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We are the junk people! We provide low cost residential and commercial junk, trash and rubbish removal services. We are similar to a dumpster rental service in terms of what we can dispose of, however we offer much more value! We are less expensive and more convenient than renting a trash container. With JUNK RATS you do not have to pay for pick up and drop off fees, no cost of disposal and add in

We are the junk people! We provide low cost residential and commercial junk, trash and rubbish removal services. We are similar to a dumpster rental service in terms of what we can dispose of, however we offer much more value! We are less expensive and more convenient than renting a trash container. With JUNK RATS you do not have to pay for pick up and drop off fees, no cost of disposal and add in the convenience that we do all the lifting and loading ourselves. The size or location of the item does not matter. You just point the items out to our crew, and sit back and relax. 

We guarantee we have the lowest price in the market. We send two people with a truck (if the job is too big, we send more people). There are never any hidden fees and all labor is included. No matter where your junk is, basement, first floor, second floor or back yard, we take it all. We do not charge by the house, whatever time it takes to do the job, it is on us. We do not charge by the weight, dumping fees are included.

We take care of the environment and ensure that your junk gets recycled, donated, or disposed of responsibly whenever possible. We also offer a partner company for professional house cleaning services upon request.

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  • Junk Removal
  • Appliance Removal
  • Basement Cleanout
  • Carpet Removal
  • Commercial Cleanout
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Estate Cleanout
  • Furniture Removal
  • Garage Cleanout
  • Hoarding Cleanout
  • Light Demolition
  • Mattress Removal
  • Refrigerator Removal
  • Storm Cleanup
  • Trash Removal
  • Yard Waste Removal
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Verified Reviews

1 844 JUNK-RATSWrite a Review
Review by Frank S. in Woodbridge, NJ

We were cleaning out a house to get it ready for sale and needed help getting rid of a lot of heavy, difficult-to-remove items, like a 50-year-old pool table and dressers and beds on the second floor. We received an estimate on what could be moved in a full truckload, and within two days, two guys showed up immediately went to work. Everything went just as they said it would—they were able to remove all of our items, as well as some boxes and bags of garbage. It was a VERY hot and humid day, so I made sure to have plenty of cold bottled water on hand, which they greatly appreciated. They did everything to my satisfaction. The pool table was a real job as it had to be taken apart and broken into sections, and they did that very well. They cleaned up all the debris from that job, making sure to load the truck in the best possible way to ensure they could fit the maximum amount of stuff. We packed that brand new truck FULL. Those guys worked so hard! I would highly recommend them. Originally, I was going to get a dumpster from a friend who could get a great price and hire some people to do the lugging, but this beat that by a million miles.

Review by George G. in Elizabeth, NJ

I have used them three different times. The first job was an attic and they did an excellent job removing everything and cleaning up afterwards. The second time was a garage, and he did a phenomenal job cleaning it out. The last project was a basement and everything went according to plan. I would use them again and recommend them very highly.

Review by John S. in Blairstown, NJ

I needed to clean out my garage and basement and to remove junk that I no longer needed. Junk Rats provided me with the service. The only issue I had with them was that they were a bit expensive. For the amount of stuff that was taken from the house, I thought they were a little pricey. However, it doesn’t take away the fact that these guys were great. I would still use their service.

Review by Brian P. in Long Valley, NJ

I needed to remove some old furniture that was broken, a small exercise machine, a few pieces of lumber, and other junk. I have nothing bad to say about Junk Rats or what they did for me. They arrived on time and hauled away the items that were piled in my garage. They made sure that the area was clean before leaving. They did a great job, and I would recommend them to others.

Review by Tawona T. in Old Bridge, NJ

I needed to remove some furniture and some old toys from the backyard. I called 1-800-JUNK-R-US, and they did the removal for me. I don t have anything bad to say about them. They arrived on time and hauled everything that I wanted gone from the backyard. The service was good, and I would definitely use them again.

Review by Melissa K. in Cranford, NJ

I needed to remove an old 32 inch television from the house. I called 1-800-JUNK-R-US, and they came just as they say they would. They had to come in the house and get the TV, but they were very careful not to track dirt or damage anything on the way out. Everything about their service was fine and I would use them again if I need it.

