The poor driver had to install a new alternator that morning, which made him have a very long day. We were very happy he was able to deliver the dumpster that day. We called 2 days later for the dumpster to be picked up. The driver came at 6:00 am the next morning and was so quiet, we couldn t believe it. He was a pro and didn t make a sound. We would call them again in a flash. No wonder they are so busy—they have the best prices of any other place AND they are the most polite people to work with. That is increasingly rare these days, and we really appreciate your hard work and speed of delivery and pickup!

Review by David J. in Hastings, MN

I was working on a renovation project and needed a 15 yard dumpster. A1 Hauling & Rolloffs took care of my request and delivered the dumpster that I needed. I had no problems at all working with them. The dumpster came on time and pick-up was on time, too. Overall, I am very happy with their services.

Review by Kimberly F. in Burnsville, MN

I contacted A-1 from Texas and arranged a dumpster for Burnsville with Blake. He was professional and helpful. I needed a 30 yard dumpster and was accommodated for it. I contacted Blake on the morning of delivery to confirm all was in order. He let me know that we were all set. The dumpster was dropped off 30 minutes outside of the delivery window - nothing worth freaking out about. The deliveryman was helpful and put it exactly where we requested. We called at 1:00 on a Friday and asked that the dumpster be emptied and returned that day. They arrived at 4:00 and had it back empty by 5:30. We were s5o grateful! I read another review and noticed a complaint of a higher charge. Blake was very clear about the tonage allowed at the rental price and then the additional price per ton. There is also a charge for couches and mattresses imposed by the dump. My guess is the higher price was because of one of the above... I highly recommend this company. They have made an overwhelming project much easier.

Review by Dirk J. in Roseville, MN

I ordered the dumpster for a Monday and when it did not arrive (without any notice) I had to call and it was then delivered on Tuesday. I filled it and sent a message through their web site the following Monday morning that it was ready to be picked up. I asked that they email me or call me that they got the message. No reply. I called Monday afternoon and was told it was on the pick up list. Wednesday it was still in my driveway. Thursday, still a dumpster. I leave a message. Friday I call again and am asked if I want to speak to a driver. It has now been a week since the rental was supposed to be over and I still have a dumpster blocking my driveway. Because of this I have had to work around it. So we are now beyond a few days window for pickup mentioned on their FAQ. I wasn’t sure if they were ever going to pick it up. I then noticed that my credit card has been charged $530 for a $349 rental on their web site. Apparently extra service and tax are 50% of the quoted price. I would never rent from this company again.

Review by Sergey K. in New Hope, MN

I needed a 30 yard dumpster for the construction project I was working on. I got in contact with A-1 Hauling & Rolloffs via a listing website then I received an email saying that A-1 would call me to further finalize my request. However, that call never came so I had to do the follow up myself. After I called them, they did deliver the dumpster I needed with no delays. All is well despite the initial hiccup with the request, and I am satisfied with their service.

Review by Young K. in Plymouth, MN

I needed a 20 yard dumpster for some household debris. I received great service from A-1 Hauling and Rolloffs. They provided me with the right sized dumpster on time and the entire interaction went smoothly.

Review by Jennifer S. in Golden Valley, MN

I needed a 15 yard dumpster for some household debris, and I got in contact with A1 Hauling & Rolloffs. They provided me the dumpster as requested. It was delivered on time and was picked up on schedule as well. I have no complaints at all with their services.

Review by Lyla D. in Mahtomedi, MN

We rented a 15 yard dumpster with A1 Hauling & Rolloffs. They did a great job and were very accommodating. Although the delivery of the dumpster was a little late, everything else was OK.

Review by Joshua K. in Cottage Grove, MN

I needed a 10 yard dumpster for a house clean-up in preparation for my wife s graduation. I was planning on removing a bunch of old items that we no longer needed in the house. I called and set up an appointment with A1 Hauling. I have a bunch of issues with them. First, I wanted the dumpster on a specific date, but they brought it a day late, which delayed my preparations. Second, when we were done with it, they came and picked it up late. Third, they didn t charge us what they quoted us. I had to pay an extra $100 for an item that we placed in the bin. I checked their disclaimer, and it s not even there. I tried talking to the manager about it, but no resolution was made. I wasn t happy with their service. I won t be recommending them to anyone.

Review by Jean B. in Plymouth, MN

I needed several household items removed, including some old logs, iron posts, a swing set, and a couple of tables. I used A1 Hauling & Rolloffs for the job, and I m very impressed with the work that they did. It was a pretty hot and humid the day they did the removal, but the guy they sent never stopped until he was done. We highly recommend them to others!

