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A-1 Waste & Roll Off Services, Inc. provides residential, industrial and commercial waste containers in a variety of different sizes to suit your needs. We are a family owned and operated company with a combined 30 years of experience in the dumpster rental industry. Our service is friendly, fast and reliable and our rates are competitive. We work hard to ensure your waste container needs are met, by providing prompt pick up and delivery and complete customer satisfaction. A-1 Waste is registered with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Call today for price quote on a 15 - 40 yard roll off.


Dumpster Rental

  • 15 Yard Dumpster
  • 20 Yard Dumpster
  • 30 Yard Dumpster
  • 40 Yard Dumpster
  • Concrete Recycling
  • Construction Debris
  • Household Junk
  • Roll Off Dumpsters
  • Roofing Debris
  • Shingle Recycling
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Verified Reviews

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Review by Nikia M. in Atlanta, GA

I rented a 20 yard dumpster for a house cleanup job from A-1 Waste & Roll Off Service. The delivery of the dumpster came as scheduled. The pick up was a day late, but it was fine since it wasn t really any inconvenience on my part.

Review by Robbie T. in Kennesaw, GA

I was cleaning out my house and needed a 30 yard dumpster for all the rubbish. A -1 Waste & Roll Off Service came in and delivered the dumpster on time and picked it up right after I was finished. The dumpster was clean and well maintained, too! Great work from this company.

Review by James W. in Douglasville, GA

I was working on a project for my home and I needed a 15 yard dumpster to pile up all the debris from my project. I got the dumpster from A-1 Waste and Rolloff and have been highly impressed. The delivered it on time and the pick up was on schedule. The dumpster they provided was in good working condition and easy to use. I’d highly recommend their service!

Review by Melissa M. in Locust Grove, GA

We rented a 15 yard dumpster from A-1 Waste & Roll Off Service, and their service was just great! They dropped off the bin on time and took it out exactly when we wanted. No complaints—we d definitely use them again.

Review by Stephen A. in Powder Springs, GA

I needed a 15 yard dumpster for some construction debris. I got mine from A-1 Waste and Roll Off Service. They were great. The woman I spoke with was very professional and explained in detail everything I had to know before they delivered the dumpster. They had to leave the dumpster on my property for some additional days because they had to hire a new driver. All of this was explained to me beforehand, and they guaranteed that there wouldn t be any additional charges for the days it remained on my property. Also I appreciate that they didn t leave any damages to my property despite having to go through a pretty tight gate. Overall it was great working with them.

Review by Dong X. in Doraville, GA

A-1 Waste & Roll Off Service gave the most competitive price for the 15 yard dumpster I needed for household debris. They were very easy to communicate with as well.

Review by James M. in Doraville, GA

We rented a 15 yard from A-1, and the rental went smoothly. I have absolutely no complaints, and I would definitely use them again.

Review by Name Withheld in Jonesboro, GA

Our overall experience with A-1 Waste & Roll Off has been poor. To begin with, they were over 2 hours late delivering the dumpster. There was no phone call to let us know that they were going to be late. The dumpster we received was dirty, smelly, and had a large hole in the side of it. When we were finished with the dumpster, we called to have it picked up. That was 4 days ago. We have had to make numerous phone calls, many of which were not answered. The dumpster is still blocking our driveway.

Review by Name Withheld in Dallas, GA

I went with a 20 yard container rental from A1 Waste to accommodate a house cleanout project. They arrived on time and helped set up the dumpster for us. I can t compalain; the service was great.

Review by Glennis N. in Fairburn, GA

I did a renovation project, and I needed a 15 yarder for the cleanup. A-1 Waste delivered one to me on time. They did what they were supposed to do and did a very good job.

Review by Name Withheld in Stone Mountain, GA

I needed a 40 yard dumpster for the debris gathered during a house clean-up. A-1 Waste and Roll Off delivered one on time, and I have nothing to complain about. They did everything they said they would.

Review by David N. in Marietta, GA

After doing a house clean-up, I needed a 30 yard dumpster to remove the waste. I got the one I needed from A1 Waste & Roll Off. They arrived on time and got me a clean one. The only issue I had was that the price was different from what they had online. I would probably use them again though, because other than that, they did a good job.

Review by Marcus M. in Douglasville, GA

I needed a 15 yarder for the junk and trash that I collected during a house clean up. I called and got one from A-1 Waste and Roll Off. The only issue I ve had is that they haven t picked up the dumpster, and I ve already called them about it. It was supposed to be picked up yesterday, but it s still sitting where they dropped it off. I m just worried that someone else might need it for their project. Other than that, they did a fine job. I would definitely use them again.

Review by Reginald L. in Stone Mountain, GA

We had just moved and needed a dumpster to clear out some stuff that wasn t going to the new place. A-1 Waste & Roll-Off dropped off a 15 yarder on time and we had it for a total of 10 days. We were happy with the service so we ended up renting another one from them to complete the job. Pick-ups were prompt, and they did a good job for us. I do recommend them.

Review by Christina D. in McDonough, GA

I needed a 30 yard dumpster to remove the debris from a torn down building like wood, concrete, etc. A1 Waste was very compliant and everything worked out as planned.

Review by Juan L. in Marietta, GA

A1 Waste rented us a 40 yard dumpster for 14 days. My experience with them was good. I give them a rating of 4.5.

