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Atlas Disposal is an independently owned and operated waste and recycling company. We have been serving residential and commercial customers with local and affordable debris box containers since 1998. We respond quickly to our customer's needs and work hard to maintain complete customer satisfaction.  We provide onsite containers from 10 to 50 yards with 4 or 7 day pricing available.

Atlas Disposal is the clear leader in comprehensive recycling programs for demolition, construction and municipal projects. Atlas is the perfect fit for your recycling, removal and garbage collection needs.

Payment Terms: 
Dumpster Rental Services: 
10 yard dumpsters: 12ft L X 8ft W X 3ft H
20 yard dumpsters: 18ft L X 8ft W X 4.5ft H
30 yard dumpsters: 21ft L X 8ft W X 6ft H
40 yard dumpsters: 22ft L X 8ft W X 6.5ft H
50 yard dumpsters: 22ft L X 8ft W X 8ft H
Verified Reviews
Atlas Disposal
Tim N.
Elk Grove, CA
I went with the 20 yard option for a house cleanout project I was taking on. Atlas Disposal did a fine job. They dropped off the bin the same day I called, and the driver was very friendly. I was very satisfied with the service I got from them.
Charles W.
West Sacramento, CA
We needed a dumpster to get rid of the debris from a backyard renovation project. I ended up calling Atlas and renting a 10 yard roll-off for the job. It was delivered on time and placed where we needed it. They picked it up late because they didn't have any drivers at the time to get the dumpster, but other than that their service was good. I'm satisfied with Atlas Disposal, overall.
Dennis K.
Roseville, CA
I was cleaning up my yard and needed a small roll off for the debris. Atlas Disposal rented us a 10 yard dumpster which was a good size for our project. We really needed the dumpster turned around but they said they couldn't do that. Other than that my experience with them was good.
Kate L.
Elk Grove, CA
I made an appointment with Atlas Disposal for a 20 yard dumpster rental and they delivered one to me. There seems to be a disconnect between the drivers and the office. They did call and inform me that they will be late delivering it but I wasn't expecting it to be half a day late, which they delivered it after 1:30 in the afternoon. They called again and informed me that their office is closed on a sunday and that they'll be picking up the dumpster on Saturday, so I said yes. But I was expecting the pick up to be around 4 or 5 pm so I can finish my project. They came in and picked up the dumpster at 1 in the afternoon, leaving my project unfinished. Good thing a friend of mine had a rental of his own and let me throw the remainder of my items I had from my project on to his dumpster.
Joseph M.
Elk Grove, CA
I needed a 10 yard dumpster to remove some vegetation, some concrete and mostly dirt and soil from a backyard project. Atlas Disposal delivered one on time which they conveniently placed for us to throw away the items. After having it for 5 days, I called them and they picked it up right away. It worked out great for me. I would definitely recommend them to others.
Lupe V.
West Sacramento, CA
I needed a dumpster for a concrete washout from a project I was working on. Atlas Disposal delivered as promised. They were wonderful and their service was great.
Brian W.
Roseville, CA
I am cleaning up my yard and needed a good size dumpster to put all the brush in. Atlas Disposal brought me a 20 yard container. I had it for one weekend, filled it up completely and was picked up on Monday. I was a bit surprised with the actual cost but other than that, their service was good.
Ching V.
Rio Linda, CA
I was redoing my roof so I needed a dumpster for shingles, wood, and other construction debris. Atlas Disposal told me to mark off where I wanted the dumpster to be put, but the guy just left the 20 yard dumpster in my driveway. I called them to come back and move it to the correct spot, and they did. Everything else was okay.
Kaitlyn T.
Elk Grove, CA
We had family moving in to our property so we were cleaning out the house of general household junk and furniture that we no longer needed. Atlas rented us a 30 yard dumpster to remove the debris. They came on time and put it on the driveway, right where we needed it. Rental was for 3 days, but we kept it an extra day as Sundays are free of charge.
Leane E.
Citrus Heights, CA
I was getting ready to sell the house and needed a dumpster for general household junk. I thought I was getting a good deal with Atlas, since I ordered online, but the price was still the usual. Also, the 20 yard dumpster I wanted turned out to be for green waste only. I had some greens as well, but I also had other stuff to put in the dumpster so I ended up having to rent a 25 yard instead. The price was still okay, but it was more than what I wanted to spend. Perhaps they should make it clear on the website that that specific dumpster is for green waste only. I felt it was kind of false advertising, but that's my opinion. The rental was for 3 days, but I got to use it over the weekend at no extra cost since they dropped it off late Friday. One other thing is that it was supposed to go in my driveway, but they ended up putting it across it instead, so some of it was on the grass and it made it a bit more difficult to load since we had to go around it. The people were very pleasant and we ironed out everything in the end, so overall it was a good experience.
Service Area

California Service Area

Citrus Heights
Elk Grove
Fair Oaks
Foothill Farms
Fruitridge Pocket
Gold River
Knights Landing
La Riviera
Lemon Hill
McClellan Park
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North Highlands
Rancho Cordova
Rancho Murieta
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Sacramento County
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West Sacramento
Yolo County

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