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Meridian Waste Services LLC began operations in 2005. We are an independently owned company that focuses on providing the best customer service in the industry.

Meridian is composed of highly dedicated employees, a fleet of newly purchased trucks, and an outstanding reputation for customer service. We are proud providers of 20, 30,  and 40 yard roll off dumpster rentals that are clean, attractive and competitively priced. 


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  • Construction Debris
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Verified Reviews

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Review by Larry W. in St Louis, MO

I needed a 30 yard dumpster for some construction debris. Meridian Waste Services responded quickly to my inquiry, and they provided me the dumpster as requested. Everything went well. They delivered the dumpster on time, and it was picked up on the agreed schedule. There are no complaints on my end. Everything was great with these guys.

Review by Aricka B in Pevely, MO

I needed a 10 yard dumpster for some construction debris from a project I was working on. Meridian Waste Services provided me the dumpster as requested. As far as I could recall I did not have any reason to get upset with their services. Although it was picked up a little late, I wasn’t charged any unnecessary fees. Good job from these guys.

Review by Gloria M. in Wentzville, MO

After going through the whole house, I needed to remove unwanted household items, like old furniture and trash, and I needed a 20 yard dumpster for the job. Meridian Waste Services did a fine job. They arrived on time and helped us with the set-up. I have no complaints with what they did for me, and I m happy with their service. I would definitely use them again.

Review by Kyle M. in St Charles, MO

I rented a 30 yard dumpster from Meridian Waste Services when I had some construction materials from a renovation project. They delivered the appropriate size dumpster on time, and I have no complaints! They did a good job.

Review by Bill W. in Dellwood, MO

I needed a dumpster for debris I d collected during a project. I got a 40 yarder from Meridian Waste. The dumpster they delivered had a broken door. It was hard for us to open it, and wasn’t worth the effort just to dump debris. It was hard to close, too, which made it easy for other people to dump their trash in it. If they provided better bins, maybe I’d give them another shot.

Review by Heather W. in Florissant, MO

I went with Meridian Waste because they are our weekly waste hauler. I had no complaints at all. They came as scheduled and brought us a clean 40 cubic yard container. Their dumpster service was good, just like their trash collection service. I d rent from them again if needed.

Review by Name Withheld in St Louis, MO

Meridian Waste sent over a 30 yard dumpster, and we didn t have any problems with delivery, pick-up or anything. We kept it onsite for 10 days total. It was a good experience with them.

Review by Bill J. in Arnold, MO

I did a house clean-out and needed a dumpster to remove the junk. I went with Meridian Waste. When I was done, I called them and they picked it up right away. They did a good job.

Review by Name Withheld in St Charles, MO

I needed a 20 yard dumpster to haul away materials from a flooring tear down and remodeling job. Meridian called me back, told me that they do not have that size available but they could send me a larger one. I assumed the cost would be the same as the 20 yard that I originally wanted. It wasn t. They charged me extra for the larger size and it took them 3 days to deliver it to my location.

Review by Troy C. in St Louis, MO

I needed a 20 yard dumpster for a house cleanout to remove old broken down furniture like seats and tables and trash. Meridian Waste Services delivered one on time. We had it for 14 days and was picked up after I called.They did a great job.

Review by Charles L. in Florissant, MO

We re doing some renovations around the house so we needed to throw out some household and construction debris. Meridian did a good job. We got two 20 yard dumpsters from them and they came out when they said they would. They even gave us a discount on the second dumpster. There were no problems. I was very pleased with their service and I would use them again.

Review by Carolyn M. in Ballwin, MO

I was putting new hardwood flooring in and needed to throw out some carpeting and household junk. Meridian Waste Services delivered the 40 yard on time. They were polite and professional. I was happy with them.

Review by Jason A. in Florissant, MO

We were doing some spring cleaning and needed a 40 yard dumpster for furniture and other household junk.Meridian Waste Services did a good job. The service was better than anybody I ve dealt with before.

Review by Jim H. in Kirkwood, MO

Meridian was great. They delivered on time and got the dumpster taken away right after I was done with it. I sent them an email Thursday night and they got back to me right away Friday morning. They didn t deliver on Saturdays though, so we had to set it up for Monday, but that wasn t a big deal.

Review by Matt N. in Ballwin, MO

I needed a 20 yard dumpster for shingles. I Got in touch with two companies and went with Meridian for a 2-week rental. They showed up when they were supposed to be there and placed the dumpster where I wanted it.

Review by Amber A. in Florissant, MO

Meridian delivered a 20 yard to us on time and picked up promptly as well. We kept the dumpster for 2 weeks to gut our basement and remove drywall, wood and bricks. They gave us all the details of the rental and everything was perfect.

Review by Vic B. in St Charles, MO

We had just finished building a house and needed a dumpster for some mattresses, an old chair, and other miscellaneous household junk and construction debris. We called Meridian to deliver a 20 yard dumpster. I was out of town at the time but my wife was there and she had no complaints about their service. We kept the dumpster for 2 weeks. They were very courteous and dropped the container off when they said they would. Also, even though I was away, they were able to place it at the exact spot I wanted it at. It was a good experience.

Review by Frances W. in Florissant, MO

We needed to clean out our garage which had old windows, doors, boxes and miscellaneous junk in it. Meridian sent over a 20 yard dumpster, which we kept for 16 days. Communication was clear, they were prompt, and everything went fine.

Review by Jenni H. in O Fallon, MO

We rented a 20 yard container from Meridian to get rid of some old furniture and other stuff from the basement. So far, everything has worked out fine. It s a 14-day rental.

Review by Kevin M. in House Springs, MO

Had a bunch of stuff to get rid of: four old couches, other old furniture, and a lot of junk we weren t able to sell in a yard sale. We rented a 40 yd container from Meridian and kept it for about two weeks. I wasn t home to tell them where to put it, but it was close enough, so it wasn t bad. We were able to do what was needed to get done. It was the second time we needed a dumpster for a clean-out. We ve been in our house for almost 20 years, and with three kids, you get a lot of junk building up. Overall, we re happy with Meridian.

Review by Name Withheld in Florissant, MO

We were doing some renovation work and needed a drop box. We got a 20 yd box from Meridian and kept it with us for fourteen days. The rental company did a good job, all around.

Review by Peggy R. in Oakville, MO

My in-laws were moving and I ordered the dumpster to be sent to their home to clear it out. As far as I know all was well. The only inconvenience that we faced was they were late picking it up.

Review by Steve M. in Barnhart, MO

As far as garbage goes, Meridian s about as good as it gets! I tore my house down to the foundation which took 4 dumps and cost me $1100 in dumpster fees -- worth every penny to have it gone! I am now starting to rebuild a new home and have Meridian Waste on speed dial. I will be using them again. I called around and their pricing was the best and they gave me great costumer service.

Review by Mark H. in Festus, MO

They did a great job. We bought a foreclosed property and ended up demolishing the house and barn. We got a total of 3 dumpsters for the cleanup -- two 30-yarders and a 20-yarder. They arrived on time and were right there every time I called them. Soon we will be moving in the direction of a new build and would definitely use them again.

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