Review by Kathleen L. in Eagan, MN

I was cleaning out the house and needed a 15 yard dumpster to collect a bunch of old furniture and trash. A1 Hauling provided me with the one I needed, and they delivered it when they said they would. I have nothing to complain about. I had it for 7 days and didn t have any issues with it. They picked it up in a timely fashion when I was done with it. They did great, and I would use them again.

Review by Name Withheld in Burnsville, MN

I rented a 20 yard dumpster from A1 Hauling for both a clean-up and renovation project. They were priced a bit high, and it took them one week before they could get us the dumpster. Other than that, they delivered it on time, and I had no other issues with them.

Review by Bob C. in St Michael, MN

I needed a 10 yard dumpster for a renovation project I did. I called A1 Hauling, and they delivered one to me on time with no issues. However, when I called for pick-up, it took them awhile to come pick it up. Overall, they did a good job though.

Review by Jason E. in Maplewood, MN

I got a 15 yard bin for a 7 day rental. I called and scheduled it from A1 Hauling and they dropped off at the right time. They positioned it for easy access, which was nice. They were a great company to deal with during this process.

Review by Sveta M. in Maple Grove, MN

I needed to remove an old mattress, a wooden frame, an old couch, and a television set. A1 Hauling did the job for me. All I can say is that they did a pretty good job. I was satisfied with what they did for me.

Review by Rachel H. in Waconia, MN

I rented a 10 yard dumpster from A1 Hauling & Rolloffs when I needed a dumpster to dispose of junk and trash collected throughout the moving process. They delivered it on time, and I didn’t have any issues with it during the 10 days I had it. I can t complain about good service, and I ll be using them again. I highly recommend them to others.

Review by Rick A. in Coon Rapids, MN

I needed to remove junk from the house, which included some appliances and furniture, like a small love seat, twin mattress, an old washer, some scrap metal, and other household items. A1 Hauling did the removal for me. They arrived on time, and I was very happy with the service they provided. They did a very good job, and I would use them again.

Review by James A. in Arden Hills, MN

I did n home clean-up and needed a 10 yard dumpster to put all the debris that I collected. A-1 Hauling provided me with one. They arrived and dropped it off as scheduled. They set it up for easy access, and I didn t have any issues with it during the 5 days I had it. I called them, and they picked it up immediately. They did a great job, and I would surely recommend them to others.

Review by James M. in St Paul, MN

I needed a 10 yard dumpster for a renovation and house clean up project I did. I had no issues whatsoever with the dumpster and service I received from A1 Hauling & Rolloffs. They did a fine job, and I d use them again if I needed it.

Review by Micah O. in Eagan, MN

A1 Hauling provided me with a 20 yard dumpster, and they did a good job. They delivered it on time and I didn t have any problems with it. I had it full in 2 days, and they picked it up and delivered it back in the same place I had it. I m happy with the service they provided me. I would definitely use them again.

Review by Name Withheld in Minneapolis, MN

I needed to remove a desk, 2 store counters, a platform, a couple of little chairs, and other junk from a storage unit. A1 Hauling did the removal for me. My only issue was that they were expensive, and it cost me a lot. Other than that, I didn t get any complaints from the people at the storage place. They hauled everything and did what they were suppose to do. The service was good.

Review by Dan B. in Ramsey, MN

I called and rented from A1 Hauling. I ended up getting a 10 yarder. They came late, but they made up for it by letting me have it for a couple more days to accommodate my needs. I didn t find any other issues with them. Overall, they did a good job and I would recommend their service.

Review by Leah H. in Cottage Grove, MN

I needed some help with a backyard clean out, taking down a fence and to remove tree branches, grass, leaves etc. A1 Hauling provided me with the service. They were late for the scheduled appointment but they made sure I was notified of the delay. When they got to the house, they went right to work and tore down the fence that I wanted removed. They cleaned up the area nicely, making sure that it was to my liking. Who can complain about a service like that. They did a really good job and I will definitely recommend their service.

Review by Tiffani R. in Isanti, MN

The experience with A1 Hauling was outstanding and I would recommend this company to family and friends. The truck driver who delivered the dumpster was very courteous and professional.

Review by Jen B. in Minneapolis, MN

We needed a 20 yard dumpster for a bathroom and kitchen remodeling project. A1 Hauling was prompt for delivery and brought us the right size dumpster for our project. Good service.

