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  • Valley Park MO 63088


We are a small, local hauler that focuses on providing great service at affordable rates. Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions is proud to be the #1 temporary dumpster rental service in St. Louis.  Our dumpsters and delivery system protect your driveway with state-of-the-art hook-lift delivery vehicles and rubber wheeled dumpsters. Other trash haulers use hoist delivery and steel wheels which means the dumpster will be dragged on and off your property almost certainly leading to permanent damage. When you call Green City Waste you are guaranteed to speak to a live person, with no button prompts and long hold times. Call today and let us take the guesswork out of what size dumpster you need.


Dumpster Rental

  • 10 Yard Dumpster
  • 20 Yard Dumpster
  • 30 Yard Dumpster
  • 40 Yard Dumpster
  • Concrete Recycling
  • Construction Debris
  • Household Junk
  • Roll Off Dumpsters
  • Roofing Debris
  • Shingle Recycling
  • Temporary Dumpster Rental


Verified Reviews

Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions IncWrite a Review
Review by Jerry D. in Wildwood, MO

I needed to dispose of a deck that I replaced as well as 30 years of accumulated trash and junk. Green City was great to work with. I filled a 40 yard dumpster, which they delivered on time. The driver gently placed it on my driveway, and the rubber wheels were a nice touch. When I was finished, 3+ tons of waste left my house. Everyone that I dealt with was very helpful and professional. I would not hesitate to use Green City again and would highly recommend their services.

Review by Margaret B. in Collinsville, IL

I was cleaning up my house and needed a 40 yard dumpster for a lot of household items that I no longer needed. Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions Inc took care of this for me and delivered the dumpster. Everything went well, and the delivery and pick up occurred on schedule. They re easy to communicate with, too. They did what they said they would and I had no problems at all working with them.

Review by Douglas S. in Imperial, MO

I was replacing some roofing on my home and needed a 20 yard dumpster for the debris. I had Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions deliver the dumpster I needed. Everything was great while working with them. They were on time for both the drop off and pick up.

Review by Jeff K. in St Charles, MO

I needed a 10 yard dumpster for some household debris. Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions was the contractor that provided me the dumpster. I had no problems working with them, and all was good.

Review by Jason S. in Swansea, IL

I needed a 10 yard dumpster for some household debris, and Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions responded quickly to my request. They brought me the dumpster I needed, and everything went well throughout the entire experience.

Review by Danielle S. in Festus, MO

We rented a 20 yard dumpster rental through Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions Inc. They were incredible—very prompt and friendly.

Review by Penny D. in Washington, MO

Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions has very exceptional services. When I rented a 10 yard dumpster from them, they were very easy to talk to and came right on time.

Review by Penny D. in Washington, MO

We used Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions when we needed a dumpster, and they were outstanding! Their customer service was the best. Everything went as scheduled, and Cory couldn t have made it any easier or more convenient for us. Their services were exceptional.

Review by Nate H. in Fenton, MO

Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions were very professional when I rented a 20 yard dumpster from them. They were very accommodating when I had questions, too.

Review by Leona R. in Collinsville, IL

Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions Inc was our go-to dumpster rental provider. I rented a 10 yard dumpster for household debris, and I was impressed with how quick they were.

Review by Brent B. in Imperial, MO

After a renovation project, I needed a 10 yard dumpster for all the debris. Green City Waste delivered it as scheduled. During the four days I had it, there were no issues and everything went smoothly. When I was done with it, I called them and they came to pick it up. Top to bottom—their service was good.

Review by Chris R. in Swansea, IL

I needed a 20 yard dumpster for a house clean up I did removing old furniture and junk that we no longer needed in the house. I made an appointment with Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions, and they came through. I had no issues with the service I got from them. Everything went fine. I got the dumpster as scheduled, and it was set up so I could have easy access to it. I had it for seven days, and they picked it up as soon as I called them. They did a good job, and I would surely use them again. I highly recommend them.

Review by Steve H. in O Fallon, MO

I did a house cleanup and needed a 20 yard dumpster to haul away the debris collected from it. I called and went with Green City Waste. They dropped it off a little early on the appointed date. I didn t have any complaints with them. Everything about their service was good and I would recommend them.

Review by Brian S. in Eureka, MO

I got a 10 yard dumpster to clean out the house. I chose Green City and they brought it out at the scheduled time. They were easy to talk to and deal with. I still had 2 more days on that 14-day rental but I was done, so I called them and they picked it up early. I would use them again and I ve already recommended them to two others I know.

