Team Clean & Haul Corporation

Team Clean and Haul launched its dumpster rental and junk removal service back in 2005 and since has become one of the area's leading waste haulers. Our focus on providing the customer superior service and affordable rates are the keys to our success.

We have dumpsters in all the most popular sizes ranging from compact 10 yarders to 40 yard construction dumpsters. If you don't feel like cleaning up the trash and debris yourself, our friendly staff will do it for you. Our junk removal service does all the heavy lifting for you.

Payment Terms:

Dumpster Rental Services: 
10 Yard Dumpsters - 11 ft L X 8 ft W X 4 ft H
15 Yard Dumpsters - 13 ft L X 8 ft W X 5 ft H
20 Yard Dumpsters - 22 ft L X 8 ft W X 4 ft H
30 Yard Dumpsters - 22 ft L X 8 ft W X 6 ft H
40 Yard Dumpsters - 22 ft L X 8 ft W X 8 ft H
Junk Removal Services: 
  • Household junk
  • Yard waste
  • Construction debris
  • Whole-home or office clean-outs
  • Minimum $75 for junk removal
Team Clean and Haul
Reviews for Team Clean & Haul Corporation
Scottsdale, AZ

They were in and out in no time


Team Clean & Haul did a great job getting rid of my old sofa and bed. The whole job was fast. They were in and out in no time.

Lisa L.
Tempe, AZ

Team Clean & Haul was easy to talk to


We hired Team Clean and Haul to take away a couch and a bed we didn't want anymore. They were very easy to talk to and they were able to finish the job without any glitches.

Jody W.
Goodyear, AZ

Team Clean had reasonable prices


I needed the fire pit hauled out and some other excess items left behind by an old tenant. Although I wasn't actually there when the project was done, I do know that they did everything that they were supposed to. They cleaned up very well after the project and they also charged reasonably for it.

Eric M.
Phoenix, AZ

I got a good deal with Team Clean & Haul


I had some 20 year-old furniture that I wanted to get rid of. There was a couch, chair, fake tree, two dressers, and some other miscellaneous items.
It was a bit difficult to get ahold of Team Clean & Haul over the phone, and when I did get through, I could hear kids in the background; it seemed like I called a home instead of a company. Other than that, the service was satisfactory. I wasn't there during the hauling, but when I got home I saw that everything had been taken away and the place had been left clean. I got a good deal too and paid over the phone, via credit card.

Name withheld
Gilbert, AZ

It was quick and they did a good job


We needed some weights to be hauled from our home.
Team Clean & Haul came in, got the weights, and left. It was quick and they did a good job.

Roger A.
Peoria, AZ

Good establishment - we'll use 'em again


I was clearing out an old storage unit that I was holding on to for years and decided to haul away the old contents, such as tools, scrap metal, and old ceramics. It all came out to about 10 contractor size bags and filled up about half the truck. Team Clean and Haul Corporation did a fine job for us, and we would use them again for our house when the time is right. Good company.

Name withheld
Gilbert, AZ

I was happy with the cleanup


The cleanup involved some general household stuff that we needed taken away, like an old projector TV, some tables, mattresses and other small household junk. The Team Clean and Haul Corporation guys were extremely helpful, very courteous and quick. They got the job done really well. I was very happy with the results.

Penny J.
Tempe, AZ

A top-notch experience with Team Clean and Haul


There were some miscellaneous (all wood) construction debris that nobody would want. It was from Habitat for Humanity. I had it piled up on the side of the house. It filled up one pickup truck. Team Clean and Haul Corporation did the hauling. I only have one phrase to describe the entire experience and that is "top-notch". I highly recommend the company and their services.

Name Withheld
Tempe, AZ

We'll be using them again


I needed some items hauled out of a storage locker. Team Clean & Haul Corporation was great. They were right on time, and did the job quickly. The crew was polite and courteous. We will definitely use their services again.

Michael P.
Gilbert, AZ

they get the work done very well


I had some cardboard boxes from moving I needed removed from the backyard. Everything went just fine with Team Clean & Haul Corporation. It was a 1 man job; he showed up and took everything we needed to have him take, and the area was left clean and in good shape. It was handled quite satisfactory.



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