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Moody's is your local junk removal service specializing in residential and commercial junk hauling and light moving services. We love providing personalized service to each and every customer we encounter. We make sure the customer is completely satisfied with our work; that's when, and only when, the job is complete. We recycle and/or donate about 70% of the junk we haul, helping to keep landfill waste at a minimum. Give us a call next time you need your garage, basement or even the entire home cleaned out. We'll also handle yard waste, construction/demolition debris and much more.


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Verified Reviews

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Review by Deb S. in Council Bluffs, IA

We hired Moody s Hauling & Cleanup to come to our work to remove damaged furniture. They were so polite, punctual, provided excellent customer service and a great price for the services provided. This is the second time we have used them and would recommend this company to anyone!

Review by Kat W. in Omaha, NE

I had a dirty storage unit with junk that needed to be disposed of. Moody s was available right after I called them which was wonderful. Besides junk, there were a lot of mouse droppings and heavy items as well. Moody s was able to get all of the junk removed along with clearing out all of the gross dirt and droppings.

Review by Jennifer C. in La Vista, NE

I m moving out-of-state and needed to get rid of some furniture. Moody s Hauling & Cleanup was the perfect company to fit my needs. I had a small drop leaf table, 4 chairs, 2 mattress sets, an L shaped couch, and a large ottoman as well as a few smaller miscellaneous items. Jim and crew arrived on time. They were polite, efficient, and careful. They had everything loaded quickly, and there were no bumps or scratches and no mess left behind. I asked if he would take two more items than requested under the original quote/estimate, and they took it no problem without charging me more than the initial price range. I highly recommend Jim Moody.

Review by Jared F. in Lincoln, NE

We had a renter leave town and they left all of their junk in their space. Moody s helped us by removing it all for us with their truck. They took care of everything. Jim and their team did a fantastic job getting everything taken care of for us. They charged us what they bid, and they were there a few minutes earlier than expected. They got the work done very quickly—highly recommend!

Review by James F. in Fremont, NE

I called Moody’s Hauling to clean up my basement. They removed two old, heavy pieces of exercise equipment along with 40 years of accumulating junk. Moody’s did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend them.

Review by John M. in Omaha, NE

Jim from Moody s Hauling & Cleanup is always quick to respond, but this last time, they were amazing. He and team always do an awesome job. I couldn t be more satisfied and will always call Jim.

Review by Nancy R. in Bellevue, NE

Moody s Hauling & Cleanup went above & beyond to clean up 40 years of junk in my basement. James showed up on time and cleaned it to perfection. He had a big job of removing an old heavy metal desk that had to be dismantled. I would hire them again & again! A big shout out to James, Sally, Calvin, and DJ. They did an awesome job.

Review by Debbie H. in Omaha, NE

I had an old queen mattress that needed to be hauled away. I called a couple of junk removal services but Moody s was, by far, the most reasonable and accommodating. Calvin was great about letting me know when he would arrive. He was also very courteous and helpful. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

Review by John C. in Omaha, NE

I needed a mattress and box spring removed from my spare bedroom. After calling Moody s to inquire about their services, they got back to me within an hour and made an appointment to remove my unwanted materials. Calvin, a friendly staff member, arrived right on time and was very courteous. I will definitely call on Moody s in the future and will be sure to ask for Calvin. He was a delight to work with.

Review by Bradley K. in Omaha, NE

I have returned to my home in Iowa after an interminably long 4 days, the length and difficulty of which were made almost pleasant by Mr. Moody and his workers. I came to Omaha with my family on Sunday afternoon, placed a call through HomeAdvisor on Monday, and by Tuesday just after noon, a large outdoor shed, a privacy fence, an ancient console tv, a beast of a hide-a-bed and assorted other furnishing were not simply demolished and/or removed, but hauled away with no remnant in the yard or driveway to indicate Mr. Moody and his folks had been there. There were additional haul outs after the initial estimate had been made which were cheerfully taken care of in haste. When I came to Omaha to do this work for my mom after my father s death, I thought it would take most of the summer to clean out the house and clean up the yard. Mr. Moody, his wife and his nephew and the other workers made it seem nearly effortless. In half a day, it was finished! Family friendly and caring, these folks were, simply, the best.