Review by Kris C. in St Louis, MO

Our ministry is rehabbing homes in the St. Louis area. We use Green City Waste for all of our projects. Robert and Corey are men of integrity and this carries over into the way they serve the community with the services they provide. They care about the customers needs, and they go above and beyond to make it happen!

Review by Tracy H. in St Louis, MO

I had a renovation project and needed a 10 yard dumpster to haul away the resulting debris. Green City Waste provided me with the one I needed. They dropped off on schedule, and came and picked it up in a timely manner. I would use them again if there s a need. They did a great job and I encourage people to use their service.

Review by Natalie S. in Belleville, IL

Green City Waste called within 24 hours of reserving the dumpster. We spoke a couple of different times during the two weeks, and I couldn t have asked for better service.

Review by Phyllis J. in Fenton, MO

Nothing bad to say about Green City. They returned calls promptly and delivered/picked-up on time.

Review by Phyllis J. in Fenton, MO

I needed a 10 yard dumpster for a bathroom renovation we did to haul away broken tiles, cabinets and fixtures. Green City waste provided us with one. They picked it up right away after we called them. They did a good job and I was very pleased.

Review by Robert F. in Waterloo, IL

I set up an appointment with Green City and they delivered a 20 yard bin as scheduled. I had it for 7 days and we didn t had any issues with them. Everything was perfect, and they did a really good job. I encourage people to try them out.

Review by Shawn K. in Hillsboro, MO

We called up Greeen City Waste to rent a 20 yard roll-off for some carpeting and other household junk. They came on time, and the driver did an excellent job getting the dumpster where we needed it. We didn t have any issues with them during the 14 days we had it. They picked up promptly when we were done. I d use their service again. They did an outstanding job and I do recommend their service.

Review by Ralph H. in Collinsville, IL

This was my first use of a dumpster so I called and was assured my asphalt drive would be safe since the dumpster had rubber wheels when it rolled of the truck. I expected an old rusty dented dumpster like I had seen at construction sites . . . but when the dumpster arrived it looked almost brand new and it was clean and had rubber wheels as described on the phone. The delivery truck also looked almost new and the driver was dressed well and was very courteous. Later when it left, my driveway was in perfect condition. It may sound strange but I really was impressed with such a good looking dumpster and with Green City Waste. I hope your experience with Green City will be as great as mine was.

Review by Bobbi H. in Festus, MO

I called inquiring about prices and asked Corey if he would give us a break, because Guardians of the Stream are a non-profit volunteer organization and right away Corey knocked $65 off the price. The dumpster was delivered as promised and was picked up in a timely manner. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Review by Sheree C. in St Louis County, MO

We are a 260,000 sq. ft. building that rents storage space to our customers. Unfortunately, one our tenants passed and we needed a roll-off for the disposal of his trash. Green City was the best price in STL. We will need another roll off for the remainder of the trash and Cory will be the guy I call. He provided prompt attention to the time frame we needed. The service was just as I was quoted, and very prompt.

Review by Megan H. in Oakland, MO

Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions offered the most competitive price (the lowest I found for the dumpster size and time I selected). The customer service agents were always willing to answer questions and offer guidance, and helped make what was an overwhelming experience of whole-house organization into a manageable one. By having the dumpster at our disposal, we were immediately able to discard items instead of waiting for trash day or arranging a large-item pick-up with the trash company. The delivery driver was even able to place the dumpster exactly where I specified, at the top of the hill where my driveway ends and back yard begins. With the rubber wheels on the dumpster, I did not notice any damage to my driveway, yard, or surrounding landscaping. Having the ability to open the end of the dumpster for easier access also allowed us to take advantage of as much space as possible, thereby eliminating voids and equalizing the load to the best of our ability. I would highly recommend Green City Waste and Recycling for dumpster or recycling needs. I would not hesitate to use Green City again.

Review by Name Withheld in O Fallon, MO

I needed a 10 yard dumpster for a house cleaning I did to remove some old furniture like table, chairs and some trash. Green City Waste came and delivered one to the house. They were on time for delivery and pick up.

Review by Vance A. in Glen Carbon, IL

Cory is an outstanding individual who understands the true meaning of integrity, honesty, and high quality customer service. This experience exceeded my expectations. Thanks for the exemplary service you provided.

Review by Travis B. in Affton, MO

I needed a dumpster delivered at a certain time so my crew could get started on our project right away. It was there even before my crew was! Great customer service, Corey is very friendly to work with.