Review by Jennifer P. in Iselin, NJ

I needed to clean out and remove junk from my basement, attic, and yard. I called 1-800-Junk-R-Us and scheduled for them to come to the house. They came promptly and got right to work. They cleaned and hauled out everything that I needed removed and made sure that every area was clean before leaving. Everything about their service was great, and I would definitely use them again.

Review by Steve M. in Montgomery, NJ

I needed a 5-piece sectional couch removed from my house, so I called 1-800-Junk-R-Us and they did the removal for me. They came to the house on time and hauled away everything that I asked. They were quick and efficient, and I would definitely use their service again.

Review by Gene G. in Manalapan, NJ

I called 1-800-Junk-R-Us to remove some furniture from the house. They arrived on time and took the items, which I had waiting for them at curbside. Everything went fine and I would use their service again if I need it. Nice work!

Review by Richard B. in Freehold, NJ

I called 1-800-Junk-R-US to remove some furniture and other junk. The two guys that came did a wonderful job. They were very fast and very efficient. They did everything I asked, and I would definitely hire those same guys if I ever needed anything removed. Those guys were excellent.

Review by John C. in Union, NJ

I needed to remove and haul away wood that I had from an old shed that I tore down. I had 1-800-Junk-R-Us handle the cleanup. Everything went well. They came on time and took the debris from my property. I don t have any complaint about their service. I would absolutely use them again if I needed it. They did a really good job.

Review by Name Withheld in Hoboken, NJ

I needed some stuff and trash removed from the house and I decided to go with 1-800-Junk-R-Us. It was only a one time thing and it was a good experience.

Review by Name Withheld in Lebanon, NJ

I cleaned out our garage and needed to remove the items and haul away the trash. 1-800-Junk-R-Us did the job for us. We had the stuff at curbside and they came on time and picked it up. I was satisfied with their service.

Review by Leo D. in Englishtown, NJ

I did a townhouse remodeling project and needed to remove the resulting debris. 1-800-Junk-R-Us was called up and hired for the job. They gave me a reasonable quote after I gave them the complete description of what I wanted removed. They came on time and took everything and cleaned up after. I was surprised to find out that the actual cost was almost twice the amount they quoted me. I m a bit disappointed but they still do a good service. If they improve on a more accurate quotations I will consider them again for future projects.

Review by Tiruyyelli F. in Plainsboro, NJ

I needed for a 48-inch TV removed from my house so I decided to have 1-800-Junk-R-Us do it for us. They came promptly to the house and got right on it. They did a good job for a reasonable price.

Review by Mart H. in Hackettstown, NJ

Called up 1-800-Junk-R-US to remove some household junk and furniture. They were on time and got right to work. They did what they were supposed to do and hauled what was needed remove. They made sure that they tidied up before they leave. I found their pricing to be reasonable, as well.

Review by Name Withheld in Old Bridge, NJ

I had 1-800-Junk-R-Us remove some furniture and other household junk taking up space in the house. They arrived at the appointed date and time and got right to work. They came in the house and took the items out to their truck. Before they left, they made sure that no items were left behind and that they didn t leave a mess. Everything went well because they were good at what they do.

Review by Frank C. in Irvington, NJ

I needed to remove one TV, a boiler top, a bed and some other junk, so I hired 1-800-Junk-R-Us. Everything went OK. They showed up and removed everything that we needed hauled away without any problems. I will definitely use their service again if needed.

Review by Gail R. in Long Valley, NJ

I needed to remove a large sleeper sofa, a twin mattress, a dresser, a desk, a gas grill and some other household junk. 1-800-Junk-R-Us came and did the job for me. Service went very well. They were efficient and very professional when they went inside to get the items. I also consider their price reasonable for the number of items I had removed.

Review by Samir T. in Parlin, NJ

I did a renovation project at the house and needed to remove old carpeting and cut-up wood.I called up 1-800-Junk-R-US and they came and did the job for us. I had the debris by the garage, they came in on time and picked up the items that needed to be removed. I m a little bit disappointed about the pricing. I was expecting it to be what they quoted me which was for a much lower price. But I ended up paying a little bit more. Other than that, their service was fine.