Review by Joe M. in Omaha, NE

I had about half of a one-car garage filled with construction material from a couple different jobs. I hired Moody s Hauling to do the service for me. They were very nice and responsive. They arrived on time, backed their truck up my driveway near the garage, and hauled away everything that I wanted removed. The price was nice and fair, and I would use their service again.

Review by H.B. in Bellevue, NE

I needed a very heavy and very large television credenza removed from the house. I called Moody s and scheduled a pick-up. I was expecting at least two guys to do the removal, but I was surprised to see just one guy. He looked at the credenza, went out and got his dolly, and strapped the item to it. He maneuvered it very well and with little effort. He was very careful not to damage anything on the way out. He did a superb job. I would definitely use them again—I give them 10 stars.

Review by Name Withheld in Council Bluffs, IA

We went with Moody s Hauling for the job, which involved removing a desk and some other junk. All I can say is that they did a fantastic job. They came inside the house and got right to work. They took everything I wanted removed and cleaned up after themselves. They did a really good job.

Review by Sharon T. in Millard, NE

I needed a few items removed from the house like an old TV and a bunch of little miscellaneous items that are in boxes. Moody s Hauling did the junk removal. They didn t track dirt in the house and they actually tidied up before leaving. I don t have any complaints. I ll call them again if I need their service. They did an excellent job.

Review by Mary W. in Omaha, NE

I needed to remove a medium size freezer, 2 wooden chairs, an ottoman and a few items that were in the backyard. I had Moody s Hauling do the job for me. They removed everything in a timely manner. We ended up paying a bit more because of the amount of stuff, but it was reasonable. They did a really good job and I was very satisfied with it.

Review by Dan P. in Scottsbluff, NE

I need these items taken away from the side of my garage: 2 recliners, 1 locker, miscellaneous boards and junk. Moody s Hauling came and got the items for me. They were prompt in removing the stuff from the side of the garage. I even added a few things to the pile. It worked out well.

Review by Irene M. in Co Bluffs, IA

I am cleaning out the house and I wanted a big cabinet TV and a dresser removed. Moody s came and picked up the items. They did the removal in one trip.

Review by Name Withheld in Omaha, NE

I needed a bunch of appliances removed like a plasma TV, couch, bbq grill, washer and a dryer from the garage. They did a quick haul and were very friendly.

Review by Nathan L. in Bellevue, NE

I had a washer, dryer, and a 40-inch TV to throw out. The guy from Moody s had two different numbers, so there was a bit of confusion there. But he answers both so it was no big deal. He came on time and removed everything quickly.

Review by Rhonda M. in Omaha, NE

We were cleaning out our house and needed to haul away a queen size mattress, bed, 7 ft ladder, entertainment unit, 2 plastic deck chairs, tires, and small scraps of wood. Moody s Hauling removed the junk and were reasonably priced. They came on time, and were very kind and professional. I couldn t have asked for more.

Review by Laurie M. in Omaha, NE

I had a couch and love seat that I needed to get rid of. I left the items on the driveway and Moody s picked it up the very same day that I called them. The guy I talked to was nice, they were very professional, and they allowed payment via mail. I liked that they were speedy and I would use them again in the future.

Review by Randy B. in Omaha, NE

I was getting some new furniture so I needed to get rid of an old couch, chair, and ottoman. Moody s did a good job. He helped me move the items out and put it in the truck. They also arrived right when they said they would; it s not often that people do exactly what they say, so I appreciated that.

Review by Christy H. in Bellevue, NE

I wanted some branches and a Christmas tree hauled away. Moody s did the job for us. The brush was out in the backyard and they took care of it with no problems.

Review by Name Withheld in Omaha, NE

I had a 4.5 x 3 ft. TV cabinet hauled out by Moody s Hauling. They didn t have any issues getting it out of the house and off to the dump.

