Camco Disposal, LLC

Camco Disposal, LLC offers same day service and the lowest prices on residential and commercial dumpster rental. Our roll off containers are perfect for garage and home clean up, eviction, commercial cleanouts, construction, roofing debris and more.

Trust that when you choose Camco Disposal all of your materials will be recycled properly.

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Dumpster Rental Services: 
10 yard dumpsters: 12ft L X 8ft W X 3.5ft H
17 yard dumpsters: 17ft L X 8ft W X 5ft H
21 yard dumpsters: 16ft L X 8ft W X 6ft H
Camco Disposal, LLC
Reviews for Camco Disposal, LLC
Frank D.
Chesapeake, VA

Camco helped in a time crunch

We were faced with a big time crunch trying to clean out our house and prepare to move. Richard at Camco was great; he was able to get us the dumpster right away. I had several interactions with him and he was always very personable and helpful. The driver was very efficient and timely.
Nancy W.
Virginia Beach, VA

The guys at Camco are pros

My name is Nancy Watson, I'm a professional organizer and the president of Harmony At Home organizer. I was hired to take on a job at SPCA here in Virginia Beach. I choose Camco Disposal for my dumpster service. I found them to be professional and committed to good customer care.
Dan F.
Virginia Beach, VA

I'll continue using Camco

When I'm on that side of the water, Camco are my go to guys for dumpsters. What drew me to them in the first place was their website is top notch. I know they are small time, but their website makes them look big time. I'm gonna continue to use them.
Casey D.
Virginia Beach, VA

Had no problems with Camco

I got a divorce and needed to get rid of a lot of stuff before the closing on our house took place. Getting a dumpster seemed like the best solution. The only problem I had was that I wish I would have gotten a bigger dumpster, but I made due. The house sold and I hope to not have to rent a dumpster again. If I do I would go with Camco.
Mark P.
Portsmouth, VA

Happy to get all that stuff cleaned out

We were cleaning out my step-dads house and I had used Camco in the past with good results. I went with them again and it went well. My only issue was I got the wrong size dumpster (my fault). I should have went with the 20 verses the 10. Wow, did he have a lot of stuff!
Christine E.
Providence Forge, VA

It was all good, except for a little scheduling mishap

I'd been wanting an updated kitchen since we moved into our home 5 years ago, and we were finally ready to get it done. It ultimately turned out beautiful. Although, there were certainly obstacles a long the way. When I ordered the dumpster I asked for a specific delivery date due to a crew of guys being at the house to load it, and we didn't get until late in the afternoon. By that time, we had already sent them home. We ended up taking off work to do it ourselves the next day. After that, everything went fine with Camco.
Josh W.
Virginia Beach, VA

Customer service is top notch

Customer service is what matters most to me, and the guy over at Camco is top notch. He calls me back right away and is always able to deliver the dumpster when I need it. I have used them a few times over the last few years and will again if needed.
Danny G.
Suffolk, VA

Simple rental process at Camco

My renters moved out and left a bunch of stuff in the shed behind my house, and I discovered old termite infested lumber. At that point, I knew everything had to go including the shed. Camco had a simple process as far as renting and delivery of the dumpster. I just put a flag where I wanted it placed and it was there when I arrived.


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