Review by John P. in Brooklyn Park, MN

I was very disappointed with the service I got from A1 Hauling. Their Customer Service was beyond horrible. I spoke to a gentleman on a Monday who told me that they ll be picking up the dumpster in three days. I called Wednesday and spoke to Chelsea, who told me that they ll be picking it up in three days. I was trying to clarify if they ll be picking it up on a Thursday because I ve already spoken to someone. She (Chelsea) was rude and snotty. I won t be recommending them because of bad customer service. The only thing that worked for me is that they had a good price and they delivered on time. And another reason why I m giving them a two and not a 1 or 0 is that the driver who delivered the dumpster was very professional and nice. He worked with me for the placement of the dumpster.

Review by Chris H. in Eden Prairie, MN

I did a house clean-out to and reserved a 20 yard dumpster with A1 Hauling.The only issue I had with them is that the online cost for the dumpster was different from the actual cost that I paid. I d expected it to be a little higher than advertised because of the taxes but wasn t expecting the additional charges close to a hundred dollars. If I knew about the fuel charges, it would have been cheaper to go with a local company.

Review by Jodi H. in Blaine, MN

We were moving and needed a small dumpster to remove the things we did not want to bring to the new house. A1 rented us a 10 yard for 7 days. There were no problems.

Review by John H. in Ham Lake, MN

I m cleaning out my house and needed a dumpster for 7 days or more. A1 Hauling gave me a 30 yard dumpster instead of the 15. They d deliver on time but late when they picked it up. Other than that, they were good and they billed me for a 15 yard roll off rather than bill me for the one they gave me.

Review by Name Withheld in Chanhassen, MN

I needed a 10 yarder to remove some asphalt and broken down concrete from a side walk. Got the dumpster from A1 Hauling. No issues with the delivery. The problem was when they picked it up. When I called them for early pick up and was told that they ll picked it up when they get the chance. They were a week late in picking it up. The community where I had the project asked me not to do work for them because of that issue with the dumpster. I was asked not to comeback and actually lost business from what had happened. On top of that, they charged me for overweight fees. I will never use them again.

Review by name withheld in Maple Grove, MN

I contracted A1 Hauling & Rolloffs for appliance removal. I had no issues with them. It went as well as expected.

Review by Maria C. in White Bear Lake, MN

I needed a 10 yard for a renovation project to remove drywall, wood, broken tiles and other debris. A-1 delivered us the dumpster on time. They picked it up 4 days late and I had to call them numerous times. I was informed of overweight charges, so I didn t fill the dumpster completely. It was only 50% filled and I was still charged the fee.

Review by Debbie K. in St Paul, MN

A1 Hauling rented us a dumpster for a shed cleanout. They were on time when they delivered it. The only issue we had was that they missed a pick-up date when it was supposed to be emptied but after that they followed through by crediting us with the extra time we had the full one. We never had any other issues with them after that during the 14 days we had it.

Review by Robert G. in Bloomington, MN

We got a 10 yard dumpster from A1 Hauling for remodeling debris, including wood, plaster board, carpeting and other construction material. Delivery was prompt, but they didn t pick up when they said. Rental period was for 7 days, and they picked up on the 9th day. They did inform us beforehand that there s a possibility there would be a 1-3 day delay. Other than that, they were very good and everything turned out really well.

Review by Name withheld in Golden Valley, MN

We needed a 10 yard dumpster for wood from our deck, which we demolished. A1 Hauling came on time and picked up after a week. They positioned it up the driveway, were friendly, and we had no problems with them.

Review by Rick L. in East Bethel, MN

We were doing a home clean up and asked A1 Hauling for a 20 yard for general household junk. Everything was fine till pick-up, which was one week later. I had asked them to call me prior to coming over, but they never did. They called me only when they were already in the backyard. This was the second time they ve done that now. They call before delivery, so I don t know why they don t call before pick-up, specially since I specifically request for a call because I want to be there when they get it.

Review by Annette P. in Brooklyn Park, MN

We were remodeling and needed a 20 yard for some siding, windows, and other debris. A1 was prompt when delivering and picking up after 2 weeks. I felt the price was a little high, but it was probably fair. The staff were all very nice.

Review by Rick L. in East Bethel, MN

We were cleaning out my mother s house and had a lot of junk in the basement that we wanted to dispose of. A1 gave me a list of items that were not allowed in the dumpster (appliances, mattresses, etc.) so in the end it was just a whole bunch of paper, magazines, tapes, books, clothes racks, and blocks of wood. They said they were going to call me before they come, which they didn t do. The rental was for 7 days and they came really early for pick up, so I lost a day there. Also, I had asked them for a 20 yard but they sent a 30 yard over, which was 7ft tall instead of just 5ft. This made it harder to get stuff in from the top since we didn t have a step ladder.

