Moody's Hauling & Cleanup

Moody's is your local junk removal service specializing in residential junk hauling and light moving services. We love providing personalized service to each and every customer we encounter. We make sure the customer is completely satisfied with our work; that's when, and only when, the job is complete.

We recycle and/or donate about 70% of the junk we haul, helping to keep landfill waste at a minimum. Give us a call next time you need your garage, basement or even the entire home cleaned out. We'll also handle yard waste, construction/demolition debris and much more.

Payment Terms:

Junk Removal Services: 
  • Household items and debris
  • Construction/Demolition debris
  • Light moving
  • Remodeling/Renovation debris
  • $50 minimum for junk removal (price based on volume of junk)
Additional Services: 
  • Deliveries
Moody's Hauling and Cleanup
Reviews for Moody's Hauling & Cleanup
Bradley K.
Omaha, NE

Superior junk removal service


I have returned to my home in Iowa after an interminably long 4 days, the length and difficulty of which were made almost pleasant by Mr. Moody and his workers. I came to Omaha with my family on Sunday afternoon, placed a call through HomeAdvisor on Monday, and by Tuesday just after noon, a large outdoor shed, a privacy fence, an ancient console tv, a beast of a hide-a-bed and assorted other furnishing were not simply demolished and/or removed, but hauled away with no remnant in the yard or driveway to indicate Mr. Moody and his folks had been there. There were additional "haul outs" after the initial estimate had been made which were cheerfully taken care of in haste. When I came to Omaha to do this work for my mom after my father's death, I thought it would take most of the summer to clean out the house and clean up the yard. Mr. Moody, his wife and his nephew and the other workers made it seem nearly effortless. In half a day, it was finished! Family friendly and caring, these folks were, simply, the best.

Joe M.
Omaha, NE

Responsive and convenient debris removal


I had about half of a one-car garage filled with construction material from a couple different jobs. I hired Moody's Hauling to do the service for me. They were very nice and responsive. They arrived on time, backed their truck up my driveway near the garage, and hauled away everything that I wanted removed. The price was nice and fair, and I would use their service again.

Bellevue, NE

Quick and careful to remove large TV credenza


I needed a very heavy and very large television credenza removed from the house. I called Moody's and scheduled a pick-up. I was expecting at least two guys to do the removal, but I was surprised to see just one guy. He looked at the credenza, went out and got his dolly, and strapped the item to it. He maneuvered it very well and with little effort. He was very careful not to damage anything on the way out. He did a superb job. I would definitely use them again—I give them 10 stars.

Name Withheld
Council Bluffs, IA

they did a fantastic job


We went with Moody's Hauling for the job, which involved removing a desk and some other junk. All I can say is that they did a fantastic job. They came inside the house and got right to work. They took everything I wanted removed and cleaned up after themselves. They did a really good job.

Sharon T.
Millard, NE

They tidied up before leaving


I needed a few items removed from the house like an old TV and a bunch of little miscellaneous items that are in boxes.
Moody's Hauling did the junk removal. They didn't track dirt in the house and they actually tidied up before leaving. I don't have any complaints. I'll call them again if I need their service. They did an excellent job.

Mary W.
Omaha, NE

They removed everything in a timely manner


I needed to remove a medium size freezer, 2 wooden chairs, an ottoman and a few items that were in the backyard. I had Moody's Hauling do the job for me. They removed everything in a timely manner. We ended up paying a bit more because of the amount of stuff, but it was reasonable. They did a really good job and I was very satisfied with it.

Dan P.
Scottsbluff, NE

They were prompt with the removal


I need these items taken away from the side of my garage: 2 recliners, 1 locker, miscellaneous boards and junk.
Moody's Hauling came and got the items for me. They were prompt in removing the stuff from the side of the garage. I even added a few things to the pile. It worked out well.

Irene M.
Co Bluffs, IA

They removed the items in one trip


I am cleaning out the house and I wanted a big cabinet TV and a dresser removed. Moody's came and picked up the items. They did the removal in one trip.

Name Withheld
Omaha, NE

Quick haul, friendly service


I needed a bunch of appliances removed like a plasma TV, couch, bbq grill, washer and a dryer from the garage. They did a quick haul and were very friendly.

Nathan L.
Bellevue, NE

They removed everything quickly and on time


I had a washer, dryer, and a 40-inch TV to throw out. The guy from Moody's had two different numbers, so there was a bit of confusion there. But he answers both so it was no big deal. He came on time and removed everything quickly.



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