Review by Mike R. in Omaha, NE

I was ready to part with a sectional couch, mattress, and some portable basketball hoops taking up space at my home and property. Moody s Hauling was hired for the job, and they did a great. It was moderately hard to haul the items away because they were in the basement and most were quite heavy. The guys did a very professional job; there were no damage to my property, and they swept up afterwards. I was very happy with their service.

Review by Joe L. in Omaha, NE

Moody s did a wonderful job. I recommend them highly, and if I need any hauling done again they are gonna be my first call.

Review by Debbie L. in Ralston, NE

Moody s Hauling did the job and they were excellent. I was mostly construction debris (dirt, bricks, branches, etc.) we needed hauled away. It was a very difficult job, because they had to haul the debris away from the top of a retaining wall. I give them the highest rating there is.

Review by Jim F. in Omaha, NE

Some old chairs, appliances, AC units, wood pieces, and doors needed to be trashed. We hired Moody s and they were absolutely excellent. Everything was in the backyard and they left the place perfectly clean afterwards.

Review by Leroy L. in Malvern, IA

Some stuff in the garage needed to be loaded up and hauled away. It was a pretty simple job since it was easily accesible. It was stuff like a refrigerator, ventilation unit, iron pipe and few other things. I thought Moody s Hauling & Cleanup was fine, and I d recommend their service.

Review by Sasha K. in Omaha, NE

Bunch of trash, regular stuff found in a garage. They loaded them on a standard sized pick up truck. Moody s Hauling & Cleanup was excellent. They were very clean, very personable, on time, worked very fast, all of that good stuff. It would easily be a perfect rating for them. I ll use them again.

Review by Vanessa S. in Omaha, NE

I needed to remove some items in my bedroom, such as a dresser, a mirror, a chair, a couple of tube TV s and an old headboard. Those guys who came over from Moody s Hauling & Cleanup were polite and helpful. They were careful not to hit anything and they also charged a reasonable price.

Review by Danielle P. in Omaha, NE

I needed to haul away a dryer, a dishwasher, an AC, one big dining table and some random trash. I had a pretty good experience with Moody s Hauling & Cleanup. They were nice and courteous, they got the job done and their price was reasonable.

Review by Kate S. in Omaha, NE

I needed to haul away 3 TV s, 1 full size sofa, 3 lawn mowers, some old paint cans and a couple small bikes. Moody s Hauling & Cleanup did a good job. They have been very helpful and took care of our stuff and was very efficient in doing so.

Review by Juanita B. in Salem, NE

I needed someone to haul out a toilet, a sink, carpet, a chair, a table and a bird bank. Moody s Hauling & Cleanup did a great job! They were very friendly and helpful. They didn t scratch anything or anything like that. They were very efficient.

Review by Ted in Omaha, NE

I wanted to get rid of a small freezer and a recliner. I know it was a very simple pick up job but I needed someone who could be able to pick it up on short notice for a reasonable price. Well, I was glad to have called on Moody s Hauling & Cleanup. I was satisfied with their service.

Review by Tom P. in Omaha, NE

I needed to haul away a 7.5 square ft hot tub. I was quite happy with the way things turned out with Moody s Hauling & Cleanup. The guys were professional and they listened to my instructions. I m planning to use them again.

Review by Madeline in Omaha, NE

I would like a pile of construction debris to be hauled off my property. Moody s Hauling & Cleanup were really good! They were very polite and efficient and they did the job in a very professional manner. The whole project went without a hitch and I was very happy with how they handled everything.

Review by Paru C. in Omaha, NE

I needed to haul out a wooden tray, a TV and a table. Moody s Hauling & Cleanup did okay. They were polite, on time and they followed my instructions.

Review by Marcee T. in Bennington, NE

I had a couple of couches and other stuff that needs to be picked up. I don t have much to say about Moody s Hauling & Cleanup except that they provided good service. I was satisfied with them.