Review by name withheld in Wantage, NJ

1-800 Junk R Us did the furniture removal at our home. It was a truckload of household junk. It took them just one trip to haul away all of it. I am satisfied.

Review by Name Withheld in Piscataway, NJ

I had garbage filed out of the house and needed for it to be removed. It was mainly small household items, bags of clothing and other junk. I called 1-800-Junk-R-US and they did the removal for me. They gave me a quote, which was almost 50 dollars cheaper than the other companies around the area. The removal process went perfectly, and they did a really good job for me.

Review by Jane W. in Cranbury, NJ

1-800-Junk-R-Us did a nice job for us. They came on time and got the items inside the house -- old furniture, TV, water softener, etc. I was very happy with them. They did a really good job.

Review by Name Withheld in Lakewood, NJ

I went with 1-800-Junk-R-Us to haul away some furniture and dining room set for us. I thought they were a bit pricey for the service, but they arrived on time and got right to work. So, I m happy with the service overall. I ll use them again when needed.

Review by Kathy H. in Plainfield, NJ

I called 1-800-Junk-R-Us to remove a heavy wooden desk from the house. They came as scheduled and looked at the item. It was too big, so they had to cut it up into pieces so it would fit in the truck. They did it efficiently and cleaned up after they were done removing it. I was happy with how it all turned out. I recommend their service.

Review by Mike M. in Freehold, NJ

I was cleaning out my garage and needed to remove some old furniture, such as an old bed, mattresses and other miscellaneous junk. I negotiated a good price for the removal from 1-800-Junk-R-Us, and they showed up on the removal date. They cleaned up everything I wanted removed. They were easy to deal with, and they definitely did a very good job. I will absolutely use their service again.

Review by Irene L in Edison, NJ

I am getting rid of a fridge from a storage unit. The guys were very nice and friendly! They did a great job.

Review by Cheryl P in Linden, NJ

I am moving out of my apartment. I need to have a sofa, small round kitchen table with 2 chairs and a bed removed from my apartment as soon as possible. Having someone pick up the junk for you is quite convenient. I really liked 1800 Junk s attitude and their customer service. I will be redoing my backyard soon and will call them again.

Review by MH in Avenel, NJ

We live in a trailer park and had to get rid of just two pieces of furniture. I m so delighted I called the right people. They did the job very quickly. Thank you, Mark!

Review by Sharon A. in Sparta, NJ

We had a bedroom set, dresser, and a mirror junked away. We contacted many different companies and gladly went with this one in the end. They did a fantastic job.

Review by Kamirah K in Hillside, NJ

I needed some things recycled as I have yet to set up my plan with the City. I called 1 800 JunkRUs to do the job. They are very dedicated professionals and are wonderful to work with.

Review by Patti H in Chatham, NJ

I need an old sofa removed from my mother s house so I called Junk R US. My mother went away on vacation and we decided to give her home a little make over while she away. She loved the change! They did the job quickly which was great.

Review by Carol G. in Ringwood, NJ

We had some renovation debris, mostly sheetrock, all piled up in a corner ready to be picked up. It took them no more than a few minutes to get all cleaned up and hauled away. Excellent service!

Review by KP in Linden, NJ

We just did paving so, we had some dirt and concrete scraps to be taken out. The driveway was wide enough for their truck to take the trash out. They did break our pavement but it wasn t their fault at all. They did a wonderful job and were very respectable people. We are very satisfied with their work overall.

Review by S. L. in Manalapan, NJ

I had broken up tiles, laminate wood flooring and 25 trash bags piled up in the garage to be taken away. I was very happy with the service. The 1 800 Junk-r-us guys were very professional, and had no problems. I would use them again if I have to.

Review by Yagi N. in Fanwood, NJ

We had a 40-inch TV (old, bulky style) and coffee table taken away from the living room, and the junk guy had to go down 10 steps to get it out of our multi-level house. I was satisfied with the service, but the guy that came out was not capable or strong enough to haul the big TV set down 10 stairs and I had to give him a hand. It would be much better if they will come out with some extra personnel next time to better handle huge stuff.

Review by Jennifer H. in South Orange, NJ

I needed to get rid of an old TV. 1 800 JUNK-R-US was just fine. They came on time and took the TV. I was even able to throw in some other stuffs in the haul. And they also charged reasonably.

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