Review by Richard O. in White Bear Township, MN

We were cleaning out the house of old construction debris and household junk. A1 came on time with a 10 yard dumpster and picked it up after a week. They were very professional.

Review by Don C. in Oakdale, MN

We had some outside waste to dispose of like old fences, trim, and some old wood and other construction debris. We got a 10 yard from A1 for 5 days and it was great. No damages, no problems.

Review by John N. in Coon Rapids, MN

I asked A-1 for a 10 yard dumpster for some old wood, furniture, and household junk. The driver didn t inform me when he was dropping off and picking up the dumpster. I had just moved out, so I needed to drive by everyday to check, particularly for pick up, since I didn t want anything in there that was maybe put in by the neighbors that I would be charged for. It was a major concern for me, and I had called them a day before my 5-day rental was up, but they didn t come to get it till after another 5 days had passed. I have dealt with dumpsters in the past but have never experienced anything like this.

Review by Robert V. in Eagan, MN

We were moving and had a lot of stuff to get rid of such as clothes, boxes, and miscellaneous household junk. A1 delivered a 20 yard to me and at that time they gave me a whole list of things I wasn t allowed to put in the dumpster, like mattresses and other stuff. I wasn t happy about that since that is exactly why we rented the dumpster in the first place. I wish they would ve been upfront with me about it. Other than that, we had the unit for a week, they came on time, and it was all good.

Review by Ann G. in St Paul, MN

We were doing some renovation and needed a dumpster for sheet rock. We got a 10 yard box from A1. I didn t need it as long as I had scheduled, which was 7 days. We filled it up and called them for pick up the next evening. I have nothing bad to say regarding their service.

Review by Nick B. in Eden Prairie, MN

We tore off a roof and needed a dumpster for shingles. We got a 15 yarder from A1 Hauling and kept it for a week. They came on time and everything was fine.

Review by Brian T. in Hastings, MN

We needed a dumpster to clear our parent s property of household junk. We went with a 30 yd. dumpster from A1 which we kept for 7 days total. They delivered on time and put it in the right spot. They picked it up a day late, though. Apparently, they usually pick up a few days after a contract is up, which I wasn t aware of.

Review by Ronald J. in Nowthen, MN

We went with A1 Hauling because we had a big projection TV and they said they weren t going to charge me for putting that in the dumpster. We got a 10-yard bin. We had to wait till the end of the day for them to deliver the dumpster, and then they came at 6:30 am for the day of the pick-up. We could ve used more time, since we were adding things to the dumpster everyday, but we didn t even get to really use it on both the first and last day of our rental.

Review by Gordon G. in St Paul, MN

Our house was in need of a cleanout, so we obtained a 15 yard dumpster from A1. They were professional and were good communicators -- they always kept me in the mix.

Review by John S. in Eden Prairie, MN

Rented a 15 yd dumpster from A1 for some furniture and other junk. They were fantastic, service was great, everything was perfect, and we were very happy.

Review by Rick E. in Minneapolis, MN

A1 Hauling & Rolloffs dropped off a 20 yard dumpster which we kept for a week. They arrived early and picked it up right when they said they would. Everything was great.

Review by Danny J. in Farmington, MN

We had a 20 yard dumpster from A1 Hauling dropped off at a house we were re-roofing. They delivered right on schedule, which is always a good thing. They put it on the wrong side of the driveway, but they did come back the next day and moved it. I was satisfied.

Review by Don H. in St Paul, MN

We were moving out, so we decided on getting a dumpster to speed up the process. Some furniture, trash, and other miscellaneous junk were tossed. We asked A1 Hauling for a 15 yard dumpster for 7 days. They delivered on time, but pick-up was done two weeks after the due date. Apparently, they messed up their schedule. They need to work on their communication. They had asked me for credit card details, which I gave to them, but they didn t send me any sort of documentation at all; there was no receipt or anything with the details of the project.

Review by Linda B. in Bloomington, MN

We were renovating and moving out so we needed a dumpster for a mix of junk from the house and garage, along with some remodeling debris. We chose a 10 and 15 yard container from A1. The first one was with us for two days, and the bigger one for eight days. I was out of state at that time, but to my knowledge, they were prompt about delivery. They needed an extra day or two for pick-up and that wasn t a problem. They were courteous, and as far as I know. There were no issues at all. They were very responsive and polite too. My only complaint is that I didn t get a bill or receipt in the mail. It s not a huge thing; that s what credit card bills are for, but it still would ve been nice.

