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Go Pro Waste knows what it means to provide "old fashioned service". Our focus has always been to provide reliable and dependable service that meets the needs of our diverse range of customers. We keep our prices competitive by putting quality and customer service first. Our service is consistently efficient and prompt day in and day out.

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Dumpster Rental Services: 
12 Yard Dumpsters - 14 ft L x 8 ft W x 3 ft H
15 Yard Dumpsters - 16 ft L x 8 ft W x 3 ft H
20 Yard Dumpsters - 16 ft L x 8 ft W x 5 ft H
30 Yard Dumpsters - 22 ft L x 8 ft W x 5 ft H
Additional Services: 
  • Portable toilets
  • Demolition
Go Pro Waste Services
Reviews for Go Pro Waste Services
Scott G.
Wayne, NJ

Go Pro Waste Services provides excellent dumpster rental service

I was in the process of selling a building and moving out of it so I needed a 30 yard dumpster for all the junk I no longer need. I got the dumpster from Go Pro Waste Services and those guys were just perfect. The dumpster was dropped off where I needed it to be. It came on time and when I called them for the pick up they came right away. I received absolutely great service from this contractor, and I'll definitely use them again.
Name Withheld
Clifton, NJ

Go Pro Waste Services clearly follows client instructions

I needed a 15 yard dumpster for a demolition job I was working on. I got in contact with Go Pro Waste Services and they delivered the dumpster. The dumpster arrived on time for both the delivery and pick up which I greatly appreciated. They're very easy to work with and made my job easier by placing the dumpster where I needed it to be.
Jeffrey H.
Summit, NJ

Go Pro Waste Services perfectly assisted me with my downsizing project

I was downsizing my home and needed a 20 yard dumpster for the debris from the project. Go Pro Waste Services was easy to work with and I got the dumpster from them. I had no problems whatsoever with their service. Everything was on time and their service was great.
Segundo B.
Roselle, NJ

Solid experience from dumpster rental service

My line of work is in renovations, and for a recent project I needed a 30 yard dumpster for the debris. I had a good experience working with Go Pro Waste Services. I did not have any problems working with them, and the entire process went smoothly.
Jerry N.
Montclair, NJ

Review: Jerry Nieb for Go Pro Waste Services, Inc - Current - Belleville - NJ

I was looking for a dumpster for concrete and I called 7 other places. No one had a competitive or even close price. I was able to fill up a 15 yard dumpster and was charged no extra overages like I have in the past. I will go to Go Pro Waste every time from now on. The price and service was simply the best around.
Name Withheld
Chatham, NJ

Excellent service

I called Go Pro for a large dumpster. They delivered on time, came and picked it up after I called them. Excellent service!
Rahjan W.
Newark, NJ

Go Pro did an awesome job

I needed a container for some yard debris such as dirt, branches, shrubs, etc. Go Pro Waste rented out a 12 yard to me for 4 days. The price they quoted was the same price stated on the website, plus taxes. They were absolutely prompt; delivery was even a day early, and pick up was right on time. They did an awesome job.
Marcos L.
Basking Ridge, NJ

Small hiccup, but I'd use Go Pro again

I had wood and drywall to dispose of from a house remodeling project and needed a dumpster. Go Pro Waste Services responded to my call right away and was very nice and professional. The delivery time was also good. The one issue we encountered was with pick-up. We completed our job early on Friday at which time my customer wanted the dumpster out of her driveway as soon as possible. When I called Go Pro to have it picked up, I was told it wouldn't be picked up until Monday. Unfortunately, it didn't get picked up until late on Tuesday. I would still use them again.
Luis M.
Madison, NJ

I'll use them again if need be

I'm a local electrician and don't usually need to rent dumpsters in my line of work but this particular job was different. We needed to tear out a lot of drywall and lumber to gain access to the wiring. The whole house needed to be rewired and it was a big house. If I need a dumpster company again, I would go with Go Pro Waste.

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