Review by Martha C. in Sharpsburg, GA

I cleaned out my garage and needed a dumpster to dispose of the debris. A1 Waste & Roll Off delivered it on time and placed it where we needed it. They also had good customer service when I spoke with them over the phone. I had a wonderful experience with them.

Review by Dean T. in Kennesaw, GA

We have a rental unit that needed to be cleaned out. We ordered a 15 yard dumpster from A-1. It was supposed to be a 10 day rental but we finished up early. We called them to pick it up before the scheduled date. They came out that same day to haul it away.

Review by Darren M. in Roswell, GA

We had wood, drywall, and other building waste to dispose of from a renovation. A-1 was on time with the 15 yard dumpster and their price was reasonable.

Review by Jerry S. in Marietta, GA

We re working on some repairs and refurbishments on the house so we required a dumpster for old cabinets, wood, and other construction debris. We were also getting rid of a deck that we had removed. I m very happy with A-1 Waste & Roll Off. The guy that delivered the 20 yard was very friendly, he was knowledgeable, and cooperative. He called before he came over and placed it exactly where I wanted it.

Review by Kyle K. in Marietta, GA

A-1 Waste & Roll Off brought over a 30 yard for household junk. I m getting ready to renovate, so I decided to clean out the house of belongings that are just trash at this point. A-1 gave me a call to coordinate the time and place and they arrived promptly. They delivered everything I expected them to and I am very satisfied. All excellent.

Review by Sarah L. in Palmetto, GA

We asked A-1 for a 15 yard dumpster. They were quick to bring it out. The rental period was for 10 days, but we needed to extend it for 5 more days. The service was very good. Excellent, in fact. Communication was clear. I was very happy with everything.

Review by Kathleen P. in Marietta, GA

The container from A-1 was a great help in cleaning up the basement. The rental was for 10 days, but we had to keep it with us a bit longer than that. They didn t even charge us. They were more than amazing.

Review by Thomas P. in Acworth, GA

We were redoing some of the flooring so we got a 15 yard from A-1 for the construction debris.They were very professional and delivered when they said they would. No complaints. I was completely satisfied.

Review by David M. in Peachtree City, GA

We demolished our driveway and needed to get rid of all the concrete. A-1 delivered the 20 yard on time. They were responsive, friendly, and on the ball. They put the dumpster exactly where I needed it, picked it up after 2 days, and service was excellent.

Review by Dan H. in Marietta, GA

We were doing a home clean-up and needed a dumpster for junk. A-1 delivered when they were told to and picked up when we requested. We had the 13 yard for 4 days and it was all very good.

Review by Bonita N. in Marietta, GA

We needed a 20 yard dumpster for a week to remove our old fence (350ft). A-1 delivered and picked up on time. Overall we were very satisfied with their service.

Review by Stephen A. in Tucker, GA

We were doing a small home renovation which included torn down walls and other construction debris. We also needed to remove some old junk in the basement and needed a dumpster. It took A-1 three days to call me back after I made my online inquiry, but they got the dumpster to me on time. I asked for a 15 yard, but they only had a 20 yard at that time, which worked out better in the end, since I had more junk than I thought. We kept the container for the regular 10-day period and everything went smooth.

Review by Kamma M. in Smyrna, GA

We were doing a home clean up and needed to rent a 15 yard dumpster. A-1 rented one to us for a week and dropped it off and picked it up when they said they would. They placed it exactly where I had asked them to with no issues.

Review by Peter S. in Fayetteville, GA

A-1 dropped off our 15 yard container which we kept for 9 days as we disposed of some household junk. Communication was great with A-1, and everything went A-okay.

Review by Brian R. in Atlanta, GA

We got two 20 yard dumpsters from A-1 for a pretty big house cleanout job. We kept the first one for a week and the next for four days. it all went perfectly. Service from the guys at A-1 was great. I have no complaints.

Review by Stephanie B. in Powder Springs, GA

We needed a dumpster for a renovation at home. We called A-1 and they brought over a 20 yard container. It was an old looking one, but that was fine. We asked to have it for two weeks, but they were behind when the time came for pick-up, so we ended up having an extra week with no charge, which was also fine.

Review by Richard K. in Morrow, GA

We re cleaning out an old house, so we rented a 20 yard container from A-1 for all the furniture and other junk. I give A-1 an A+ rating all around. They delivered fast, and their customer service is great. I even got a second one from them, a 16 yd. container, which I now have for a week.

Review by Scott V. in Marietta, GA

My company was hired to demolish a wood pool deck and fencing. A-1 Waste & Roll Off Service supplied the dumpster for us. They arrived when they said would and picked it up when I asked them to. They are a good dumpster company to work and we would use them again.

Review by John E. in Douglas County, GA

I rented a dumpster for the old shingles that were being torn off my house. A-1 Waste & Roll Off Service quickly responded to my call and dropped off the dumpster when I needed it. They picked it up within a few hours of me calling them. I would use them again.

Review by Mike A. in Dunwoody, GA

My family and I were cleaning out our parents home that had 40 plus years of accumulated stuff. The woman that answered the phone at A-1 Waste & Roll Off Service was very friendly and helpful. I ended up renting two dumpsters from them and they were right on time every time I called. I would use them again.

Review by Doug P. in Atlanta, GA

I am renovating a historical building in downtown Atlanta into a single family home. I rented my dumpsters through A1 Waste here in Atlanta and plan on using them through the completion of my project. The only thing I would say they could improve on is the look of their boxes. They are pretty beat up and of the dumpster s backdoor didn t want to close for me, but the company as a whole is good.

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