Review by Toni in Omaha, NE

I needed someone to haul away a couple dressers plus some patio furniture. Everything was actually out and ready to be picked up so there isn t really much cleaning to be done. The work was fine but my only concern was they weren t able to issue me a receipt when I asked for it. It wasn t that big amount of money, but they should have been ready to give clients the receipt for what they paid for especially when they asked for it.

Review by Larry H. in Omaha, NE

I needed to get rid of some lumber, bricks and other odds and ends. The couple who came by from Moody s Hauling & Cleanup did a good job. They were prompt in coming here, they took everything that I needed to get rid of, they were very professional and they did a very thorough job. I was very pleased with them. In fact, I even recommended them to a couple of friends who needed the service.

Review by Name withheld in Lincoln, NE

I needed some tree branches hauled away and Moody s Hauling & Cleanup did a good job.

Review by Jane S. in Omaha, NE

I needed four bags of yard waste and a big old TV with a cabinet to be hauled away. Moody s Hauling did a fantastic job. The man was there when he said, I sent him the check afterwards, he called to inform me that he got the check; everything was easy.

Review by Sam G. in Omaha, NE

We cut down an old tree and needed to get rid of all the limbs and brush. My boyfriend had the idea to call a dumpster company to come and get it. It turned out to be more than we thought, it was about a full truck bed full. Moody s Hauling and cleanup came and got it for us and they did well. Their communication is what stands out the most. They called to let us know when to expect them and we thought that was considerate considering they gave us a three hour window. We would use them again. Good guys for a decent price.

Review by Jean A. in Omaha, NE

We needed a basketball hoop with a stand to be hauled away. Moody s Hauling & Cleanup came the day after my call, took the basketball hoop apart, removed it, invoiced me, and left. They were super nice, and even gave me a follow-up call. They were great.

Review by Jan H. in Omaha, NE

He did an excellent job. He called and came when he said. He was professional.

Review by Shawn C. in Bellevue, NE

We re moving and need to haul away bundles of stuff: old furniture, trash and pretty much everything that you could imagine that s inside a house. Moody s Hauling and Cleanup helped us haul those things away. They were quick to come out and very responsive on the phone. We didn t have to do anything because they took care of everything and that was very handy. I highly recommend their services.

Review by Name withheld in Omaha, NE

We needed our broken TV hauled off. I contacted Moody s Hauling to get a quote for the removal and it was cheap. They gave me a callback the day after I called to schedule the service. They are very professional, very friendly and provide excellent customer service.

Review by Richard S. in Gretna, NE

Needed to haul furniture from the basement, 3 sofas and love seat, one bed and other small junk. Jim of Moody s Hauling hauled those things away himself. He is a really nice, personable guy. Everything went really great. I highly recommend his company.

Review by Anna E. in Benson, NE

We had a bunch of stuff in the garage that we needed removed - biggest is box spring, other stuff is a bunch of junk. Moody s Hauling and Cleanup did a really fine job. I was very pleased and would recommend the company to others.

Review by Name Withheld in Bellevue, NE

I had a refrigerator in the garage that I wanted taken away. Moody s Hauling did a great job. I ll give them the highest rating.

Review by Leonora H. in Omaha, NE

I needed someone to come and get the heavy treadmill in my walkout basement and it was advised to me to call a junker type guy. I called Moody s Hauling and Cleanup and it was no problem for them at all. They were great. When I get around to cleaning out my basement I m gonna give them a call.

Review by Name Withheld in Omaha, NE

We moved and got rid of stuff -- an old love seat, grill, plastic pool, wheel borrow, old oven, and an old washer. Moody s Hauling and Cleanup came out and got everything for us the same day that I called them. They did a good job.

Review by Name Withheld in Omaha, NE

We had a sofa that needed to be removed from our home. The crew over at Moody s are great. They arrived on time and were very nice people. They were also cheap compared to other companies.

Review by Name Withheld in Omaha, NE

I had some waste materials that needed some attention from my backyard and some leftover materials. I called Moody s hauling and they scheduled it right away. They came on time and picked it up right away. I am very satisfied and they did a great job.

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