Carpet Removal

rolls of removed carpet

DIY Carpet Removal Tips: How to Save Money and Get the Job Done Right

Explore DIY carpet removal, when hiring a professional is best, and how carpet removal works, which will help you save money in the long run and ensure you get the job done right.

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person peeling up carpet corner

Carpet Removal for Home Renovations: Streamlining Your Project and Unveiling Hidden Potential

Explore the benefits of carpet removal for home renovations, how professional carpet removal can streamline your project, and how to be sure you hire the best company for the job.

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pile of rolls of old carpet

How Big of a Dumpster Do I Need for Carpet?

Removing carpet is a relatively simple DIY project, but you'll also be responsible for disposing of that carpet. Renting a temporary roll-off dumpster is typically the best solution for carpet disposal, but there are other options available. Learn about the best way(s) to dispose of carpet, average costs, and more.

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Person rolling up carpet

How to Properly Dispose of Carpeting

Setting your old carpet at the end of your driveway or throwing it away in your curbside trash could get you fined in certain areas. Avoid any fines or additional fees by doing your research when disposing of uncommon items. Read on to learn how to properly get rid of old carpeting.

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Pile of old, ripped up carpet

The Best Way to Get Rid of Old Carpeting

Pulling up your old carpeting is fairly simple, but getting rid of it is a different story if you don't have a plan in place. Learn about multiple carpet disposal options available to quickly and easily get rid of carpeting.

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