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Vermont Waste Disposal and Dumpster Rental Guide

Average cost to rent a dumpster in the state of Vermont

The cost of renting a dumpster in Vermont is dependent upon the location, container availability, dumpster size, type of waste/debris, rental duration, and several other factors.

Get an accurate idea of local dumpster rental rates by contacting two or more local rental providers to request a free quote. Why at least two quotes? That way you can make sure you’re getting fair market value for your rental.

Based on several years of data collected by, we have determined the national average cost to rent a dumpster are as follows:

  • 10 yards - $300-$360*
  • 20 yards - $380-$456*
  • 30 yards - $440-$528*
  • 40 yards - $490-$588

*The costs in Vermont may be higher or lower than these averages. The exact cost will vary based on location, type of debris and hauler. Check with local dumpster rental haulers to get an exact quote.

In Vermont, pricing varies based on geographic location, as well as the other factors mentioned above. In general, pricing in Vermont is on par with national averages.

Click the links below to learn more about dumpster rental costs:

Solid waste districts in Vermont

For questions regarding recycling rules and regulations in your town, check with your solid waste district office.

Dumpster rental process in 4 Steps

1. Plan ahead – Determine your project’s disposal needs at least two weeks ahead of time. Call at least a week in advance to book the dumpster, or two week in advance during busy months (spring, summer and fall).

2. Get several dumpster quotes – Be sure you’re getting the best rate, service and container for your project by getting quotes from multiple rental providers. We recommend at least two or three.

3. Prepare for container delivery – Make sure the drop off location has easy access and no obstructions, such as cars, kid’s toys, or even fences (if applicable).

4. Follow the container loading guidelines – Avoid the headaches later on and: Don’t over-fill the dumpster, avoid disposing of prohibited items (e.g., hazardous wastes), don’t mix trash in with clean loads (e.g., concrete only), and follow other guidelines given to you by the dumpster rental company.

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