Review by Karen H. in Crystal, MN

I rented a dumpster for a home clean out. We got it from A1, and we haven t had any problems with them. I still have the unit with me. They came on time, communication was okay. No issues at all.

Review by Sai Y. in St Paul, MN

We just bought a property and the previous owner left a lot of junk - some old furniture, wood pallets, and other miscellaneous junk. A dumpster was the answer to that problem. We went with A1 Hauling and got a 10 yard container from them. We still have it in the backyard. We re keeping it for seven days, so they re picking it up on Wednesday. So far, everything s good.

Review by Paula P. in Hudson, WI

There was some old furniture and household junk to get rid of as part of a move. We had everything out in the garage, but they wouldn t fit in a garbage bin or roll-off, so we hired A1 to haul away the items for us. They did everything we asked and they were awesome. It was raining that day, so they were late because of traffic, but that was okay. Other than that, they were fantastic.

Review by Eric M. in Forest Lake, MN

I had some garage shop junk to offload, like some wood debris, metal, plastic scrap, and a bit of household junk. A1 Hauling was prompt in getting the 10 yard dumpster out there. They were supposed to pick it up after 3 days, but they turned up a week later instead. Also, they called me 3 weeks after that to tell me I was overweight, and charged me $12.75 more. I asked for a receipt to be sent to me via email, but it s been over two months and I have yet to receive it.

Review by Jeff T. in Lakeville, MN

A1 Hauling recommended we get a 10-yard dumpster container for our remodeling project, so we went with it. They came on time, and even gave me a 4 hour window for the drop-off. The driver put the container exactly where I wanted it. When I called to have them pick it up, they said the driver would pass by when he was in the area. It took around 4-5 more days before he finally came by, which would probably be an issue for some, but I didn t mind it at all.

Review by Mike F. in Mendota Heights, MN

A 15-yard dumpster was big enough to handle the debris from our most recent construction project. We rented from A1 as we always do. The price is good and we have never had any issues with them.

Review by David N. in Coon Rapids, MN

I needed to haul away a recliner, a couch and a treadmill. The guys from A1 Hauling & Rolloffs were very efficient and hardworking. I m planning to use them again for some other stuff that I m planning to get rid of.

Review by Laura G. in Wyoming, MN

I needed somebody to haul away some junk (lumber, branches, grill, iron railings, brush). A1 Hauling & Rolloffs was wonderful! The men who came here were really nice, efficient and hardworking. I was very happy with the service.

Review by Jeremy N. in Monticello, MN

There was a bunch of garbage in my yard that I wanted to be removed. A1 Hauling & Rolloffs did just fine. They came here on time and they were able to haul away everything that I wanted to get rid of.

Review by Richard D. in Maple Grove, MN

I had a full size bed that I needed to be hauled off. A1 Hauling & Rolloffs came in and picked it up. Nothing notable about it really, but I had no complaints either.

Review by Ken M. in Burnsville, MN

I needed someone to haul away a couple of average size sofas, a big screen TV and couple of boxes of odds and ends. I really liked the service from A1 Hauling & Rolloffs. They were able to finish the job without any incident. Not a single complaint about it.

Review by Todd J. in St Francis, MN

I needed someone to help me haul away a couple of grills and some patio furniture. A1 Hauling & Rolloffs was perfect. They did everything I needed them to do and they did it in no time.

Review by Sherry T. in Medina, MN

We were trying to get rid of a short couch, futon, a couple of mattresses and a la-z boy. We were very happy with A1 Hauling & Rolloffs. They were very professional and considerate of our requests. We would definitely use them again.

Review by Jim in Maple Grove, MN

I needed someone to haul away some doors, a bed and some mattresses. All I can say about A1 Hauling & Rolloffs is that they were good. I had no complaints whatsoever.

Review by Name withheld in Charlotte, NC

We needed to get rid of some yard trash. I called up A1 for a 10-yard dumpster and the person that works there was really great to talk to; she was polite and seemed smart. The price was great. I compared it against 3-4 other contractors and the others were all priced the same. The dumpster arrived on time and picked up on time three days later, just as I expected. There were no problems, I was happy with their service, and I would use them again.

Review by Gary S. in Stillwater, MN

I needed someone to haul away plates, cups, books and a bunch of clothes. I was very satisfied with A1 Hauling & Rolloffs. They were polite and professional. They did a great job.

