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Who should I hire to help with my carpet removal?

Hiring a local junk removal company to assist with your carpet removal project is a convenient option. Not only do they thoroughly understand local disposal laws and have great relationships with local charities, but they also typically provide better customer service, lower prices, and faster, more responsive services.

How much does carpet removal cost?

Most junk removal minimum fees range anywhere from $75-$150 or more, depending on disposal fees and the cost of living in your area. Your carpet removal cost will depend on how much carpet you have, whether or not it can be donated, where you live, and who you hire.

What do companies do with the carpet they take?

Junk removal companies prioritize donating carpet if it’s in salvageable condition. In most cases, they will offer to provide a receipt for tax purposes, but be sure to ask them for one if needed. If your carpet is not salvageable or able to be recycled in any way, it is then hauled to the nearest landfill for proper disposal.