Review by Name Withheld in Belleville, IL

I got a 20 yard trash dumpster for a house cleanout project. I went with Green City Waste for the rental. We had the container loaded within a day, and it was picked up promptly when we called them. I was happy with the services of Green City.

Review by Terri B. in Weldon Spring, MO

I called several waste companies and left messages. Green City was the ONLY company that returned my call. And they did so within an hour. Corey & I spoke several times to determine the correct size dumpster I needed. The dumpster was delivered on time. The driver was well dressed & very polite. The dumpster was spotless. It was picked up on the day that was discussed. Overall, Green City provided EXCELLENT service. I would not hesitate to use their services again and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone in need of this service. Kudos to Green City!

Review by Ian M. in St Louis, MO

I need to remove concrete, wood, drywall and other materials from a job site. I rented a 40 yard dumpster with Green City Waste. They were awesome.

Review by Roy C. in St Louis, MO

Key Rex Properties is a real estate investment co doing rehab work on a house in South St. Louis and was in need of a dumpster for trash and scrap materials. Green City provided excellent service and we will use them for all of our projects and would recommend them to anyone in need of this kind of service.

Review by Danelle C. in Imperial, MO

Once I found companies that would / could handle yard waste, Green City was the clear leader of the pack. The on-line reservation process was great . . . I didn t have to deal with phone-tag to get price quotes, etc. - the prices were clearly posted and the reservation was booked and confirmed via email within 20 minutes! The drop off and pick up of the dumpster was exactly as discussed. Overall, I would highly recommend Green City and will use them again whenever I need a dumpster!

Review by Name Withheld in Wildwood, MO

DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!! Green City Waste & Recycle Solutions PROMPTLY provided a 20 yard dumpster with EXTRA DRIVEWAY PROTECTION FREE OF CHARGE to not harm our aggregate driveway. The dumpster was CLEAN AS COULD BE with a FULLY FUNCTIONAL and EASY TO USE loading door. After doing a fair amount of research as a first timer, we were totally satisfied with Green City for SERVICE and PRICE, getting the most size and tonnage for our value. The owner answered our calls / emails / questions, and we were able to get pricing and order on-line. We definitely recommend Green City and will call them for future needs (concrete removal and yard waste). Today, with so many businesses where there seems to be such a tug-of-war to get good service/value, GREEN CITY was a DELIGHT!

Review by Rick S. in Chesterfield, MO

I placed a call, and the owner from Green City Waste called me right back. They quoted me a competitive price and shared with me why I should work with them. Their value proposition was right on for what I was looking for. They were very punctual, and professional! Great experience!

Review by Jay D. in De Soto, MO

We needed 2 dumpsters, a 20 yard and a 10 yard. Ordered the 20 yard at 9am and it was delivered at noon. We had it full in 2 days, called them and they brought me the 10 yard within hours. Great service.

Review by Alicia W. in Crystal City, MO

The service provider dropped off the dumpster almost immediately. The plan was only for a couple of days but they allowed us to keep it for up to a week since we didn t have as much help as we anticipated for our removal of materials. Once I called, he came and picked it up the following morning. Great transaction, great service, and great company! Thank you for your help.

Review by A.K. in Belleville, IL

I called around and found their dumpster rental rates to be reasonable. Actually, I went with them because the guy Cory that I spoke with was friendly and accommodating. He took my credit card over the phone and sent me an email as confirmation. They dropped it off on time and picked it up when I requested. Awesome service! Thanks Cory.

Review by Tim W. in High Ridge, MO

Green City got the dumpster there on time, then was able to get us our second one put in place before our work day started the next day. Great service. We cleaned out an entire hoarder house in two days and it wouldn t have been possible without the great service. We will definitely call them again with any dumpster needs.

Review by Mike M. in Trenton, MO

I had an old dryer and water heater to get rid of. I also recently replaced a deck out back, and had to get rid of some old wood from the previous deck as well. Green City Waste delivered the 20 yard dumpster when they told me they would. They even called me 45 minutes before they were going to arrive. They placed the dumpster right where I needed it, and came when I called for pick up, which was a day early. Everything was exactly what I needed.

Review by Hector L. in O Fallon, MO

We’re building a mobile home so we needed a dumpster for some pieces of wood and plywood. Nothing heavy or big. Green City came on time with the 10 yarder. I wasn’t there, but they had it delivered and picked up on time. They even called before coming. Very good service. I was happy.

Review by Derek B. in East St Louis, IL

I needed a 40 yard dumpster for a tree removal project. I rent out a lot of dumpsters for work, and Green City Waste is always reasonably priced, prompt and friendly. I m satisfied with their service..again!

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