Review by Name Withheld in Coon Rapids, MN

There were a couple of sofas, boxes and other small pieces of junk. It was a very small job that only took around 15 to 20 minutes to load up. I hired A1 Hauling & Rolloffs to do it and I would say that they did a great job and were very professional. Everything was satisfactory.

Review by Name Withheld in Minneapolis, MN

I had a lot of office and household junk to be removed from my house. A1 was very professional and friendly. They delivered and picked up the dumpster on time. They explained everything regarding the cost and their service.

Review by Kimberly H. in Brooklyn Park, MN

I had some old stuff in my garage and a bunch of trash to be removed. A1 Hauling did it well, and they were very friendly. We were satisfied with their service and I got no complaints about the guys who picked it up.

Review by Bruce W. in Minnetonka, MN

We were selling the property and we had a lot of stuff that we didn t want anymore. We had books, small pieces of old furniture, papers, basically stuff you clutter when you get around the house. A1 Hauling & Rolloffs came promptly and did the work in a fast manner. They were there for probably about 2-3 hours and did everything they were told to do. I think it was a little over priced for what we have done, it was about 10-15% higher than I thought it would be. They did a very good job and they worked well.

Review by Rick D. in Minneapolis, MN

I was clearing out a bunch of old furniture and junk and needed help getting rid of the larger furniture items. I got in touch A1 Hauling & Rolloffs and they came and got it for me. They were on time and did a good job with the pick up, but I thought the cost was through the roof. We did have a full load of stuff, but it wasn t that heavy. I probably would not use them again.

Review by Gretchen P. in Chaska, MN

I had an old TV that had to go. I ve been using A1 since last year and they were really good. They came on time, as always, and got the work done. I am fully satisfied with their service.

Review by Sue M. in Moundsview, MN

I needed a dumpster for household debris. A1 Hauling was on time and they did a good job cleaning the site. They have been very courteous and flexible, letting me keep my dumpsters as long as I need and picking them up whenever I needed. They have even helped me load with no additional charge.

Review by Name Withheld in Forest Lake, MN

I wanted to get rid of some household junk and needed some help from a junk removal provider. A1 hauling did a great job and they did it in a timely manner.

Review by Tim T. in Columbia Heights, MN

A1 Hauling was great. They delivered on time and picked up when I needed them to. We were moving and had a whole lot of stuff we wanted get rid of, and we were able to fill that 20 yard dumpster to the top.

Review by John W. in Hastings, MN

We rent a dumpster every 5 years or so to do a clean-up around the house. I went with a new company this time around because the last time the truck leaked oil all over my driveway. I found A1 Hauling on the internet and was pleased that they could get the dumpster out to me right away and they were nearly $200 dollars cheaper! The driver was very careful and courteous about my property. He protected the driveway with wood boards, which was nice. I would surely use them again.

Review by Patrick R. in Minnetonka, MN

I lost my Mother at the end of last year and finally felt ready to go through her belongings. It was a long process and I m sure glad we had a dumpster onsite. Otherwise we may have saved a lot more than we needed to.

Review by Mike W. in Minneapolis, MN

I got around to cleaning out my garage and knew I wanted a dumpster for the junk I didn t want anymore. I called around and A1 Hauling had the best price so I booked it. The driver was good at his job. He was careful and laid down wood to protect my driveway. I appreciated them going the extra mile.

Review by Olaf B. in Minneapolis, MN

I wanted a jump start on my spring cleaning and had a bunch of stuff piled up in my garage and needed something to put it in. I ordered a dumpster and they showed up on time and were even able to deliver it into a tight spot on my driveway without incident. Same thing on the removal... no problems at all.

Review by Tim D. in Spring Lake Park, MN

I remodeled a small bathroom in our house and had some dry wall and a old tub to get rid of. A1 Hauling was closest to me and had a good price. The dumpster was just the right size, I believe I got the 10 yard dumpster and everything fit.

Review by Joyce S. in Maplewood, MN

My rental experience was terrible. My Mother s house was up for sale and after the estate sale was finished up, we needed a dumpster for the leftover debris. I contacted A1 Hauling and they said they could deliver on a Thursday and pick up on a Friday. I made it clear that we had an open house that weekend and needed the dumpster out of there on time. They reassured me that they would do that, and they didn t. We had to cancel the open house and they could of cared less. When I called, they said they would pick it up on Monday with no consideration for what I was initially told. I would not use them again or recommend them.

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