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Dumpster Rental Tips for Portland, OR

What to Know When Renting a Dumpster in Portland, OR

How can I save on dumpster rental costs?

There are a number of factors you can control to help keep your dumpster rental costs down:

  • Ensure the load does not go over your quoted weight allowance. Dumpster trucks have a limited weight they can pick up, and going over your weight allowance will mean overage fees.
  • Stick to the rental period. Having your dumpster picked up later than your scheduled time will most likely incur overage fees.
  • Keep all prohibited items out of the dumpster. This includes hazardous materials, and some dumpsters also don’t allow other items, like refrigerators, tires, etc., in their dumpster.

Make sure you discuss all rental terms in detail with the dumpster rental providers you speak to, and see what other people are paying for dumpster rental in your state.